KT Tape: Calf Strain

KT Tape: Calf Strain

This technique is for calf strain
which can be due to a small muscle tear, or just soreness in the calf there are a few ways you can apply
this, the first way is to tear one strip and from here tear off I’m going to tear the paper off the anchor point, and you know this by
the KT logo right there so, if she’s having a point of pain here
in her calf I’m going to lay the anchor point just below
that rub that tape on and peeling the paper off
the tape I can then split the tape and again, the muscle is on stretch and not the tape so again if your pain is about here I’m just splitting the tape around that
point make sure it adheres and then from there come out of the stretch and that’s one technique for
calf strain. If the first application of KT tape
for calf strain does not bring satisfactory relief you can try this technique in place of, or in addition to the first technique I’m going to tear one strip of KT Tape you’re going to tear the paper backing off the anchor points again where the logo is and from here, I’m placing the anchor point on the medial side, or the inside
part of the knee I’m going to just peel the paper off, again no tension
on this tape laying the tape down without stretch around the site of pain no tension once that’s done just rub that on, and make sure that it adheres and then come up out of the stretch

37 thoughts on “KT Tape: Calf Strain

  1. Great question. Small amounts of body hair will not interfere with the effectiveness or adhesion of the tape. Areas with significant amounts of hair should be clipped or shaved for best results – and for less pain when tape is removed! Let us know how it goes.

  2. You can keep the tape on for multiple days at a time- we recommend no more than 5 days. Some of the apps (such as the foot apps) usually only last a day or two.

  3. I get calf strain. I can't belive sticking tape on your skin (which moves) would help in any way!! It must be a good way of making money!

  4. I've had two serious type 2 calf strains. Is this really reliable during a tennis match? I can't take a chance… Thanks.

  5. We get good results with this application. It might be good to put it on and try some low impact or lighter activities to see how it feels before you really go for it. Everyone will recover from calf injuries at a different rate, but using KT Tape will help speed the process, relax the muscles, and relieve the associated pain. Rest, ice, and compression will also be valuable treatments.

  6. Meaning will the tape stay one while you play? Definitely YES! It is designed to stay on during physical activity. I hope that helps. thx

  7. Yes. The tape will promote blood flow to your calf which will help it stay warm and loose. It will also help with decreasing lactic acid build up which can cause the tightness and muscle fatigue. Try it out and let us know how it works!

  8. Thanks…i left it on for a day. I feel no pain what so ever. Now my quad is sore though. I work out a lot so i strain a lot of my muscles. I think KT tape will do me well 🙂

  9. The new version doesn't require splitting the tape. Click on the link at the beginning of this video to view it. I would apply it according to the new version.

  10. I just started using the tape on the 4th and it really works. I have server tendonitis on my foot and after putting on the tape. The pain was gone.

  11. My calves act up whenever I start to jog or run and they stop hurting when I'm standing still or walking. Will this help with that? My trainer said it wasn't shin splints and he wasn't sure what it was.

  12. Please show people putting on the tape not using a trainer to put it on. I used the knee tape putting it on myself however, the calf tape technique I couldn't master wasted some tape.

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