Kruseman & Craig Shine With Animal Tattoo | Master vs. Apprentice (Season 6)

Kruseman & Craig Shine With Animal Tattoo | Master vs. Apprentice (Season 6)

Kruseman, Craig,
Erik, and Marisa. So you guys had the crocodile. What was the overall plan here? All of us weren’t tattooing
at the same time. (Kruseman)
We stayed kind of small. (Oliver)
Layout, design, placement,
color palette all look very alike. Nobody went off on their own. The team worked really strong
together here. Kruseman and Craig,
you definitely show us texture. You really show each little
plate pushing forward, and then you show the depth
behind it. The execution is really strong. I think Erik’s tattoo is right
on par with Kruseman and Craig. You have a little bit different
look to this tattoo, little bit more black area
between the pits. As far as the tattoo,
really well-executed. Marisa, the attention
to detail in small textures plays to your advantage in this. With three years tattooing, you’re the one that had
to rise to the occasion, and you definitely stayed in
with the boys. – Nice job.
– Thanks. (Dave)
Chris, Dave, Big Ceeze,
and Katie. Your team’s– Can I say that I’m very upset
with their critique? I think they got
thrown a gold medal for a silver performance. By luck of the draw,
they got the easy one. You know, anybody
can create a good texture when you have
predesigned bubbles and you just simply color them
dark to light fade out with a white highlight on top. Someone could argue that
you got the luck of the draw in terms
of this cheetah being the easiest
identifiable pattern. Yeah, but it wasn’t
the easiest texture-wise, because the only texture
in it would be the fur, so we wanted to do it at a size
where you could see the texture. We made a team decision to try to group
the pieces together to cover a little more area
for the part of the challenge that meant
transforming the body. The canvas sat pretty well
for a little while, and it eventually ended
in her having a panic attack. It’s enormous. I don’t think any of us would have felt good
getting that. Was there a team leader
in this? I feel like I kind of stepped up
as the leader. I know that you have
the ability to really get a lot
of coverage really quick. The idea that
your other three team partners would be able to do the same might have been ambitious
to say the least. If you accept that ability
as team leader, you have to set them up
for success, not failure. The finished product
is what it is. This is what we’re judging. Chris, I think you definitely
displayed an amazing technique of really capturing that fur and
showing us that you understand what it takes to build texture
in a tattoo. Chris and Dave,
you guys worked together on a piece
that blended together. Ceeze and Katie, yours did not
really come off seamless. Katie has a motion,
and, Ceeze, yours did not. Your spots have
a different look. The background yellow, there’s
a lot of weird, patchy areas. As far as judging texture
for me, this one falls
a little bit flat. Instead of trying to get
all the yellow that I can, I should have just stood
down at the bottom and tried to get
all my textures and just took
my time with that. As an unfinished tattoo,
it’s tough to say. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

25 thoughts on “Kruseman & Craig Shine With Animal Tattoo | Master vs. Apprentice (Season 6)

  1. Still shocked that St-Marq went home. Big Ceeze does NOT deserve to still be this far in the competition: HE SUCKS!!!

  2. Just looked up images of live crocodile skin. I have no idea what reference they used, but crocs are always in the green/yellow part of the spectrum.

  3. Crocs are green/yellow/grey. The cheetah looked like they wiped the tattoo prematurely and smudged the ink all over. No texture whatsoever. Both were subpar. Would hate both if I had them. I respect all these artists, but they messed up with this challenge. Had the croc print been the correct colors it would have been great.

  4. if i would look at that crocodile pattern and not know what it was i'd probably think it was some kind of sickness or something

  5. The cheetah team was really bitchy. I could practically feel the the croc scales on my hand when I saw the tattoo.

  6. I still kind of hate Chris for the way he treated that canvas. Do you have any idea how to treat a human being?

  7. To be fair, the idea of the tattoos were horrible to begin with. The execution was just the nail in the coffin.

  8. Chris looks like he went by “Meatball” in high school.
    And Katie looks like that girl obsessed with anime who wears tutus and long striped socks to school who makes really loud screeching sounds in the hallway, and laughs hysterically at nothing.

  9. Y'all are right, it's definitely leopard print. When you look at cheetah print though, that shit would have made a dumb tattoo

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