Kitty Is Fed Up w/ Ceaser’s Baby Mama! | Black Ink Crew

Kitty Is Fed Up w/ Ceaser’s Baby Mama! | Black Ink Crew

– [Young Bae] Did you
see Crystal’s new jaw? – What– – [Young Bae] No like, ’cause you know, – I heard Crystal is talking
mad (beep) about you. Q told me that Crystal has been talking so much (beep) about Kitty, and I’m still in shock about
what she’s been saying. – Imma just give to y’all raw. She told me that she a (beep) slut and she’s trying to sleep
her way to the (beep) top. (dramatic music) – What I heard is really harsh. I don’t know how to
break that down to her. I’m gonna have to find the
right words to soften the blow. She think you a slut, right? And then she thinks that
you’re (beep) your way up to the top, or you’re trying to. – Wow! – And she thinks that you are trying to force your way into Ceaser’s life. And she want you out of his life. – [Producer] Damn, she called
you a “tramp assistant”? – That’s what she called
me, “a tramp assistant”? First of all, who is Crystal? Like? – Ceaser’s baby mama. – And that’s all she’ll ever be. And that’s probably why she mad. You just mad ’cause your
baby father want me! I don’t have time for any of this. – I feel like she got a
thing for Cease again. And now she feels like she
can get him back or something. I don’t know. – [Kitty] But she’s always
had a thing for Cease. I don’t think it ever left. – I thought we were all
cool, so I don’t know. Maybe there’s more to the story. You know, I feel like
you should talk to her. – [Kitty] For (beep) what? For what? If she got all this
(beep) to say about me, and she feels so strongly about me, about a man that done
said on numerous occasions that he don’t want her, which has nothing to
do with me, by the way, like, that’s her own insecurity she got to work out for herself. She don’t got to say (beep) to me. I’ve worked damn hard for
everything that I have, and for Crystal just to dismiss that and call me some type of tramp assistant, shows me what kind of
person she really is. I don’t give a (beep) about that woman. I’m not trying to get sued for rearranging somebody’s new jaw. – [Young Bae] Okay. – [Kitty] I don’t got
time for this bull (beep). – [Crystal] I see Kitty
sulking in a corner and she’s been acting like that ever since I made my appearance. I feel like she’s
bothered from my presence. So I think it’s time that I
find out what is her real deal and tell her how I really feel about how she’s trying to sneak in
Ceasar’s life and in our family. Why you over here by yourself? What’s going on? – [Kitty] Hmm? Oh, nothing. Are you (beep) kidding me? I’m not talking to this bitch after all the (beep) she’s
been talking about me. – [Crystal] I wanna clear
some (beep) up with you. – I gotta go to the bathroom. But I’ll be back, darling. – [Crystal] You going to the bathroom” – Yeah, I’m going to the bathroom. – [Crystal] Okay, but the
bathroom is right there. She pressed or something? What’s wrong with her? – I’m not getting sucked into
this little petty bull (beep). I mean I have nothing to prove to Crystal. No matter what happens she
still has a Pomeranian face. Looking like Smokey’s sister. Ain’t that right? No, you’re way cuter. You’re way cuter. So I see why she’s mad. – You walking away? – You gonna fight Kitty, Crystal? – [Crystal] I wasn’t done speaking. – Yo! – This is crazy. – [Woman] Kitty!

100 thoughts on “Kitty Is Fed Up w/ Ceaser’s Baby Mama! | Black Ink Crew

  1. The level of maturity that I’ve reached after fighting and being petty for YEARS kitty did and said the right things..
    I’m with Kitty 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  2. If cease wanted his babymama back they would of been back together already. And crystal is insecure as hell. How is kit trying to be sneaky hell no cuz if kit wanted kit he would have to try hard as hell after the Dutch bullshit

  3. okay i see this as karma y'all remember when kitty freind Dutchess just to sleep with cease
    that's grimy af no girl code.i mean kitty is different now but i never forgot that always when your changing things always come out the Woodworks…i think kitty in someway has a game plan i dont think she wants cease nor Ryan. I think she might be sleeping her way too the top.i think because she pretty she gets slept on shady things she be doing.let it be some ugly girl that did the same ish kitty did.yall would be on they ass…i feel like a hoe is a hoe no matter if they ugly or pretty. but people can change.i feel like kitty got well know on the show after the hook up with cease
    she actrally made a name for her self on the show after the hook up with I mean put two n two together y'all.

  4. I don't think bae knew how to tell her in a good way. Bae that wasn't the time to tell her. Good job kit walk away.

  5. This episode was so funny and messing. Especially when ceaser said BM made him uncomfortable making googly eyes at him. He messy as hell and beefing her up the same time. BM is special, she looks good but she special. Cant lie, Cease mess with 10s she more like Walter's type lol.

  6. Crystal is mad lucky that Kitty walked away and saved her from getting a second Jaw surgery. But seriously, how are you gonna blame another woman for a man not thinking that you’re attractive?

  7. Kitty girl he doesn't want you either, a man that fucked you and immediately started talking to other women, doesn't want you.

  8. I notice Jada was the darkest girl on the show and they made a reason to get her off all these ladies skin starting to turn yellow🤔

  9. They suck n all money ain't good money stop letting these tv shows n men make y'all look stupid uuuugggh losers

  10. Pleas kit is the same one that laughter in duchess face and confronted her after sleeping with crease then tried to fight the ransoms he was with while on vacation and she runs now? The only reason she ran cause she knows is craze is pressed to choose she is out back !! And yes she slept her way to the top

  11. Kit shoulve re arramged her face and aint it funny how she wanna b on camera now wit no glasses after she got that jaw fixed 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂still not cute

  12. I'm proud of Kitty for walking away but now you steady walking behind her tryna get a reaction don't look 😱😱😱if she pop yo ass I ya little avacodo face because she tried walking away.

  13. BIG FISH said since the baby 😷momma can't get the dramatics out her😺 they'll send SKY😵🤬🥃🤭 to do the dirt 😠💰

  14. Woman in the Thumb nail has the thot eyes, mouth and nose.

    If you see those thin thot eyes know she isn't loyal.

  15. Y’all really letting this scripted mess get y’all upset. Sending BOTH women hate messages 🤦🏾‍♀️ Then they the worst actors

  16. How old is Caesar’s baby mama? Is this the daughter that’s in high school? That’s not a baby mama, that’s Cheyanne’s mama.

  17. Y’all make up excuses that she’s classy but she wasn’t classy when she snapped on London, snuck signature and Jumped Krystal. Now she’s scared literally running from another crystal. And let sky bully her almost every season. Kit has always been a punk !

  18. I think that kitty is a very intelligent girl .and she acts that way all the time.she do not need a stupid fighting story line.

  19. Wait is this the first time crystal said something like this? This is a bad look on her. Kinda embarrassing. The checks got to be big.

  20. Krystal i don't care what you did to those jaws are teeth are whatever you still look like Donald Duck !! Facts !!🐤🐥🐤🐥

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