Kiss cut stickers vs. Back slit stickers

Kiss cut stickers vs. Back slit stickers

– At Sticker Mule, we always
listen to customer feedback. Back slit stickers are
sometimes suggested. But they have a few downsides. The back slit process
leaves a visible crease on front of your sticker. You’ll see it right away
when the stickers arrive. It’s not good. And the stickers bend at the crease, making it worse with time. Here, you can see this nasty crease ruin a sticker of me, Vinny. Not only are kiss cuts quick to peel, but you can print extra information on the front of the design too. I printed my name on this one but you can print anything you want. Your restaurant phone
number, your company website or a coupon to make sure
your customers come back. And best of all, with kiss cut stickers, no one will miss your message. It’s right in front for
everyone to instantly see. Enjoy kiss cut stickers today! If you liked this video,
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11 thoughts on “Kiss cut stickers vs. Back slit stickers

  1. Love the quality of the decals I have had printed from these guys. Always top quality color, material and print!👍🏻NOW I know what a "kiss cut" decal is!!

  2. We've ordered tons of stickers from Sticker Mule and they are awesome! We have ones on the pickguards of our guitars that SO abused and still look new! (Ok new-ish, but still awesome!)
    How about KISS cut stickers, Vinnie? KISS cut. Get it! (We kill us…) PS: Vinnie can sit in with us any day!

  3. On a serious note: The "message on the art but not the sticker thing" is too cool! We never thought of that! Using it…

  4. Your template files are lame. Not so much a template as an instruction sheet. No backer trim sizes mentioned. The examples in the video show bleed art surrounding the kisscut sticker. Is the 10×13 sheet for the artboard how these are printed?

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