Karol G Talks ‘Ocean,’ Cardi B, and Love of Rihanna While Getting A Tattoo

Karol G Talks ‘Ocean,’ Cardi B, and Love of Rihanna While Getting A Tattoo

Rhianna if you’re watching this please call me we don’t have to record each other I just want to meet you so MA please call me let me know if we can talk let’s go no guys speedy morman here from complex and today I’m joined by Latin Grammy award-winning multi-platinum artist Carole G right now we’re in a tattoo shop I’m good how are you I’m launching my new album so I’m pretty good so you’re excited I’m super excited this is my second album but I think like everything is changing and growing up in my career so I’ve been doing my best and I’m waiting for that moment for my third for the launch of my new album so the new album is coming out May 3rd oceans we’re gonna talk about it later but give me a brief synopsis what does it mean to you for this album to be coming up last year I won my first Grammy so after that I was like talking to myself if you are a Grammy winner you have to work hard to keep doing those things to keep growing to keep shining to keep giving the the people the best I can so I’m super excited I want to get it now now you’re ready for it to come out now yeah so let’s talk about the music for a second I feel like at least in my perspective reggaeton are like Latin music here in America kind of dipped down a little bit but now it’s like on the resurgence back and you’re one of the people that’s at the forefront of that movement how does that feel to be one of the people like leading the charge I don’t know what’s happening but I think that the Latin industry come it’s completely like an in ex parte like everybody around the world is listening to our is listening to our music we have like a lot of collaborations with different are it’s around the world I have a song with quavo J Balvin sang with Beyonce now we have daddy yankee singing with Katy Perry and Justin Bieber you know like everybody yeah with this phone see so I think there is something that we have now and we have I don’t know how to say in English but I think Dana mascara which are el momento tenemos que para echar as a momento take a punch take advantage of the moment so let’s rewind a little bit to the beginning of your career I know that growing up you had a big musical family your dad was a musician for many many years what did it mean for him to see you become a musician today my father it’s probably the 99% of the success of my career I had like two old or three moments that I wanted to stop doing music because I was really really frustrated but he always was like supporting me tell me about those moments that you felt like you were ready to give up was it something that happened when you going through something what made you want to give up you know what we’re here in New York in New York it’s like a really important part of of that that moment that I threw everything away and then I started again cuz you ain’t here for a little while right yes I’m most here to New York I decided to leave the music I was super frustrated because in Colombia I was the the backup singer of a lot of artists and then I started my own project and I feel like that thing of being a women was like so hard like everybody studied everything every conversation like because of you are a girl because of you are women because of you singing urban music as a women so everybody likes we’re closing all the opportunities for me so I’ve moved here to New York and I decided to leave the music I really had a like a big problem with my father he didn’t support me in that part so I came here I started like studying English a bit and I usually with with an aunt and so I had to take two buses in the subway to get here and everyday in the button in the subway I used to see like a billboard about the music industry but like as a company right right okay I know it’s a technopath every day it was that and I was getting in love with music again and I wanted so bad to go to the place and I did it and I like fall in love again with the music so I came back to my routine and I started the first song that I did at that moment was with Nicki jump and everything from that day to this day like it’s growing growing growing know that fast but great know it’s going fast for sure so obviously you’ve made it now but you used to make YouTube covers of you singing songs have you gone back and watched them recently have you seen them yes of course and I say like hey I deserve like everything is happening because I did everything you put in the waters like at that moment that I realized that Justin Bieber got something because of a hot cover right right he got discovered by Scooter Braun right so I started like hey you trying to get discovered right yeah maybe I can get it like an opportunity that was my example but I did it it now of course I watched those videos and I remember that there are a lot of things that I have to come through or pass through to be here when I watch old interviews that I do sometimes I look at it like I feel uncomfortable to watch it do you feel like that back then thinking like oh man I wasn’t that good or oh I wish I look like do you have any of those feelings yes of course and I still feeling it with things that I do right today yes they I feel like you keep growing and changing so at this moment if I see all those videos I get embarrassed but now I know in the future like in one year I’m going maybe I’m going to be embarrassed about my English isn’t right right because your English will be so much better by then I hope so this is good now no worries no word so you used to make youtube videos now when you see your YouTube videos now with hundreds of millions of views do you remember back to a time where you would look at your views and the views wouldn’t even be you know in the thousands you know what six seven years ago I was celebrating that I had 100 thousand 100,000 of followers on Instagram Annette 100,000 yeah 100,000 now you have two stadiums following me I’m super happy and now I’m 15 15 million that’s a lot so you briefly mentioned it you were hoping you would get discovered on YouTube and I remember reading somewhere in an interview that you were kind of hoping you got discovered by Drake have you guys ever encountered one another have you ever met him I’ve ever spoken to him and he never in my life I love his music and he’s like a biggest inspiration for me and for a lot of people but not maybe in the future I hope so someone else that you’re a huge fan of obviously is Rihanna someone that you really really looked up to have you ever encountered her that’s my girl I think I’m one of her biggest fan I followed her career Hill music and I all the time if you Rihanna if you’re watching this please call me we don’t have to record each other I just want to meet you so yeah please call me let me know if we can talk have you ever hit her up before have you ever maybe DM Terrance how many times like three or four times yes like twice on Twitter twice I’m turning a couple times you know when you get the reply on Twitter it goes into the separate category and maybe she’ll see it doesn’t what kind of messages are you saying to her like hey I want to meet you what did you say yeah hey I want to meet you hey boss no I love you though I love your music like your own begins like a big inspiration for me yeah I love her I think she’s like very natural and this industry like he’s pushing people to become something like different just to be huge own just to be like seen I feel like one year from now we’ll watch this interview back and you will already have met with her and you’ll work with her and you’ll be like I can’t believe I used to want to work with her and now I have a song with it no I bet you said my face I bet you it’s gonna happen right here from that will look back you know like these days have been talking a lot about that thing about spatially Rihanna and to meet her so I think maybes call me but I think it’s interesting as how you can be so big somewhere else right like in all of the Latin markets you’re huge but here in America it still feels like you’re still on that journey still trying to like really cross over into this market what’s it like that juxtaposition of that difference of being super famous and super successful in Latin regions but still trying to kind of build up here in America for me that’s amazing that’s keep that keeps you like pushing her in the game because if I just feel and I just believe that I’m I’m doing great in the Latin industry I I could stop or believe it that much no I like that challenge to feel that I’m just a point in the world and the world is super big and we have a big example in my country Shakira did it so I know it’s going to take a lot of time but I love what I do and I think if you know what you do you’re always going to find the motivation and you’re going to enjoy what are you what are your doing so I have enough time in your press packet it says that you are the undisputed queen of Latin music that’s what it says in your press packet do you agree with that are you the undisputed queen of Latin music in my soul on the queen of my project and I really I really think I am not in the industry no against the other ones I think I’m the queen of what I do because that’s been so hard and I’m very proud I don’t like to point people with those marks but if I say what I feel off about me I feel like on my quick good I like that what do you think about American artists making Spanish music like when Drake does a song but he sings in Spanish I love that yeah I love that I think that’s the success of that song suit if if you thing like we have been all the time the Latin industry was trying to find that spot in the angular part but now if you see all those singers singing in Spanish with feel it and we like we’re very grateful about that we feel very proud to watch them singing in Spanish so we love that the reason I ask you is that some people here feel like he’s kind of like trying to steal because Latin culture is popular right now yeah I got you but I don’t think that’s that’s true because I like six or seven years ago I remember a song he has talking about having to write one of that songs like a major part in he made up art in Spanish and I have like thing he has a song with somebody I think it’s with Aventura he made a part in Spanish Romeo Santos is you see so he had a part in Spanish in a part in English I think it’s just he wants to try something different and why not I love those things do you have plans on collaborating with more American artists I know you’ve worked with quavo are there other people American artists that you’d like to work with if I can choose just one you know what my answer yes how about someone that cardi B I love to do something with her she knows how does she know did you tell her she posted a video on Instagram hey dancing one of my songs pineapple okay and she posted like officially and it got like 20 millions of bills on Instagram so I used my Twitter my verified Twitter to tell like hey let cardi B know that I want knows that I want to do a song with her and she answers that Twitter and after that like we made like a lead converse a little conversation about it I sent her a song for my new album and she loves it but we we couldn’t get it like as soon I I need my outfit yeah yeah I want my album to be on Grammys and that’s a time like a dead time that I need it but that’s a point I got it so maybe in the future you can write she’s willing to work with you and you’re willing to work with me yeah we’re working together with we I’m on a project on a present of other artists where to Ambala credits oh you’re featured on someone else’s artist that she’s also featured yeah that’s another song but we’re doing like that but you’re all on this you’re on the same song yes like is it dj khaled are you know who’s that was it no that’s a surprise but it’s not it’s a fun lighting and I want to let you know this okay I only ask because dj khaled album is coming out and that seems like something qe2 if there’s always mine I could tell you okay it’s so good what so you acquired to be have a song coming out of someone else’s albums but you two are gonna work on your own song coming soon happy and it’s beautiful Spanish bit of English I know that you are dating very publicly right now with unwell what’s it like dating in the public eye is it annoying do you wish you could just kind of be in private or is it just a part of the journey and you’ve accepted it we try to keep that on privacy but it was so hard we date like four months trying to keep it private but we wanted to be like a normal couple we wanted to go to a movie theater – so it was like super hard to get daddy on privacy so then after that new it’s being like a big part because for example on interviews sometimes you just want to talk about what you’re doing while working but sometimes they just in there are just interested oh I’m just that Oh controversy of different things so that’s a bit of annoying but okay well I don’t want to annoy you but I do have one more question when you walked in I couldn’t help but notice you have a big ring on your finger I have two rings right fingers what that’s on your left hand and it’s on your left ring finger in America that’s an engagement ring is that what’s happened are you engaged yeah he gave me both to give you both he told me you know what I’m going to give you the other one if a guy saw you I want him to know that you’re against twice so you are are you actually a gay dad so when I gave you the ring did he get down on one knee did he ask you to marry him how did it happen he was so nice well he was beautiful and shocky but that’s the only thing up that we have on privacy okay so I’m going to keep that moment for me but I’m super happy we’re super happy we support each other we enjoy like they pokey toes momentous we have together see I know what that means that means like the little moments we have together and we we win loving this moment obviously right now we’re in a tattoo shop because today you are getting a tattoo yeah are you excited are you nervous how you feeling I love the tooth and after tooling for me if I could I have like all my arms thank you completely tattooed but state-by-state it looks good approves I broke our prove I think it’s gonna be good I love ocean well you should say that when it’s done don’t say you’re super happy yet cuz what it you know she might mess up or so do you want like a finer line or a little bit heavier of the line like no I’m dying yeah now you’re nervous yes see I’m sorry it’s my fault yeah you made fun your bushes or I don’t want to have any involve many minutes just tell me what if I was you I would pick this one I like this one okay let’s go okay let’s do it take your advice all right this is me okay this is selena quintanilla and this is Rihanna oh you have Rihanna tattoo wait hold on Missy this is Rihanna so this is you this is Selena yes and then this is Rihanna yes oh my gosh in different ways they inspired me those three because I’m very proud of Carol TT so yes though real quick I don’t know if it’s too late but I kind of changed my mind about the color oh my god no no I don’t know that’s better I think smaller blue won’t kill him in the middle what do you think we could go from like darker on the top shade it down to like the lighter okay I don’t see you I’m indecisive so obviously you’re getting a tattoo of waves it symbolizes the ocean which is the name of your album the name came by the ocean I was in st. rain okay in 1080p and I wasn’t just watching the ocean and I was like it started thinking like very fill in a philosophic weight so I was singing like that blue line there’s a lot of life and you just see the line and down there is a lot of things that we don’t know because humans just know the 20% the life in the ocean so I did that like that same thing in life you know the people that you don’t know there’s life what they are living if they’re happy or not and that’s same thing with them you see you just listen this song but you know who made it right what the people were talking about when composed this song so ocean was perfect for my own you’re in love with your boyfriend obviously we know that but so much so that you got each other Teddy he’s back so I saw it but I’m gonna be honest it doesn’t look like it was real to me is it a real tattoo it is real when he showed me I don’t like no oh so you didn’t know that he was getting that no I didn’t know it wasn’t there and he sent me a video and then a picture huh and I was like hey you’re kidding me and they went I saw it like the first time I was shocked about it huge it’s like this big all of his back it was our first picture as a couple do you ever think about failure like what would happen you put the album out and people didn’t like it yes you think about that all day every day really yeah I probably I have been like 20 or 30 days with no sleep because I’m really anxious and excited and I have been working like a lot charlie me around but that’s the thing I just want to launch my album and that’s it I don’t know what’s going to happen but I want it now and out to stop feeling this way you feel like now that you’ve won a Grammy you’ve set the bar high yes of course I think like people had like those expectations are you talking about and I have more expectation that those spectators so I’m really nervous about it but let’s see I like it what do you think let’s see yeah I like there oh my god is super cool did I get yeah I know and is very like dedicate let me see ah I like it it looks good I like the color I picked this one it also kind of matches my outfit right now look it kind of misses me and you know why he told me he wants to get his first tattoo after me no I love it I think that still I’m excited all day he’s gonna be talking like damn way to start performing with these hands because I ran it oh do you like it that’s beautiful yeah that’s so nice I’m super happy that’s cute you’re excited yeah these are two is the promise that my album is going to be number one and I’m telling dad to again Rihanna you know no you know

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