Justina Valentine Reacts to Fear Factor’s Most Suffocating Moments | MTV

Justina Valentine Reacts to Fear Factor’s Most Suffocating Moments | MTV

– Ooh, no! – Ahh (beep)! – Ooh! – Oh my God! (screaming) – [contestant] I’m scared! (intense music) – [Ludacris] 50 thousand dollars. Three, two, one, go! – Feelin’ like I gotta prepare
myself to take a deep breath. Okay, I’m done, bitch. I smoke weed, I can’t hold
my breath for that long. – [Michael] Oh, they have to
figure out how to get out. That’s a nightmare. – [Wes] So, are there sharks under there? – I don’t know. – [Wes] ‘Cause there would
be sharks under there if this was “The Challenge.” – [Ludacris] They started with breathin’. They did it a little
different than you guys. Started out with breathin’. – This feels like weirdly sexual. – He looks like he eats good (beep), did you see that? – That’s graphic! Woo! I’m like, sweating, hot. – [Michael] This is the most
terrifying birthing video ever. He’s just like, “I want out!” – [Ludacris] Mackenzie
just looks panicked, I don’t know what the hell is going on. – [Lorena] He looks dead, okay, I don’t know about panicked. They both look infertile. – [Ludacris] She finally
stepped up to the plate, she’s crazier than her brother right now. – She’s gettin’ her done! Lookin’ like a mermaid! Come on Ariel! – [Ludacris] Mackenzie got a second wind, she’s lookin’ determined. – He’s lookin’ like Jack from Titanic, that (beep) about to sink! – [Contestant] Kinda stressful. – Are you kidding me? She’s just gonna (beep) lay there? – [Tao] She gave up on
life, and just is like, “I’m going to be in the
water from now on, and die.” – [Ludacris] It’s out, they got it. – Come on (beep), let’s go! – [Michael] He had to tap
her like, “we’re done.” – [Tao] “We’re done! You
gotta get out of here,” – [Michael] No, you’re going
the wrong way, come on. – That’s some good sibling work. I didn’t like this challenge, I don’t like the idea of
being submerged underwater. (intense music) – Brittany and Anthony, get
in the coffin, let’s go. – [Lorena] Okay, great,
we’re getting in a coffin. – [Brittany] I’m freaking out but… – Okay, you’re freaking out, girl, I’m freaking out over that sports bra because Power Rangers called. – In case she doesn’t come back out, at least she’s going in the
coffin with her hair done. – Here we go! – Oh what are those things? – [Wes] Are those puppies? ‘Cause that would be great. – Ahh! – Ohh! – Oh no! – Those are not puppies. – [Nany] What are they? – [Wes] Giant rats. – [Nany] Eww! – [Michael] I’ll do the
cockroaches, I aint doin’ no rats. – Those are some healthy
cockroaches though, those look like some Jersey cockroaches. – [Nany] Hell, no. This puts buried alive
on a whole other level. – Oh and they put dirt
over you and everything? – Luda! Don’t do me like this Luda, okay. – [Wes] We’ve been buried before. When we were partners they buried you, and I had to dig you up. – [Nany] Yeah, and you
took your sweet old time. – Three, two, one, go! – Oh! – Aww! – Those are rats! – You don’t know if
they’re Hollywood rats, who have agents or just like street rats that they found, you know what I mean? (screaming) – You gotta keep the mouth closed, you gotta keep the mouth closed. ‘Cause if one of those things go down ya, your mouth, I heard cockroaches
take a long time to digest. – [Brittany] I got another one. – [Ludacris] Looks like
they have two sticks so far. One minute down. – [Brittany] I can’t find another. – They literally have to
put a key through a tube? This is literally what my
toilet situation is, okay? Go to Brooklyn, that’s Fear Factor. (screaming) (laughter) – Ahh! His voice just went up like five octaves. – So funny hearing just a grown man cry about a rat, that’s great. – [Brittany] Five minutes? (beep) me! – Yeah, (beep) you, (beep) me! I have to watch this. Oh! That rat’s got a tumor on it’s tail. – [Wes] Yeah, that’s disgusting. – [Nany] So gross. – [Ludacris] Ring that
bell to stop the clock. – [Brittany] Anthony, stop freaking out. – Now he’s just buggin’ out. He ain’t really doin’ too much. I see, he’s not really pullin’ his weight. – [Anthony] Ew, ew, ew! (scream) (laughter) – [Michael] It looks like hell. – [Tao] It, yeah, it does. – [Michael] Hell is just
Ludacris laughing on top of you. (laughter) – [Tao] Yelling at you
while you’re in the ground. – [Michael] Get out the box! – [Brittany] Here, I got it. – Got it, time! – Oh, (beep). – I hope you know, I peed everywhere. (laughter) – [Tao] Now it’s full of your piss? (laughter) – Peed everywhere? Girl, you gotta do kegels, okay? Hold for 10 seconds, let go. Then you hold again. Do it over the bathroom
if you’re not sure. Don’t do it in a coffin. – Brittany can you please
look, under, in here? (screaming) – [Michael] Oooh no! It’s in the pants! – [Tao] Ohhh! – [Nany] Oh my God! – He took one to go. – I’ve had that happen to me before, after I was eating cockroaches. There was a live one crawling up my back. (intense music) – [Devin] Going into this
challenge, our strategy is for me to try to eat
most of the marshmallows. – [Wes] Marshmallows? Those don’t look like marshmallows. – What is that? – [Ludacris] Get your heads in the box. – Is that bees? – Are those bees? – Are those bees or flies? – They’re flies? – Flies. – [Nany] That is disgusting. – [Wes] That’s gross. – [Tiona] Like what am I
getting myself into right now? – [Wes] Ooh, what’s hanging? – Oh, they have to eat the marshmallows! Oh my God! Campfire, gone wrong. – [Nany] Aw and they’re covered with bugs? – [Wes] Oh that’s gross. – Ahh and you gotta breathe those in too. They’re probably going
in your nose and mouth. – Oh God. – [Wes] Oooh. – Oh my gosh. – Oh, she’s spittin’ already. – I said that last week. – Can you imagine eating one of these? – A lot of protein. I heard flies have a lot of good protein. – [Wes] Ooh, good slow-mo shot though. – [Ludacris] She’s got a
marshmallow stuck in her hair! – [Devin] Eat it girl, eat it! – [Tiona] I can’t do it, I can’t do it! – I can tell who is pulling the weight in their relationship. – [Nany] She really is not doing anything. – [Wes] Yeah, that’s
probably why they broke up. – [Nany] Probably. – My question is, why do you even go on Fear Factor with your ex? The factor of fear is gone! ‘Cause you left his trifling ass! – Oh, if that was my ex,
he’d be eating everything. – Oh girl, he did it. He wants to get back together. – It looked like he did
that to kind of spite her. He ate that in front of her. He’s like, “you remember this.” – Close your mouth, you psycho! We believe you, you ate it! – He’s like, “yeah! I’ve had worse things on this tongue!” – She’s full blown freakin’ out. – [Wes] Yeah, get you out? Duck! – [Ludacris] If this
don’t bring them closer, I don’t know what will. – Yeah they’re not getting back together. This is not helping their relationship. – Flies taste so (beep) disgusting. This one time I was
playing at the Warped Tour, we’re outside, there’s this fly that keeps buzzin’ around my head. All of a sudden I’m talking, I’m answering an interview question, I get the most vile
taste in my (beep) mouth. Like a little demon came and
took a (beep) on my tongue. (swallowing noise) Terrible. Flies taste terrible.

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  1. Justina definitely sucked a lot of dick to stay on MTV it's obvious…. she thinks she's a black girl that's not cool be yourself bitch

  2. Am I the one always confused on whether I think Justina is fucking sexy or ugly? Lol bro I fr can’t make my mind up..

  3. Omg I'm over here gagging about to throw up over this video, I can't finish watching it but gave it a thumbs up… Lol

  4. That guy was like he thought is was funny seeing a man cry about rats. Like we would not cry if he was in a bix with rats and cockroaches

  5. Lolllollllolololllollllolololololololololololololllollllololollololoolllololololollloolololoololloololllololoololollolololollolololollolololololololololololololollolololololololololololloolol

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