Justina Valentine Reacts to Fear Factor’s Creepiest, Crawliest Moments | MTV

Justina Valentine Reacts to Fear Factor’s Creepiest, Crawliest Moments | MTV

– Oh my God. – Ugh. (dramatic music) – Three, two, one. – He’s a pretty boy
– Hello. – Who’s that?
– He’s so cute. – And they’re off, wasting no time. – I gotta say, even though Jack Miller is about to go up against snakes. His hair, perfectly coifed. – Oh. – Oh my God. – You don’t do snakes, it’s in
the Bible, they’re an enemy. – [Ludacris] Oh. – [Contestant] You just
know it’s about to like, snap at your face, it was scary as hell. – I get it okay so they have
to pass the little straw thing through the hole to their partner. – What happens if they actually bite? – If the snake lunges at me, I’ll lunge right back at this (beep). These are tiny (grr) – Ugh. – Oh my God. – Jake’s fan base is going to go nuts. They’re gonna be like no don’t
ruin Jake’s perfect face. I’ll (beep) kill you snake. Those snakes are gonna get
a million death threats. – [Ludacris] He lined that up perfectly. There it is, even exchange. – Go baby. – They’re doin’ pretty
good though, I like it. They got a strategy, they’re
stickin’ to the plan. – Oh – Aw damn. – Whoa.
– No. – Three, two, one, I’m in. – Honestly, the only way I
would ever do this challenge is if I was doing it with Jake Miller and I could maybe get his number after. That’s the only way. – [Ludacris] Damn.
– If I get bit by the snakes do the snakes get the prize money? – They’re afraid too. – Have you seen Jake Miller? I’d be scared. – The snake wants a piece of Jake. And time. – Let’s go baby. – I mean look I’ve been face
to face with plenty of snakes in my day so I think I’d be
comfortable in this challenge. (dramatic music) – [Ludacris] You know what to do. – Oh lather it up baby. – Okay. – [Ludacris] Three, two, one go. – Oh. – Ugh. – Oh God. – That’s a lot of maggots. – No those are like meal worms. – Holy (beep). – [Female Contestant] When
I jumped into the bath of super worms it smells
absolutely disgusting. – Being in that tub is
probably like an exotic spa. You probably have to pay like
five k for that experience. – It eats all your dead skin off. – [Ludacris] Alright, here we go. – They’re coming off. – Feel their little mouths touching you. – [Ludacris] A lotta worms, a lotta worms. – Take a bite. – Okay I’m really confused
’cause I’m kind of into it ’cause I think it’s sexy. But then I remember that it’s worms. – Oh.
– No way, no. – And then I take it back. – [Onlooker] Eat ’em,
get ’em all, get ’em all. – [Ludacris] Trying to get
as many in her mouth as once. – Ugh yes. – [Contestant] Our strategy is
just to grab the super worms from the most pertinent areas. – How do you like hang
out with your friend and like go to movies after you’ve licked bugs off their vagina? – She’s goin’ to task
she’s licking her fingers. – Just suck the fingers. – [Ludacris] Y’all gotta
hurry up the clock is tickin’. – You’ve got this thigh too right here it’s just a tall worm bath. – If I was doing that I
would just kiss the girl. I would just kiss the girl, call it a day. Forget the worms we don’t need the money, we’re in love okay. – One more mouth full should do it. – This is it, this is it. – Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. – This poor girl putting
them in her mouth. – [Ludacris] And time. – I hope they have a
toothbrush waiting for her like immediately at the end of this. That is always what I’m thinking. I’m like what is the procedure for exactly when this challenge ends? Because these people need like luxury. (dramatic music) – Go. – Go, go. Go. – Okay so this is mom and a daughter? – Who’s the mother, who’s the daughter? – Ready for screams. – Oh my God. – Oh my God. – Whoa. – Why are there so many mice? – Are you serious? Oh my God. – This is like a scavenger
hunt of some kind. They’re trying to find key items. – Alright they found the
shirt that was quick. – Oh my God. – You gotta Marie Kondo this place. – I don’t wanna touch anything. – The mom’s buggin’ out more. – Oh it stinks, oh my God it really, really stinks up in here. – If this was a scratch and
sniff I’m pretty sure it smells like (beep) vomit, feces, condoms. It smells like everything in there. – I don’t wanna touch anything. – After a certain point I feel like you just get used to the rats. – Oh my God (vomiting and gagging) – I feel like they keep getting surprised. They’re like oh and there’s rats in here. Okay we we go toilet paper, a toilet, and there’s rats in here. – I don’t play around with
rats and filth like that. I felt like I was getting
sick, I couldn’t do it. Oh my God, I’m done. – Oh they gave up? – I can’t do it. – Oh c’mon. – Don’t quit. – Honestly baby boomers these
days, all they do is quit. (Dramatic music) – [Ludacris] Three, two, one, go. – Alright Snooks. – Oh it’s our MTV family. – She went for the millipede first. – Ew. – Ew. – Those legs were crawling
a 100 miles per hour. Okay Snook you picked Deena. Gangsta ‘wid it took that worm quick. – This is all part of GTEAS,
gym, tan, eat a scorpion. – I’m really impressed. – Yeah. – I didn’t even know
meatballs can move that fast. – [Snooki] I’m nervous, if we put it between our
teeth fluids gonna come out. – Ugh.
– I hope no creepy crawlers are harmed in the making of this. – [Snooki] The scorpion
was the most scariest because I didn’t wanna get bit. – Scorpion. – It bit me. Ugh. – You can do this.
– [Onlooker] C’mon. – I quit. – She quit, c’mon girl
I was rooting for you. – There’s no quitting in Fear Factor. – I can’t. – Are you both officially quitting? – Yes. – Every meatball gets to the
point where they’re cooked and then that’s just it.
– We did the best we could. – We’re scared of everything.
– And I’m happy about it. I’m proud of us. – I am too. – I give ’em credit
they definitely went in. – Snooki, she’s a G. – Yeah that’s pretty impressive.

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  1. Omg they should’ve showed the episode when they had to chew up the bugs and spiders and then spit it in the cup and the other person had to drink it 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

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