Josh Payne Returns to Coach | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

Josh Payne Returns to Coach | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

May the best ladies’ team win. The best ladies’ coach win. That could still be me too. This week, your coach is an extremely talented artist,
Josh Payne. Oh my God. Oh my god. Josh Payne came into this competition and basically steamrolled
a win simply with attitude. I wanted to come out and just deliver
something huge, epic. So I said, “Let’s go big
and let’s go for it.” I love the eagle. I love the snake.
These have a really strong look. Judges have decided. Josh. Yes! You do have what it takes to be Ink Master. Josh, you’ll coach the women’s team. (beep) yeah. So, ladies, any ideas? There’s a lot that we can do with detail. You have a guy like Josh Payne, who’s an amazing artist,
thinks out of the box, leaves in beautiful color. I like the fact that the detail really lies in the face,
really lies in the wings. The actual scale patterns
are all right on the money. You’re swinging for the fences. Man, I sweat right to that last second. That’s a huge tattoo. Yeah, it was stupid. Josh Payne, very versatile artist,
very strong personality. I’m stoked about how those things going to look,
it’s going to be ridiculous. My goal is to make my picture look like a black
and gray portrait of Oliver, run through a red filter.
That’s what monochromatic means. Just in detail alone, detailing the mustache
detailing the mesh of the hat, looks really hard to pull off. The Best Tattoo of the Day, goes to Josh.
Well done, man. You’ll have six hours to demonstrate detail
by tattooing a cover up. Oh boy. Yeah! Did exactly what you told me not to do. You are. Just the most exquisite listener I’ve ever met
in my life. When the bigger personalities come on,
they’ll understand how those personalities
navigated through their waters to get them to the end
of the season the way they did. What you doing, pawn? Minding my own (beep) business like you
should be doing. I can’t even hate that answer. I’ve got to respect that. Some of it was a good example and some of it
was a bad example. Either way, it’s history,
and history teaches. Let’s win it. (beep) yeah. Let’s go.

13 thoughts on “Josh Payne Returns to Coach | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

  1. Josh is everything Cam wants to be, arrogant but succesful. Except, Cam is not nearly as good as Josh was on his season.

  2. I feel like josh is just a more happy version of Cleen(?) but also like not an asshole in the same way cleen was.

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