Joji “Yeah Right” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

If you’re like an ugly, not a great-looking
dude, you know that a chick is just like spending all this time with you just cause you got
money or whatever. It’s that like point of self hatred that
you don’t mind. I remember dancing with a girl and it’s
like, I’m thinking like You don’t really care. Like, yeah right.” The club is super fun, but like the waiting
in line and like just being treated like livestock… I don’t know about that. I had just like come back from a pointless
night. I just made the beat first. I go in and I play a bunch of piano. And I’ll just go through whatever I like
and then I’ll chop it up. I’m sampling myself basically. I felt like the tempo of the song kind of
represented the upbeatness of the club. Yeah like it’s fast paced and it’s moving,
but I’m not really in it the way everyone else is at this very moment. This song sounds like a… bitch. No, not a bitch. This song sounds like a person that does not
care about you. The way I see it is this person is dancing
or like at a location or something. And it’s just like all momentary. And it’s like time stops and he’s like,
“I’ma fuck up my life.” I’ve definitely seen moments where dudes
are like, “Oh shit.” “I’ma fuck up my life.” I could fall over like in the club right now
and have a heart attack. And you’d probably like run. This is like a person that’s way past self hatred. It’s not destructive. It’s not productive but it’s not destructive. That’s how a lot of people get stuck I feel
like. In relationships, and also in like just life
in general. Just getting comfortable. You definitely know when someone doesn’t
give a fuck about you when they’re not checking you. You’re like, “Is this a good thing?” “Is this a bad thing?” They’re like, “Yeah, yeah whatever.” It’s very clear that this figure is just orbiting me for the sake of orbiting. Just like done. Like, flat. It’s like whatever. I’m already in this position anyways, so
I feel like a drum without a beat. So I’ll go see you cause I don’t mind
this whole situation anyway. You know what I mean? Isn’t love just like… it’s like, “Ahh!” I’m not getting any further and it seems
like you’re not getting any further… Right? I like smart women. Like they gotta be way smarter than me. I like curvy girls. Like really curvy girls. That’s pretty cool. The stuff I saw on the internet… I finally come to America and whoa! It’s like, “Nah.” “Nevermind.” I’m not supposed to mind. That’s the point. Why’d I catch myself slipping for a second? My roommate’s ex left it behind. And he was like, “That’s bad juju.” “I’m going to throw it out.” I said,, “No I’ll do you one better.” “I’ll wear it.” So I have like this man’s horrible ex’s
negative energy around my neck right now. It might be some angry ex music. That might be where it’s coming from honestly. I don’t know.

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