JiKS | Jikook You Are Me, I am You (LY/SY Concert, Jungkook Tattoos, Flirting & Moments)

Subtitles may be wrong. The Jikook heavens have suddenly burst open and it seems all our fanfics are coming true! Yes, that really happened. It makes me feel kind of… If you understood that, I’m sorry! If not, yes, I also mean that we are all going crazy! More so about the end of the speak yourself era. I feel so sad it’s over, but so happy that bts and their planted stars, have come this far! This made me cry. The last Jin kiss, for this Era. Oh, we were talking about Jikook! First I’d like to say that every single ship really got enough fuel to sustain them until next concert. Even my secret ship Jinmin! But I don’t ship jikook! There is a different energy when it comes to them. Like I said, our fanfics are becoming reality! I’m not sure whose fanfic starts with, “…and then Jungkook sneaks up on jimin with a rat…” But, it was so cute! These concerts proved that it’s even more special. At this point I’m sure it means alot. We got to see more of
Jk’s tattoos. This quote is from a nirvana song aalled ‘stay away’, while the album title is… Nevermind I’m going to just say it, coincidences don’t lie! Their love for similar things proves just how close they are. Probably much closer than we think?! It kinda reminds you of another coincidence that they share, Their love for Disney land’s
jack reacher maybe? And the whole mystery about the matching rings, clothes, moles… I’m telling you, coincidences don’t lie. I really also love the coincidence of jungkook & Jimin starting and ending the last VCR. We’re being served some wild Jikook moments. Jimin asks JK to say His best song and JK sings Serendipity! Jikook are in their world! And because I found my videos on twitter I have multiple angles!! The way he holds jimin’s suit Is so sexy, dangerous, and cute at the same time! Jimin drags fingers smoothly and pulls. He is clearly flirting here! They know we know. Jungkook agrees with jimin that they will be back!
(Copying Jimin cutely) Yes. I am so happy. “I am you, you are me.” I just love how spontaneous they all seem, and RM being in middle of MOST OF THEM! Jm talks about Serendipity, JK immediately does this! JK saying JM likes to have fun with his song. While I’m laughing, I love that they keep doing that. It’s a very unique Jikook thing that Jikookers always notice. The nights just got wilder! Jikook’s body rolls adding fuel to the flames! Jimin’s neck thing that JK notices. The duality is dangerous, from sexy to adorable. Another smooth touch from Jimin! They get so close. Damn! I was literally watching like this Yes, I have another angle! I have never wanted two people to kiss publicly so much in my life! Incase you’re thinking, “Hey Jikook, that’s too sexy,” remember… He’s never been shy about letting his feelings show! Until now! JK’s looks at Jimin like he’s too perfect. Jk kisses the rose! Was that necessary? Then somehow they’re together! Let me also point out how JK can’t help how he looks at Jimin. Follows Jimin with his eyes, looks at Jimin and suddenly giggles. And remember that insane fog machine dancing when Jimin joined JK? People on twitter noticed that JK looks at Jimin then spells out a love heart! A lot of those moments were really wild. The softer moments are the ones that really help me see Jikook better. First of all, jm has always been there for JK. And of course JK has also been there for JM in his own way. Second, the way they turn to each other, jk’s head tilt, and Jimin immediately reaching out! Turning to each other like fate. Jk’s head tilt, shows how much he feels and only Jimin sees this clearly. It shows alot of trust and love between them that goes beyond shipping. It is so precious. Third and last, when JK started breaking down
Jimin instantly hugged him. I think here is when JK really feels it. Jimin jumps in. These two are clearly important to each other. Do you all remember JK running away from JM. What was he thinking? Someone made that on twitter and I wanted to share it! Thanks for watching.

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