Javi & Briana Get Matching Tattoos | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

Javi & Briana Get Matching Tattoos | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hi, I’m Amy Pham and welcome
to the Sneak Peek Show. Today, I’ve got a very
special episode for you because the 2018 MTV Movie
and TV Awards are tonight. Hello! I was so excited I could
barely sleep last night but don’t worry, I’m well
caffeinated and ready to get peekin’ at some sneaks. Teen Mom Two is on at
a special time tonight. Eight, seven central, so plan accordingly. And you’re not going to want to miss it because, well, Javi and
Brianna are taking a huge step in their relationship. (phone dialing) – [Sal] Yeah. – What’s good? We’re going to get tattoos right now. – [Sal] What? Matching tattoos? – King and queen chest pieces. I told Bri she’s got to put
my name so I know it’s real but she doesn’t want to. – [Sal] Yeah, you need to get his face. – But yeah, that’s where
we’re going right now. So it’s going to be lit. – [Sal] Alright. – [Javi] Alright boy. – He’s funny. How long has he been married to his wife? – Five years. – Wow, so your family has a long history of being in long relationships. – Yep, that’s why I value relationships. I value long term. I want that. (uptempo music) – [Brianna] Hey, hey. – Hey, what’s up? – [Javi] What’s goin’ on, man? – [Brianna] Hey. – [Javi] Nice to meet you. – You want a chest piece, right? – Yeah. Oh, it’s going to hurt like a bitch. – I got my ribs already
so I know the pain. – Alright cool, we’re good. Pop a squat. Alright, you ready? – Uh huh. (beep) That hurts. – You got it. – I’m so done. – [Javi] You got it. – Are you done? – [Tattoo Artist] We’re done. – Oh my God. Oh, that’s cute. Yeah, I like it. – [Javi] You like it? – [Brianna] Yeah. – Sorry, we can’t break up. You’re stuck with me forever, in some way. – I feel comfortable enough
with you guys to admit I one hundred percent
thought Javi was kidding on the phone in the car about the tattoos and then they pulled
up to the tattoo parlor and got tattoos. I truly didn’t see that coming. One thing you can see
coming very soon though is the golden popcorn for best kiss during the Movie and TV awards. Last year, Moonlight won the honor and this year, Love Simon,
Riverdale, Stranger Things, Jane, the Virgin, and Ready
Player One are nominated. Leave your guess for
who will join Moonlight, Twilight, and all the other
past winners in the comments. Then, find out who wins
that and so much more during the Movie and TV awards tonight at nine, eight central, on MTV. Don’t miss it. Bye.

98 thoughts on “Javi & Briana Get Matching Tattoos | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

  1. If someone happens to be a parent and a teenager that is their choice, not for anyone to make show or pass judgemnt.

  2. We have been together 2 minues, let's go get marching tattoos. 🤣 dumb AF! She blamed Javi for wanting to move too fast.. well hun, what is this? Can't wait to see what else comes out that shows her just as guilty at stuff, if not more

  3. Javi is so lame tries to act so cool when he dates busted ass ch8cks cause he has low self esteem and control issues and and falls in love so fast fool you aren't cool you are lame and desperate and in the airforce weakest branch for pussies acting. Hard your tattoos show how insecure you really are

  4. Lmao shame on Brianna. Tried to down play everything between her and Javi & her and her petty sister caused a ratchet argument/fight with Kail about him now, look? Javi left her stink ass, hooked up with Kail after, then got his other ex pregnant, and now she's stuck with a shitty mediocre tattoo 😂😂😂

  5. I thought it was stupid for both of them to get matching tattoos… especially since there is no guarantee that they would be together. Once you get a tattoo, you're stuck with it for keeps… unless you do the laser treatment which is even more painful than getting a tattoo in the first place.

  6. I seriously got that gut feeling both javi & kail want each other back even though he got another chick pregnant. I kno they talked about it…but they are so fckn stubborn.

  7. Babies don’t fix or make relationships. If anything I would want to get to know the person for a while before considering having a child with them.

  8. No lie not hating at all this is fucking stupid asf coming from someone who said it was a friend this girl has so many one night stands lol and to me personally seems like she has only a lot of males friends hmmmmm wonder why

  9. So y’all must not know that after this episode aired Javi is expecting another baby with his new girlfriend 💀💀

  10. Smh her butt looks Terrible she shouldn’t have done that cause her thighs don’t match her ass make better decisions Briana stop bashing your children’s father on tv at the end of the day you procreated with them just be a woman about yourself take care of the kids quit jumping into relationships and by all means Stop putting your mom and sister in your relationships otherwise your going to by yourself and miserable

  11. Javi is a loser. I can’t stand his nice boy act, that’s why Kail always bitching his ass out. Briana is ratchet, but I feel sorry for her she should have known anyway he lives white girls girl. If Kail wanted him back he would go back to her that’s how pathetic he is unfortunately 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Get rid of her and this weak ass story line. Who cares, all they talk about is kail anyway. Enough of Javeys sorry ass and bri’s diaper ass. I didn’t watch the video bc I could care less if they have matching tats. I’m letting MTV know she needs to be gone, and for that matter the show has ran its course. Jus sayin. Also she’s not attractive without makeup, so, Brianna, if you read these… put some makeup on. Seriously. lol

  13. JAVI and nasty ads! He going to do her like the rest pop a baby then move on I felt sorry for him when he first started the show with Kel but now he needs to go he's not with her anymore.

  14. Just goes to show that nobody should get either their names or matching tattoos. It almost always never works out for the couple. Idiots.

  15. I do not think Brianna, her mom, and her half-sister behave in a civilized way. If they were not on Teen Mom 2, the show would be much better. Just my opinion.

  16. Omg it looks like briana is carrying two huge watermelons below her waist that shit looks horrible. I honestly feel bad

  17. I feel like they were meant to be but like it happen at the wrong time. Not being mean or anything but if they never had kids and met eachother way back when, they would've came out strong. It just sucks that all this drama happened and they aren't together anymore.

  18. Matching tattoos? Really. I do not like her or her sister and mom. I feel sorry for Nova. She got two children with 2 boys that wants nothing to do with her or their child. I guess that’s what happens when u have sex at a young age and think u r in love, and then meet someone in a bar have sex and get pregnant again, and u mad at them u should be mad at yourself. Oh that sister …………

  19. Lol this is hilarious!!!!!!! She deserves it!!!!! Haha 🤣I’m sure he’s still fucking her on the side. I mean she’s that loose so 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  20. I’m so glad he’s not with her but I hope he grown up and take life seriously it seems like they take life as a joke! Get to know someone before going to bed or even having children! Plz!!

  21. I just wanna know why the hell she did that to her ass and theighs?!?! Who pays a surgeon good money to have saddlebags????

  22. Their disgusting together!! That girl has no morals or respect. Her main focus should be her kids and thats it! Not hooking up with someon else's husband's from the cast! Fuckin dumbass bitch!

  23. Imagine if Bri actually got Javi’s name tattoed on her arm , that would’ve been so sad though because they’re already broken up

  24. Why when these guys have had previous relationships that they thought were going to last and never or had a relationship for a mth with someone previously and never worked why would they do this the only saving grace is they didn't get names…..

  25. ~Brianna might want to get that matching tattoo covered up or change even removed now they are no longer together.~

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