Jason Clarke Talks About Filming a Romantic Scene with Helen Mirren

Jason Clarke Talks About Filming a Romantic Scene with Helen Mirren

-Jason, you’re playing
a Russian in the new HBO miniseries
“Catherine the Great,” which is amazing.
[ Cheers and applause ] I want to chat about it,
but first let’s take a look at a clip.
-Okay. -When I first came
to this country a long, long time ago,
I knew nothing about it. But I fell in love
with its people, their passions, their soul — the indomitable Russian spirit. And yet, this country
must change. Slavery is not
a Russian institution. Only then can your Russia, my Russia, our Russia become truly and eternally… great. -I mean, it looks amazing.
-Okay. -Okay!
-Sir! So, Jason, you play — -I’m actually mocking
Helen there, a speech that she did —
-Well — -…at the dinner, yeah,
so I’m sending her up, I’m paraphrasing her
from a speech she gives to the assembly
at a private dinner, yeah. -I love that.
Speaking of which, you are Catherine the Great’s
lover, and so was shooting a love scene
with a legit Dame in the incredible Helen Mirren,
was that terrifying, or — -Yeah, you know what,
Helen’s — -Give me every detail.
[ Laughter ] -I’m riveted. -Helen’s one of these —
she’s just delightful. She’s very — She gives you
great confidence and license to come at her,
so to speak. You know, to play and define
what the scene needs. You know, she’s wonderful.
She’s, you know — I mean, I threw her around
and, you know, played with her and lifted her up
and all these things in these great Russian palaces
that you see. -I’m watching this show.
-She’s — -I know.
[ Laughter ] -But she’s such a — you know,
she’s a delightful woman. She loves to laugh.
She’s very cheeky. She’s very alive, you know,
and is trying to find it in the moment, in the scene
rather than pre-planned. -I love that. I mean,
as love scenes should be. -Thank you.
-As love scenes should be. -Speaking of…
-So I started off my show — You both met my adorable dog
backstage. -Yes.
-Yes. I started off the show talking about animals
and pets. You two have spent
a lot of time working with animals on set.
-Yes. -What has that been like? I mean, especially you
with “Bless This Mess.” -The show that I do,
“Bless This Mess,” that I created with
Liz Meriwether, we got a great lady boss team
on that show, and we have a lot of —
[ Cheers and applause ] We have a lot of animals
on it, and, yes, we work with pigs and goats. -What’s, like, a normal workday?
-Like a normal workday, like, we’re constantly
discussing, for instance, like, how do you get the goat
on the waterbed? You know what I mean?
Very different than your show. -On the waterbed?
-Yes. We were gonna get a goat
on a waterbed, and it was hard to do
but we did it. And so you have to have, like,
multiple animal wranglers and, you know, a lot of
cooperation from both humans and animals alike,
and just a good spirit. And that goat got
on that waterbed, and then also I just get
lobbed in the face and boobs with snakes tonight.
-What? -Yep.
-Seriously? -But not real snakes
lobbed at me because obviously you don’t
want to hurt the snake, so, uh, so they’re all —
-Of course. Forget about you,
but the snakes — -I’m pro-snakes,
you know what I mean? Like at first I was
kind of like, “Eh…” and then I married
a tattoo artist and I’m like, “I’m interested in snakes.”
[ Laughter ] -So speaking of
“Bless this Mess,” you just mentioned
you don’t only star, you also co-created
and you’re a co-writer — -Director, yeah, I did —
-And all the things. A woman of great skills.
[ Cheers and applause ] How does it feel to wear
so many hats all the time? -I mean, it’s great. I think what the hardest
part of it, honestly, is — ‘Cause I am a natural
sort of multitasker, and so that sort of fits well.
-Because you’re a woman. -♪ ‘Cause I’m a woman! ♪
-It’s what we do. -Yeah, so I rev at a high RPM,
but I think that it’s hard being a mom on top of that, ’cause I actually want to be
a good mom and be a present mom. But it’s a lot, you know?
And I think — But it’s great.
It’s super fulfilling. I love the team making
aspect of making — you know, doing what we do.
-Yeah. -You know, I love sort of
assembling a team of people that I think are funny. Like, our writers are
tremendous. And, you know, it’s
a family of people and we all share
and it’s like — -That is honestly the best part.
The creation is the best part. -Yeah, the creation.
-It truly is.

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  1. "She is wonderful"


    "I threw her around"


    "… played with her"

    wait what?????????

    "and lift her up and all these things..-"


    "I am watching this show"

    ME TOO

  2. Lilly I LOVE YOU first of all. You use alot "Speaking of" as a transition which I know as tv hosts you don't like to do. So catch a few other words to do randomly later on. ALSO GREAT WORK I LOVE YOU

  3. Love the show Lilly. I dont support animals in “entertainment”. Except for cameos by dear Sbrodawg hehe. Did the goat get to choose to be on a water bed? Leave the animals in their natural habitat and let them be. Humans are so exploitive for a buck and a view. Please have compassion for their sake and let them be. Hurts my heart. If you run into an animal who wants to be a show animal sure, but many would be very unhappy and stressed. Thanks for being open to this. It’s not your show that had a goat, it’s the guest. I get that. I saw a guy the other day walking his “therapy goat” he had on a leash, on the side of the road, no side walk, on a very curvy hill near my home. Dangerous. The goat looked way stressed. Leave the goats in the pastures and if you want to interact with them, give them a carrot. Please. Thank you 🙏🏽💗

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