Japanese people REACT To My Tattoos (Tokyo, Japan)

Japanese people REACT To My Tattoos (Tokyo, Japan)

Japanese REACTIONS To My Tattoos by Victoria X Rave what do you think about tattoos hi it’s Victoria rose that’s right but
it’s for your roads we start saying that instead okay that’s it it’s changed it’s
all changed very elegant four five victorious I went to Japan you guys know
this I also have all tattoos you guys also know this also like don’t wear like
the most clothes in the entire world you guys already know this too when I went
to Japan a lot of guys are saying whoa you should cover up you’re offending
everybody do you realize how hot it was there I almost died from sweating it’s
yes stop looking behind me it’s a mess so
we’re gonna talk about the Japanese and what they think about tattoos I went out
on the streets in Japan and I asked people along with the help
of my friend because I don’t speak Japanese see how good hug what do you
think about tattoos what do you think about tattoos and
gaijin’s I’m gonna show you some clips of what they said like real people what
they said I didn’t really think about my tattoos or anything like that as being a
problem I didn’t really I don’t ever really think about it because it’s not
something I think about and a lot of you guys in the comments were like what is
it what do they think about your tattoos are you like you’re so disrespectful you
should cover up your tattoos bla bla so the thing about Japan is a very
contradicting place and it’s kind of confusing with their the way you’re
supposed to be there and stuff like that the people who did comment on them
actually liked them a lot there is this older man probably in his
80s or 90s no 80s in the train he started talking to us and I’m like oh
man I hope he doesn’t say anything about my tattoos but really he’s like you’re
beautiful those are beautiful and you know I’ve been to America before and bla
bla it was so sweet and were just like it just it feels so good whenever the
older generation especially in the Japanese culture could appreciate you
know like me and like my tattoo work and have an open mind like that I didn’t
film that obviously but we did go out in the streets and ask younger people what
they think about tattoos tattoo you like cool she’s needy and clingy
don’t worry stay the whole night 5,000 she’s quite cheap and then it’s no
picket choose aloud pick and choose the lab how usually it turned out without
Pikachu get fuck without Pikachu you know and you just got new ones in so
like tattoo only mascot yes thank you
so quite a scar kawaii let’s go why could I so he’s like it’s not scary
it’s cute super offensive to the Japanese but you don’t want to see it
yeah basically we will post those guys and
they said it’s a great which means awesome yes I asked him is it scary and
he’s like no it’s really cute it’s really awesome the reason that the
Japanese would have a problem with with tattoos is because of the Yakuza
gangsters there have a lot of tattoos you know I’m not a Japanese person I’m a
foreigner they’re not gonna expect things out of me that they expect out of
other Japanese people some of them think that it’s kind of scary really America gene they say very very
bad in Japan what do you think all my mascot Kawai desk are you like Japanese tattoo
hmm koi Japanese fish means little but why like Yakuza Yakuza guys in tattoo
or my mascot no oh how do some awesome here hold on me Mario what do you think
about tattoos it’s cool why why don’t why don’t why the queue right very cute
researching oh she’s youtuber so like okay guys it was okay I had a really
good time in Japan I didn’t have any bad experiences there of course I wouldn’t
be allowed to go into certain places certain hot springs and stuff but we
didn’t try to go to those anyways because you’re not allowed whether
you’re Japanese or foreigner to go in with tattoos any tattoos at all even if
it’s just a small tiny one you’re just not allowed leave some comments below of
any questions that you might have that I can answer or anything just want to say
I I don’t know if you guys notice or not but I really do respond to most comments
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100 thoughts on “Japanese people REACT To My Tattoos (Tokyo, Japan)

  1. Your the type of woman to pick up and help another woman adjust their 👑 That's why I love ya soul sista. Your going places big! Keep up the great work. Also your passion for working out is freaking awesome! Love you Drive rock on fellow Ladybug 😆😉😊

  2. Reasons why they are OK with her tattoos.
    1. Because she isn't Japanese woman.
    If she is, people are gonna say shitty things.
    Not face to face, of course. They don't have courage.
    2. Kids in Shibuya are different. Sometimes In a bad way.

    I guess.

    I hate when Japanese people say "Ohh ur tattoos look sick man!! They really suit u, cuz u r Gaijin!! If u r not, u must be sick".

    Such a bullshit.

  3. I can totally see how awkward most of them feel when they get asked those questions and they hug her. Japanese people generally don't want to be offensive and prefer to be polite even if they need to tell a lie, overall with strangers and I guess even more with foreigners. They love to give a good impression about themselves as japanese citizens and want you to go home thinking: Japan is a great country and japanese people are awesome. They are probably not telling you what they actually think, but what they think you want them to say instead. I honestly don't like when foreigners put japanese people in this kind of situations, because it shows a lack of knowledge about japanese culture or , in case of having knowledge, a lack of respect, knowing most of them will feel forced to face those situations, to give you a positive response and reaction.

  4. People with crazy Tattoos have some mental issues / depressed / feel non secure about them selves as I heard from them
    & most of them talk dirty & curse a lot like this girl in the vid. Few tattoos are OK

  5. I love their reactions to you! They probably see you as like a sexy American celebrity. Also surprised no one said it in the comments but tattoo in Japanese is Irezumi.

  6. Pues que quieres que te diga ….que te hagas los tatus que quieras vale….pero como tatuaje….el trabajo es muy malo

  7. Been in Japan 20 years, don't have any tattoos, but love them!! Thanks for making this CCAL – going to share on my channel.

  8. OMG. ? Which one did that girl just touch your boobs h e h a I need to take my ass to Japan so I can be sexually assaulted LOL and be touching my privates by a Japanese girl h e h a. Mhmm.^😉😀😏😋

  9. tattoos where something really important in japan, there are a lot of japanesse style tattoos, they don't usually have them, but it's part of their culture, so not everyone will see it as disrespectfull as it seems. There are a lot of crazy tattoers I'd like to visit there, and there's actually a man still doing handpoke tattoos that are amazing!

  10. She's a man right? Or is she just flat assed, ps not trying to be rude just trying to get informed

  11. Japan cannot refuse the fact that is a country where tattoo has been and it's a main culture. People during a lot of centuries used to tattoo so it evolved into a part of japanese art, japanese tattoos are the culture of Japan, it does not matter if they accept it or not, it is.

  12. U should really hide ur tattoos while in japan cuz then they will think ur this part of a Gang in japan and its bad

  13. I read somewhere that the hot springs, some of them, in the colder areas where snowboarding is their main tourist attraction is, will accept tattooed people because, lest face it most extreme athletes have at least some. Not sure how true that is but it might be something to look into if u ever decide to revisit japan

  14. You said something about the hot spring baths not letting people with tattoo's in, is that all bath places, and why is that? Is it a concern about the dyes or something?

  15. Yaay!! its so awesome seeing someone in Japan with Locks!! I have Locks and I always wanted to go to japan but i always wonder what they thought about locks in japan..so its pretty cool seeing a video with someone with locks even know your talking about tattoo! lol <3

  16. It’s not you it’s society. You are the perfect example of don’t judge a book by its cover yet it exists and honestly I think it will always exist. However keep on keeping on doing what YOU want and don’t live your life the way anyone or any government body wants you to. 😉. Umm what is the black mouth mask for? Just curious..

  17. I think people in Tokyo might be able to handle tattooed gaijin a little better than in the smaller cities and countryside….maybe you can get away with it in Osaka too…. Based on my experience there, I got the sense that it was generally acceptable as long as you aren't Japanese (except those places with rules, like onsens, gyms, etc). Even so, if you are a foreigner working in Japan, you have to hide/cover your tattoos at work. I know some companies won't hire you at all even if you have a tattoo somewhere that is never visible at work. I think the cool city kids like the ones in this video, and Yankee-kids like them though…..maybe one day Japan will lighten up about them….America did!

  18. I absolutely adore your tattoos! Thank you for doing this video, it was super informative, I was just wondering which part of Japan you visited? It looks awesome 😁😁

  19. The dumb part is tattoos are deeply imbeded in japanese culture. They say blah blah blah criminal but i associate it with samurai

  20. I never new tattoos were offensive in Japan cos i have loads of Japanese ink work on my arms an body an its quite common here in England to get koi an dragon etc, l like your tattoos an glad you was true to yourself an never covered them up3👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  21. it's funny that idiots say that tattoos are offensive to Japanese, because in feudal eras in Japan, tattoos were common place and meant something very important.

  22. Not true !In Japan only mafia or people related with mafia have tatoo..!Regular japanese will never ever tell you that yours tatoo are wrong!Tatoo are tabuuuu!

  23. I'm doing some research before going on my trip to Japan next year. There are a few Osen (bathhouses) that allow tattoos. Just thought I'd share the info. https://samuraimeetups.or.jp/local/7-onsen-hot-springs-that-allow-tattoo-wearers

  24. Holy moly you intro and outro is out of this world! Seriously it’s like something you’d see in a futuristic full dive movie like “I’m player 1” honestly living in 2044!!

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