Japanese Bagelheads Body Modification

Japanese Bagelheads Body Modification

there’s extreme body modification
happening in japan and there was one thing that caught my attention it’s
known adds that the japanese bagel heads and what they do is being shipped saline
into their foreheads for up to two hours until they get this bagel shape on their forehead uh… this last one
night i’m in the body absorbs the saline and they claim is completely safe while
all while they rejected the saline in their
forehead with they do is they put there’s bummed in the middle of their
forehead and then the saline and basically gets injected around there
found which leads to the bagel shape uh… looted these people are they’re
getting saline injected to their foreheads right now as we speak in this
picture that weekend not quite as we speak about it
that they are yet i write about okay just when you thought the japanese
couldn’t get it if you know i don’t think that doesn’t become a event
because you see if you are not going to iris normal people other body
modification the u_s_ to his aunt throughout the country did the world
it’s not just inject in japan but this just happens to be a story from
japan such as calm down yeah not buy it so expect i think that is available at
all again this is of course they did it debuted in the u_s_ in fact it’s us
riding in japan once they got the internet and they’ve seen this story say
basically ninety six ninety seven when internet satisfied though i call you to do that then that’s
what i picked up and i don’t quit so tiny tiny minority but all these people
are there obviously got hitched and i believe in freedom that what did
they go ahead and that’s alienist your penis which by
the way some of them do winners in this program that that step genius idea i’d go for it
it’s you know he’s a free countries in europe you like in them uh… but i don’t know if it’s it was
like hey you know why it i’m a bagel add another check the salient by four out of
my scrotum but that’s cool but undiscovered or somewhere else cuz
that’s not what i made but away from people who believe in
extreme body modification goes so far esta and bt parts of their body select
the lamp e_t_ fingers legs like that if they think that that’s totally cool i dot in that amazing too i mean it’s
it’s small minority okay don’t get me wrong if i like everyone japan’s doing
it but is there are definitely people who believe in that extreme modification and you know they they sharpen their
teens they look like vampires they do the healthy years please add up well containers no whatever gets kind of look there’s
something wrong but you know i i believe in freedom god bless ok i’m
not in a band aid on but you know i’ve however that we all of the saudi arabia
if you have any japan corp dot whatsoever date but for my if glycerol here so i would
better for my kids and i’ve been successful in that that right but if i
could comes and says i’d like it takes a look at my head and the word that means
they are on a trip first sony is gonna go on discuss maggie upside the head this side of the evidence of a locked up
in the basement three i go anywhere birthday wishes are
and i’ll catch a key do you really want to do that was that as it which is the story about that
reviewing she wanted that well it’s ironically that my wife or
reported in fact that it’s a since and then i’ll be locked up in bed might
get a lot of the big aladdin and expected but cats is sick about don’t do it i mean i
think and now i don’t know if i’m being a jerk retired but these people obviously have some issues
with how they view themselves i don’t leave your psychologically
healthy fake let me walk my body it’s that they obviously projecting how
they feel about themselves psychologically onto their physical body and you know who cuts their finger off not come out now it’s events in the
study says the world music with his group israel crazy thoughts nine that i
could right after i banned the five toed shoes
are dead this arezzo once and for this monday they give us a price ten thousand
dollars one that you do it would you do in onto it for ten thousand
dollars for one night these people are doing it regularly like
a every night it’s the cool thing to do down in that yet madigan clocks okay uh… first of all you trust these
idiots that it’s probably safe what is the sailing up i know if you can let me say high ninety that it could be incredibly dangerous
and they find out throughout the years later whether exploits so no that interested and that something can go wrong and then
you look like naga norway ten thousand not the right now but there’s a number
but in a ten thousand what’s the number and a curious i don’t know fifty-one thousand sonya i three
thousand was probably understands hundred-thousand would not say anything
out of fifty up that’s the most obvious question
walter senior research they were in the country you’re gonna
say just highly mail out people late and hang symbolically combat within
ten thousand dollars that’s not going to be shipped that balances on wednesday tonight barnett on taking
my pinky and whatever they want well now that i was surprised document the two thousand because uh… that’s what i’ll do it for a fact that in that faded uh… quiet price unbroken ears uh… zero i would not do that dot as
some of them was that part of the printed page isn’t
yet is permitted basically they have this cosmetic procedure that make sure
yours pointing like healthy years postmodernism and mazland yes and you now come on a billion you have a small cap whatever days you
know if you were trying to get out dot billy dale who it was important to
him okay who have heard indignation of course there but yet but they can’t do this to give
you a couple funeral home before they had to turn it over divert you’re right at the moment there appstate live is a price right reading meant that
you know the applications the lose everything is their price of course
there’s yeah i was you lose your thank you for a
billion dollars and now itself yeah does suck i like my pinky i think i’ll keep it maybe even value i don’t know that i i
don’t think i’ll go to their bed might think about it for a long long
time is i’m not that miserable as a non
billionaire and i like my pinky so i think i would
you know keep tryna with a comfortable life with my pinky instead of being
tremendously rich without a pinky here but i what i had consulate
befitting name what if i accidentally lost wiping tears
accident i could feel so stupid were diving two
billion up

100 thoughts on “Japanese Bagelheads Body Modification

  1. This is an old video, but commenting anyway, I have to say, if saline injections or amputations mean the person has psychological issues, where do you draw the line? Scarification? Gauging? Tattoos? Piercings? When does it stop being "acceptable" & become a psychological disorder? I'm surprised at this judgemental attitude from you guys.

  2. Stop hating on cenk, this is a show where he reports news and states his opinion. If people really think he's an idiot than they should start their own show to state their own radical opinions and get hate comments too. Btw bagelheads scare the daylights out of me.

  3. Japan, not everything is cool. This is one of two things that Japan disappoints me with. The other one is the large concerts where the singers are computer generated animé characters.

  4. It's probably because he's a sanctimonius little shithead who believes victims deserve everything they get.

  5. these two guys always rip tyhe fuck into anyone who's different from them. in some cases fair enough like the honey fukin booboo child. god that aint right. but some things like body mods, tattoos and piercings, just let people get on with it and learn from their mistakes. if they like it, leave them to it. you dont hear mod people broadcasting how tv presenters are the devil and just corporate hired morons sucking satans cock. but hey, i just said it…

  6. Botox and this is insane. Injecting liquid or whatever into your face how is that cool it makes you look weird and ppl with botox have tight nasty faces. The young turks guy sounds pretty…. racist or ignorant but not that much i understand what he means though but america inspired them with the internet and their botox

  7. Fucking stupid Japanese, where are the Americans when you need them?
    Oh I see, trying to start another war, ah well no change there then.

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  9. guaranteed, everytime, I would take a billion dollars to have my pinky removed, hell id cut it off myself, a billion dollars? absolutely worth it

  10. So she will inject saline into her skull to look like a bagel for 10 gran but she wouldn't modify her ears to look like an elf for a billion. ? That's just stupid

  11. 嫌だよなこんなの。俺もピアスとかしてるけどあくまで「飾り」だよね。それがメインになっちゃ意味がないよな。なぜきれいな顔をめちゃくちゃにするのか・・・・俺には理解できん。

  12. oh god how did i end up on another video with the same comment that is on every other video about how this video is the weird part of youtube.

  13. I just can't help thinking that that is painful. What will happen to their forehead skin after numerous episodes of saline injections? Surely it's going to cause terrible wrinkles and sagging later in life. I mean the skin around the forehead is some of the tightest on the body.

  14. Really…? I have quite a few body modifications., And I'm getting my ears modified to look like elf ears. But really calling people whom are different "psychologically unhealthy" is fucking bullshit. Like making fun of something that makes people happy with themselves makes you guys disgusting just leave them alone Jesus Christ. .

  15. Saline is saltwater! Chill.. (completely clean of cause)
    Not saying it's a good idea to inject saltwater under your skin, but i doubt it has any significant health issues if you only do it once.
    Besides, i would wager that getting a tatoo is FAR worse.

  16. So… some people view their bodies as more of a canvas. There is nothing innately wrong with a blank canvas, it can be used as sails on ships. but there is no reason to keep it blank. Maybe they're just Artsy… They look like they're sub-culture overlaps with Artsy.

  17. He made an excellent point at the end. xDD
    But…I don't think I'd cut myself up at all or inject potentially harmfull stuff into myself for any amount of money. Sure life would be brillaint as a billionare but not significantly happier. All the things that really make me happy can't be bought or I can afford as it is.
    Bseides, what if I did something to myself and got the billion, and then one day a criminal managed to steal the money? It would've been waste.

  18. lmao i think its so awesome.

    It only lasts for a day!

    C'mon it would be the funniest thing ever to show up at a party like that. People would all want to talk to you and when you tell them its a temporary body modification you will be the talk of the party!

    No one would argue its cool just for the fact it is harmless, temporary, and extremely eye-catching.

    I would definitely try it. Just to see what i would look like and see what people say when they saw it. I would go to work like that if i could, that would be the best thing ever.

  19. Hey fool there are CRAZY ASS PEOPLE in" EVERY RACE" not just in the Asian race there are CRAZY ASS PEOPLE in your race the brown race so stop it!

  20. you fuckheads just thinking about money. you have no idea about that. i wouldn't take a million to have a stupid boring life like your.

  21. The limb amputation thing is not a a body mod, it's a result of a mental instability called body image dysmorphia (If I'm not mistaken). A body mod is only something that doesn't penetrate further down than the third layer of the dermis. People can do whatever they want to their bodies for all I care because it's their life, not mine, I just don't get why you would do something that takes so long and last for such a short amount of time.

  22. just when u thought the japanese couldnt get any weirder? seriously ur gonna say that on something everyone can see. this is why everyone hates america. whata doucher

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