Japan Tattoo Friendly Onsen  by Tokyo & Food Tour Atami

Japan Tattoo Friendly Onsen by Tokyo & Food Tour Atami

This video is brought to you by Squarespace so in this video I’m gonna share with you guys what it’s like get a tattoo friendly onsen hotel just about an hour away from Tokyo So today we’re hitting up Atami Onsen less than one hour away from Tokyo and about 40 minutes from Shinagawa station Which makes it an ultra popular spot for locals to visit for the weekend to enjoy a relaxing Ryokan onsen experience in front of Atami station is an onsen guide where many souvenir shops and restaurants are gathered You’ll find many seafood products and food specialties, like Onsen Manju so many unique Atami treats So make sure to try them out when you’re here. Oh, and Atami beaches within walking distance So this area gets even more popular during the summer months compared to like now winter but I’m good with quiet at least once in a while and this is where we’re spending the weekend hotel Kan-Ichi that building is A bit older but the inside is renovated. So it’s fairly nice and clean I chose this hotel because their public owns and baths are tattoo friendly and they also have private onsen baths that you can reserve however the hotel asked guests with tattoos to be Respectful and try to use the bath during less busy hours if possible as some locals still get scared of tattoos especially the older ones so I’m kind of excited to show you guys but before we start Like always if you want to help support the channel Check out the Tokyo merch if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily Check out my Instagram account. If you have any questions about Japan, I recently started a discord channels You can connect with people who know a bunch japan who love Japan It’s just a really really helpful site for you guys to like connect and get all your questions answered Links are always in the description. And without further ado. Let’s do this So this is kind of like the main bedroom, but let me show you the second room This is the second bedroom that I was talking about perfect for families or if you here with another couple It’s actually pretty spacious for Japanese standards And that brings me back to where we started I guess the only thing left to do let’s check out the onsen Well not the only thing left to do because we have to also eat You look like a ninja turtle If you are in ninja turtle, which Ninja Turtle would you be oh what’s available? I think I’m more like oh I feel just like the guy that he is he is the red guy the guy with his size I was also thought of as Donatello cuz I thought I was a little bit smart, but It’s like we’re on the rooftop do ya feel like we’re like literally on the rooftop right now It’s how Michaels already got into the horns in bath This is nice because we have it all car itself and just beyond er, you can actually see that motion It’s kind of too dark today But if you come here during the day, then you can definitely see the ocean from here You just kind of like perfect It’s kind of like a nice of couples retreat and get away from Tokyo and you just like have a private onsen back Alright looks like the food is ready Michael’s already at the table taking a few pictures, but Before we start got to make sure that this dinner is paid for so I wanted to give a quick shout out to Squarespace sponsoring this video So without them I wouldn’t be able to make these videos for you guys If you guys don’t already know Squarespace is the perfect platform to create your online presence if you’re familiar with the channel You know that we host everything on Tokyo zebra, and it’s all built on Squarespace It’s just a so super easy to use the Squarespace blogging platform supports configurable sharing buttons letting visitors share content on sites like Facebook and Twitter and we personally use the Powerful blogging tools to tell our story share updates and post photos and videos at which you can easily do too And if you’re an analytics nerd like me You can see a lot of cool insights on who’s viewing your website What they’re looking at what pages are looking at and see the trends over time so you can build a better website so go to squarespace.com and Check out your free trial today and when you’re ready to launch go to squarespace.com Or slash paulo from tokyo and get 10% off your first month’s website or domain check it out Now as Michael would like to say tonight seeds I Love how they have all of these little appetizers We have some Evie Some agudo some boonie even get some says I like that and you can pull this And if you get it, right you get the whole entire while the meat from the shell Mmm, it has kind of like a bitter Rubbery, I don’t I kind of like a tough texture but also kind of chewy at the same time. Try this sashimi dip it in Mmm, that’s some fresh you mean you have this little like Translucent layer of skin and there’s like a thin lead piece of like daikon right there Mm-hmm. It’s nice and fluffy. I like that And the dashi is nice too Well, let me taste this Nico this and they’ve been cooking So it might be a little bit overcooked you guys talking just a little bit too much just now Let’s see You taste like the hat that was the marble inside of them meat itself, it is quite fatty So I think Michael probably wouldn’t like it so much, but I kind of like it I like how she’s separating the fish for us. So this is the key made I Wow And as I go show you base The soup itself is a little bit sweet It’s kind of made out of like to show you and they’ve added a little bit of sugar to it You can taste that a mummy Yeah, it’s kind of like a nice sweet show you base awesome. And then the rice even comes with kombu. Oh It smells really strong This is like the equivalent to putting soy sauce in the rice No, cuz he gives it flavor. So Japanese people don’t put soy sauce on the rice, you know You may or may not know that growing up in the States I did that when I was a kid But you know when I came to Japan it was like what are you doing putting soy sauce on your rice? Definitely a no-no here in Japan. You’re not supposed to color your white rice Color, that’s fine. It’s Macumba. It’s fine. But like when you’re eating you don’t like pour stuff on the rice You just don’t do it, but it’s okay to here. Oh, it’s gonna like hold me thing. So after that big-ass fish comes some more Fish so this is Sawada Almost like it’s been barbecued we kind of painted across with like a nice Sweet glaze and after this dessert comes this is a lot of food for two people The menu was completely different for dinner than next night We had shabu shabu a huge sashimi boat and an assortment of Japanese style side dishes. It was delicious so after dinners finish the lady comes up and cleans your room takes away all the plates and everything and then Afterwards stop please set up the protons at which he’s doing it right now. You can see behind me That goes on her phone again For you okay, you want to sleep on the left or the right? Right, right I think I sleep on inside. Why because I’m gonna wake up and film. Oh, Oh Never get about the Japanese You have these men shoes they never cover the top part why don’t you think they ever put the top part they have for that Reason it’s easier to choose the style from Isn’t it feel dirty than on the top? I feel like I don’t want to touch it ever that’s Delicious Nothing, like waking up in the morning and having breakfast prepared all for you, man like honestly this is what I call a Japanese at breakfast has this like all these little bits and pieces of Zenzai, Japanese culture enriched infused and just I’m good to go this morning. I can look at this This is called bunker done. It has some not though It has some wasabi mangu dough like a minced my little taco on and it even has some Okuda right there and what you do is you take it you mix it up then all you have to do is get your rice Get a scoop up done throw it in like that and that is what you call an explosion in your mouth Oh So most real guns in itami offer hamona which is dried or semi dried fish for breakfast but at this spot they let you choose which type of kimono So just had the morning honson Always good to hydrate afterwards and it’s actually pretty decent really really clean. Not the biggest in the world, but still pretty clean What was nice about it too was that if you do have kids and have like a baby crib there so you can see that It’s like it is geared to be that quite Family-friendly think well, what my co tells me is that this particular owns and waters like meant to exfoliate your skin So for those of you who are looking to ex foliate, this could be the perfect Don’t say once my cousin doing her makeup, then I’ll take you guys around the tummy kind of show you around Maybe some cold spots to eat It’s raining though outside. Yeah, I might just stay inside. Yeah, maybe long coats. I didn’t show you guys around So unfortunately it’s raining today, so I guess we’re just gonna hop in a taxicab let us borrow some umbrellas What was rice bowl I wanted to go to this spot you don’t know if it’s that good but let’s try So we decided to go into a fish burger joint known for using fresh itami seafood and a tommy craft beer It doesn’t get more local than that This I got the Jazz very sadistic craft beer they don’t have a lot of it I know It almost smells like wine That’s good, it’s a very fruity raspberry I could drink a whole lot of it almost tastes like a raspberry drink with like a can of beer So this place is relatively new around this area, but I wanted to try a patient burger I got the hot dog a Megiddo which is like a tuna burger and the brown sauce is actually a sesame that has some sprouts on top And I some lotus root tomatoes egg and then you have the tuna Burger and you can actually get like a grilled tuna or I got that putt soggy Which is kind of like it’s like a breaded skin around it the tuna Oh, that’s good Wow, I got to take another flight You can taste the tomatoes you can taste the egg you got the crunchiness of the tuna Like it’s really well done. The tuna itself is fresh and the egg is just a really really nice. That is a good burger All right, since it’s raining or not gonna go try any more food But we are at the conbini and i’m gonna get some stuff to eat at home So we’ve gone all over goods but as you can see it’s raining quite a lot outside So Michael just called at the taxi pretty much have to call the taxi, and we didn’t actually know the number but we asked the convenience to a lady if we can get the number from her and she gave it to us and We’ll be on her way and I can show you guys some treats All right all right, so We got all the snacks from the combini first of all while we’re trying out all this stuff Found some itami beers some pale ale and some Pilsner gonna try the pale ale Huh, that’s pretty good not the best beer I’ve had but not the worst No, it’s like I don’t know if I like it or not maybe worth trying if you come here We got actually a lot of different snacks, and I don’t know Which ones to try one thing that Michael found today was this? strong potato chips ton ton mint flavor Oh Wow Wow, it’s really smells like Chinese herbs and essential like the spiciness. Let’s try it Mm-hmm. It’s like your regular Potato chip with ridges and it also has got Sun show like I’m not a 100% fan of Sun So just by itself and tastes kind of like that by itself If you like Sun show then this is kind of it. Like what do you think? I Wish I was more like Ton Ton mint flavor as the buzzes like it’s like the San Jose so overpowering All right, we’re checking out now I hope you guys liked this video on a tattoo friendly content hotel Just by Tokyo if you did then hit that like button But remember there are a lot of ones at hotels in that tummy area if you have tattoos then you don’t want to go to a hotel that doesn’t allow you to have a public bath or if that hotel has like the Reserved doors and baths that that works as well. Otherwise, if you don’t have a tattoo then you’re good You can go to any hotel. You want also the food here varies every day so you get kind of like different options and different looks if you decide to stay longer like Michael and I did instead of just staying one night We actually stayed two nights and we can kind of enjoy it aside from that again If you guys want to see what I’m doing on the daily Then check out my Instagram account and finally If you want to see more videos like this or any of my other japan guides Then hit that subscribe button and the button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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  4. I love this video! I love Atami! It was a very “local” area with gorgeous nature (Atami Baien Park). There weren’t a lot of tourists in that area and it was very peaceful. It’s definitely a great place to relax! We were in Atami last year during summer although we stayed at a hotel much further from where you guys stayed at. For reference, we stayed at Watei onsen hotel (it was the best authentic ryokan everrr).

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