Jania Tattoos Dejounte Murray’s Name

What’s up everybody?
Welcome back. So, yesterday Jania uploaded a new video on her channel
and titled the video saying she has a secret tattoo, but if you watch the video
you’ll see that she doesn’t even talk about the tattoo at all. So, I’m guessing
that that’s gonna be a story time for a later date when she feels confident
enough to talk about it because in the video she seemed like she had been going
through some things it hadn’t really been up for making any YouTube videos. So,
the tattoo that she’s referring to is on her shoulder and it’s obvious that she
has a tattoo there but what isn’t so obvious is that it’s also someone’s name
there and what I’ve noticed is that every time she posts a picture of
herself she makes sure that if her shoulders are out that it’s covered up
with her hair or she blurs it out completely so you can’t fully make out
what it is. And allegedly it’s the name of the San Antonio Spurs basketball
player DeJounte Murray. If you look closely you can see what does look like
it could be his name you can clearly make out at least the last few letters
and see that it’s a “n t e” which could possibly be his name. Now in her video
she mentions that she is currently talking to a new guy but doesn’t reveal
who it is and I’m not sure if it’s DeJounte because to me it looks like
she’s trying to do a cover-up of this tattoo and she’s being really secretive
about it and if they were currently boo’d up like that then she probably
wouldn’t be going out of her way to hide his name and
if you saw the video I posted on NBA Youngboy’s birthday of Jania getting
emotional you hear say in that video that in the past you did try to date
somebody else but it didn’t work out so it could possibly be that that person
that she was referring to that it didn’t work out with was DeJounte and now
she’s trying to be a little bit smarter with whoever this new person is that
she’s talking to but I don’t know just let me know what you think in the
comments. I’m out. I ain’t one to gossip, so you ain’t heard that from me.

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