Is This the Rudest Catfish Ever? | Catfish: The TV Show

Is This the Rudest Catfish Ever? | Catfish: The TV Show

(suspenseful techno music) – [Nev] Here’s a car pulling in. – [Kamie] Wait. It’s moving up. – [Red] Oh my God. This some bull (beep). – [Kamie] Hello. – Hi. – Hi, Ashley. How are ya? – I’m good. – Nice to meet you. Nev. – Kamie.
– Kamie. It is Ashley? – Yeah.
– Right. – How’d it go getting in? – Good. – [Nev] Have you
been to LA before? – No. – You’ve never been to LA? – I said no. – I thought you were just
here to prepare for work? – Okay, I’mma talk to you. – Oh. Well, (beep) me then. (laughs) It’s fine. – I was just trying to
make some small talk ’cause I’m assuming
you’re nervous. Anyway, we figured out
that a lot of the profiles that Red has been talking
to for the past six years are fake. – Mhmm. We’re assuming you’re
behind most or all of them. – Mhmm. – [Nev] No one else is involved? – No. – Okay, so Shekinah, Tamar… – Me me me me me me me. – [Nev] Right. I just wanna make sure I
know all of how many… Are there some that we
don’t even know about? – Well, yeah. – And are you doing
this to anybody else? – Of course. – Oh my… (suspenseful techno music) I just wanna know why, like… Why? What was the purpose? – It just started.
– Why? – You hopped in my inbox first. – Who, Jalissa’s? ‘Cause I don’t even know you. – [Nev] Well, wait. When you say… – And I didn’t hop
in nobody’s inbox. – You did, though. – [Red] As Jalissa? Was it Jalissa? – No, you hopped in
Shekinah’s inbox first. – Oh, see? You’re not Shekinah. – You skippity-skip-skip hopped. – But why? – You did the bunny
rabbit and you hopped. You hopped your ass in there. – [Kamie] Okay. – Really? – Really? – Don’t flip this on
me ’cause you did this. – I’mma talk to you
’cause he the host. You the help. – Wow. – You are the one who is
impersonating other people on the internet. (overlapping speech) – And therefore you are here
on our show with our cameras… – (sighs) This bitch. – If you call me a
bitch one more time we’re gonna have
a serious problem. – So let’s be respectful.
– Yeah. – Jesus. – Look, if you keep
speaking to her that way then you won’t get the
chance to speak to any of us. – Okay. – Do you have kids? – [Ashley] No. – Are you married? – No. – We just happened to
notice on your Facebook page that we found that it
says you are married– – I was married. – [Nev] Okay. We’re just trying to
find out more about you. – We’re trying to
figure out the truth. – Okay, Nev.
– Ooh. – Just tell us who you are
so we know what is real and what isn’t. – I’m just me. – [Nev] How old are you? – 24. – I’m 24.
– 24, okay. And you live in Texas? – Yes, I do. – [Nev] So, if you’re 24 now
that means you started these when you were… When did you first start? – At 12 years old. – Whoa, okay so your first
fake profile when you were 12? – Yeah. – [Nev] Whoa, okay. How did you come across Jalissa? ‘Cause she’s a real person. – Oh, on Instagram. – [Nev] Okay. She’s not really famous. – No, we’re just
friends on Instagram. – You know her personally? – On IG, yeah. – You have met her in person? – (sighs) Oh my God. No. We follow each other. – Yes. – We know some of
the same people. – Uh-huh. – That’s it. – If you break it
down a little slower I might be able to
understand you even better. – Okay. – You seem upset. – I’m a blunt person. It’s just my personality. This is how I am. – There’s a difference
between being blunt and being respectful and you’re
being very disrespectful. – I’m being respectful.
– No, you’re not. – You’re being
very disrespectful. You came up here disrespectful. – How? – Look how you talking to her. – This bird wanna hop
in this conversation. – Well, bawk bawk, bitch. – Why she gotta be a bird
’cause she’s calling you on your (beep)? – Okay, do you have any
more questions, Nev? I’m not talking to
these two right now. – There’s a side of your
personality that is different than this because you’ve talked
to Jalissa in a different… – I mean, yeah I can be sweet. – Did you know that
she was dating someone? – [Ashley] I mean, yeah I knew. – Didn’t you ever think like, “I should probably
leave her alone.” – I mean, yeah and I did. I got married and then
I got bored and… – We got the
impression from Red, and maybe you have a
different take on it, that there was a lot of talk. Romantic conversation
about being together– – I didn’t mean it.
(laughs) – Maybe not have meant it but… – I hope you didn’t.
– I’m not gay. – Well, I’m gay as (beep). – Like, I’m gay gay.
– Okay, enjoy that. Anyway… – Red, you look like you
got a lot on your mind. You wanna go talk in the car? – Sure, come on. – Leave you two to it. – She’s hella rude. – She is gonna look
like the asshole because she is a (beep) asshole. – I wanna knock the
(beep) out of her. – She’s hella disrespectful.
– Let’s get in the AC. We don’t have to burn
because of this bitch. – Do you feel better
now than you did… – [Ashley] I mean, yeah I guess. I mean, of course she
gonna be mad or whatever but I don’t know
what else to say. – [Kamie] Are you buying
what she’s selling? Are you buying this whole
like, “I was just bored”? – No. – Now, everybody has to
come out on their own time. I’m sure you have your
own journey with that but it’s a front. – She’s never been
that way with me. – People like that, because
they’re so insecure and unhappy, will have that boisterous just rude defense mechanism because it’s a front. But I don’t even know
if she’s open enough to explain her true
self to tell us. – What do you wanna do now? – I mean, whenever she cool
down I’ll be open to talk to her but I’m not gonna
talk to her right now. – Let me regroup with them.
– Okay, that’s fine. – I’ll let them know that
you’re willing to sit down and talk a little bit more. And then as soon as
everybody has calmed down maybe we can meet
somewhere nearby. – Okay. – You came in a little hot. Especially on Kamie. We got off to a bit more– – Yeah, we did. We did. – Take some time to really think is this how you want things
to end between you and Red. – Thank you so much. – Okay, I’ll talk to
you in a little bit. – Okay. (melancholy music) – Oh, did she leave?
– Yeah. Probably best if we all
just take a breather. I see her and I see
the way she’s acting and hear the things she’s saying and I just wanna give
her an opportunity to try and think a
little bit more deeply about what she’s done and how she feels because if we don’t
try to help her she’ll just keep making people
unhappy around her forever. (technical stuttering)

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