Is Love Enough? – SIR Official Trailer | Rohena Gera, Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber & Geetanjali K

Is Love Enough? – SIR Official Trailer | Rohena Gera, Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber & Geetanjali K

You’re not in the village any more.
This is Mumbai. You can live life
by your own rules here. Ratna… Yes Sir? – Lunch, please…
– Sure. I have morons like her
working at my place… Fortunately she doesn’t work for you. If you’re not home,
do you mind if I go out? I have to shop for
my tailoring course. Did you always
want to be a tailor? Fashion designer. Designer? Why, can’t I? This is for you. What’s this? Happy Birthday, Sir! Do you always come here? Yes. You can see the entire city from here. Sir? Please don’t call me Sir. People will make fun of us. I don’t care… But I do, Sir. Why did you come into the kitchen? Everyone was making fun of me… I’m sorry, I… I was so humiliated. You can’t date your maid, Ash. Don’t you feel anything, Ratna? Fuck… Tell me how you feel! No matter what you say… Ultimately, I’m still your servant. How long are you going to call me Sir? What else should I call you?

100 thoughts on “Is Love Enough? – SIR Official Trailer | Rohena Gera, Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber & Geetanjali K

  1. Aaj kal toh bade bade actors bus remix or bakwaas story jessi movies banate ha lekin yeh choti choti movies hi hmara dil khush karti ha…..or motivate bhi karti ha….
    Yeh movie bhi best hogi…..

  2. Yeh movie jyadi hit nhi hogi lekin sabhi ke mann mein jarror chaa jayegi…..
    Hit toh bus remix faltu movies hi hoti ha…

  3. Is duniya ne mujhe mere sapne poore karne se roka magar mene himmat NHi haari duniya ki esi ki tesi me har khwaab poore karke rahunga kuch bhi ho

  4. Wow nice trailor. Guys go and watch dheet patangey movie featuring this girl. That is also a mind blowing movie…


  6. I am totally blown…… What a thought provoking piecec of art man!!!well this definitely forces me to think about the orthodox and narrow minded people and society of ours…I just loved the idea and the concept definitely seems fresh and makes me excited for this movie…..going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions and ideologies… ❤❤❤❤

  7. Saw this in feed and ignored..then saw this on Twitter and came back searching for this…so beautiful 🥰

  8. Jab bhi tv ya online ye movie telecast hogi i will definitely watch it …coz ye sab movie thretar bohot kam aati specially in small town or city is very rare to watch ….

  9. Tillotama Shom….I seen the trailer 4 months back as it was in my feed and I recognized her. Death in a gunj, kadavi hava, Hindi medium, Nayantara's neckless all top notch films she had done👍👍

  10. Some of the best acting are done by people we don't (/barely) know (/care).
    Hope it will not get the same negligence as Soni.

  11. Probably I've watched this 10 times since yesterday. I hope releases in Bhubaneswar
    Looking forward to this gem

  12. I love in professionly tillotama, rasika dugal, konkanga, kalki, radhika apte, taapsee, kangana, sobhita, richa

  13. LOV€ ;💖
    Song | Status | Trailer | Comedy
    ALL Rounder in BollyWood :)👇

  14. I saw a year old trailer of it with some scene already leaked, is there a possibility of it being an old movie?

  15. I know someone from a very high profile family. The girl was a tutor of his Aunt's kids and worked part time as a nanny to support her studies and the family. The guy felt for her. And, the girl very smart and kind of avoided him at first What drama the family had created 🙁. She was much better than other dumb girls around him. Met both of them and felt same emotions while watching the trailer..

  16. This is one of those movies that would never get appreciation in nepotism bolllywood , it would get it qualitative audience when people started to watch passion and love at same time. love the movie trailer .

  17. I am dying for this movie , now this is A gem ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Wow, i wanna watch this movie so bad. I remember she played the “maid” role in Monsoon wedding, and i was so drawn to her character . I never forgot her because she was so good. I am so glad she is the main character here.

  19. It looks like a very intense movie … Theatre going crowd will not enjoy it … These movies should be released online it will do justice to the movie…

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