Is Danielle’s Fiancé Texting Cobra’s Ex? ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Is Danielle’s Fiancé Texting Cobra’s Ex? ‘Sneak Peek’ | Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Hey Lily I see you Velvet. I see you with your big ass and that little coolito
you got going on. What brings you around? Is Cobra here? Nah she ain’t here right now
she’s in Texas right now. Oh I was hoping to talk to her. What ya drinking? Some tequila and some sprite. Can I have some? Ha. Really? Yeah
Sure Velvet. I don’t know why
Cobra’s ex is here at my house right [beep] now. But I know with that girl
trouble [beep] follows. I’m not even sure Cobra
would want to see Velvet after Velvet
played her ass. We know who your boo is. Who is my boo? Cobra.
Uhh. We’re just friends. The last time she was at Cabo
putting her damn [beep] ass in Phor’s face and Nikki
almost [beep] beat her ass. Ayyyee
Let me go. Okay you want to see it bitch! Let me go. I told [beep] you [beep] [beep] [beep] I’m trying to have
a conversation with her. Home girl can keep it moving. If she tries anything
suspect cause I don’t need no phony or no
extra mother[beep] around me. What you been up too? Didn’t your Instagram
get deleted. Yeah my Instagram went down,
it got deleted. I had like 215 thousand
followers I had to start over. I heard about that [beep]. How the [beep]
did that [beep] happen? Somebody snitched
about me putting. It was like an anal plug
with a raccoon tail. I put it in my ass and was
walking up the stairs and exercising
with it in my ass. Shut the [beep] up. Yes. It wasn’t that big.
It was like this big. It wasn’t that big at all. [beep]. You wild,
you wild as [beep]. But I was hoping
to catch up with Cobra but what have you been up to? Man girl I’m just trying
to keep my bills paid. Cause right now 9mag
is closed like. Everybody’s focusing
on their own side hustle. So you know Van has
his Chicagorilla fashion show coming up. Oh yeah I saw that on Instagram. Charmaine has her radio [beep]. Danielle just got engaged. What did you say? Danielle-. Which part? Danielle. Yeah she just
got engaged. That’s big.
When did she get engaged. Why you say it like that? Well Terrence didn’t tell me
he got engaged. What? Terrance has been texting me. Wait what he’s been- wachu mean? Terrence, Danielle’s. Danielle’s guy the one,
her fiancé now. Shut the [beep] up. Like what
the [beep] you talking about? Girl me and Terrance had
a little oral communication when we was in Cabo.
Thats all I’m gonna say. Oral communication? Oral communication.
That’s new. We definitely messed around. Oh [beep] no. His ass has been hitting me up
ever since Cabo girl. I knew this bitch showed up
for messy ass [beep]. Man I ain’t trying to be
in the middle of this [beep]. I got my own [beep] problems. You think I give a [beep]
about who [beep] who [beep] or what, like no. Girl I don’t want to hear
this [beep] right now. I feel like ya’ll
both [beep] up. You’re absolutely
right I did wrong. But to him
he doesn’t think he made a mistake cause
he’s still texting me. Literally three weeks ago saying
can we link up at my crib. Like look at this [beep]
like,“Hit me when you back in Chicago.” I don’t know if I
want to read em. Terrance, okay I will. Let me see. “Hey boo whats up?
Hit me when you back in Chicago. I know [beep] is mad thirsty
to see your thick ASS. We should link one day.” He’s hitting me up. I haven’t got back up with him
since Cabo or anything period. Yeah but I don’t understand what point you’re trying
to do right now. I don’t want her marrying
someone that’s a cheater. But she’s not your friend. It doesn’t matter
if she’s my friend. It’s for any female.
I wouldn’t want them going with somebody that’s
cheating on them. She needs to know her [beep]
a cheater, you know what I’m saying?

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