Hi Guys So today I’m here with my friend Brie and she’s going to be helping me use and review the inkbox 2 week tattoo What we get in the box is… A cloth A set of instructions, A wipe, A glove for application And your tattoo Mine’s a line So in Australian monies they retail for about Twenty Five dollars Brie’s gone for a line, I’m going to chuck a circle on and yeah, so we’re going to talk you through the steps and We’ll see how they last Peel the white backing off the inkbox to reveal the adhesive ohh right… ok so next we’re going to be peeling the black layer off put the glove on the hand you will be applying the tattoo with You grab your cloth out Now in here it says you need to microwave your cloth for 12 -15 seconds However we do not have a microwave SO we will be boiling a pot of water and dipping it Water is boiling so we’re recommending about a minute, but depending on the intensity of your stove top While we’re waiting i would just like to talk about this amazing coffee That I bought this morning I normally drink hot coffee but this is a cold brew by a place called Schnobs This is a double latte from woolworths And they are very very good if you’re in a hurry, so i recommend drinking those if you have a slight caffeine addiction like myself. So after you’ve heated your cloth Open your ethanol wipe and wipe wipe it onto the tattoo area Only on the ink Open up your cloth, that you’ve already preheated And then you hold you hold the cloth down over the inkbox and you press down hard For 30 seconds And then after you’ve pushed down Exceptionally hard for 30 seconds, you have to keep the cloth on for 15 minutes Brie is one of my friends who is a little bit adventurous likes a bit of the old tinder date Somehow I have managed to come on some of her tinder dates with her and It’s been a bit of an experience, because i don’t think these guys have known that i was coming and sometimes me and another person but funnily enough they will pay for us aswell Now I’m not saying this is a scam thing that we’ve put together, because we completely didn’t expect to be paid for yeah we bought our own money and our own cards But I mean like if you want to meet friends on tinder apparently it’s a social thing that you can do too It doesn’t have to be just Brie is a single pringle IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER If you have hairy appendages Where you’ve stuck your tattoo You have to pull it off in the direction of the hair Otherwise you will ruin the tattoo As you can see, she has successfully transfered Alright it looks really faded and your probably like WHAT It develops in 24-36 hours This is what it looks like when it’s off I kind of want to see what would happen if I did it again ahhhhhh haha So I’ve placed it there, mine is a little bit fainter but I also am a little bit darker in skin tone yeah we’ll see what happens over 36 hours max. and we will make an update video These will last up to 2 weeks If you liked this feel free to subscribe! or like! Thumbs up guys! AND I will see you all next week i will be back! She will be back for story times BYE


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  2. I just bought mine and I'm so in love with it! Here's a $5 dollars coupon. Enjoy! 🙂

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