oh my god what are you doing that’s just
brand-new couch what’s up everybody what we’re at it
again god comfort too loud number two ten family let’s see what goes on today
smack clip clip this is gonna be something
thumbs up for us and if you don’t have your notifications on please put them on
and bombs off so good morning people for today since
it’s a rainy day I’m gonna cook I’m gonna make some of Bruce’s favorite food
right now I’m just finishing straightening up my bedroom doing a
little laundry gonna make it downstairs and start frying some peppers hi guys so
I’m gonna be making Bruce’s favorite green peppers today he likes stuffed
peppers the way that my mother taught me how to make this was brown meat which is
a more traditional way but my mother alone makes it was bread like a bread
stuffing I’m gonna replicate her recipe today and see how my husband likes it
I’ve done a few times where he was happy and a couple times as I know it doesn’t
taste like my mom’s so that’s what we’re gonna do today
just first we cut the tops off now I’m gonna put them in a strainer and clean
them so basically it’s all bread you get your bread and break it up kind of like
a stuffing I usually just pull it all apart so I only make six of these for
him and I’ll freeze a couple because he’s the only one each time okay once
your threads all and then we’re gonna add our spices thanks please Peggy Breit I don’t like
this but he does hey mom I’m making some fried peppers and some peppers for Bruce
you want to come help alright well that’s kind of conclude our little
tutorial today and then so my peppers are frying in good
this is boiling over I gotta turn it down a little bit worse is gonna be so
happy yum yum yum what’s up guys I he’s doing
today just getting home from work shower and now I’m getting ready to taste
Nina’s REO these peppers are the best my mother makes so now we’re gonna taste
Nina’s what some irony I don’t eat that I made them for you before I try I don’t
I don’t how they taste because I don’t taste it I don’t like that they taste
good and then the backgrounds my buddy Bernie watching our video how funny is
that and he’s eating Nina’s peppers right now guess what the peppers came
out good yeah they taste very good better to read it
yo mom’s you hear what he said Brad Oh
Barney hasn’t put the fort down yet Bruce and his friend Bernie are eatin my
stuffed pepper how’s your dinner honey tastes good yeah very good thanks more
in here to something that girls read a style since Rita my mother hasn’t cooked
in a while for me we’re gonna do really we just went down there last week and
had food at your boss burn he lets me for real you have food everywhere you go
and it doesn’t matter who and if you’re like what do you have to eat it’s pizza
it’s not food that she cooked I’m a circle hard cooking right all right well
you’re gonna have to video your mom making your peppers for you right also
love that got Gigi in the house hi mama no more snackies for you you’re gonna
get bellyache you already had one no more show mommy okay show me which
brochure daddy it’s in there it’s up here bye all right so I cooked all day
for you I made i also made peppers and eggs you guys want some of that
yeah all right it could be a comedy act itself to tell yo freaking frack this
hair here’s some peppers and eggs nice so bro just explain what Geo just said
at the desert so geo goes over to the door and normally scratches to go out he
walked over to the door stood there scratching I came over to him and he
walked away and was just like yeah no I think no no over there get it wrong
couch I have all these blankets on here because he likes to jump on my couch and
hump my pillows no mommy said look everybody’s vlogging not blogging
everybody’s watching videos she’s watching Lance’s video birdies watching
ours you’re gonna put ours on TV to watch
this is funny yo this this is so funny oh my goodness yeah I’m leaving watch my vlog and I
thought you were behind me with the trash a comb wall look at this weather
it’s horrible out always raining I sound like Lance Jersey weather is
crazy alright guys here we are we’re at Carfax going to pick up the Hello Kitty
back in Lance’s videos he was what he do here at Hello Kitty for James’s car did
a prank on him and now Mikey from car FX is taking the rat ball let’s go see how
he made out with it where you guys off front all right we’re gonna check it out
y’all this car sick little Izzy’s Bugatti this is bed
Mikey did it all Yanis this thing is sweet bro yeah man what do you got
brother there you go burn it fits you perfect
Bernie’s been in there view no I’ve been parties been in there open the door this
one McLaren satrap sweet look it’s got the white seats this is nice we have a
Ferrari out here and a Lamborghini nice here’s the bikes me and Lance can ride
and things are pretty quick you see them you see the video yet I want to keep
around 3:30 there it is guys all cleaned up no more pink Hello Kitty’s back in
action good morning guys so it is 9 a.m. I’ve already gotten up put some laundry
in I actually have dinner in the oven let’s see that we’re gonna do some baked
chicken for dinner barbecue style runnin G L already went out today I’m gonna go
get my hair done cuz it’s a hot mess and I’m gonna take you to the salon and
watch me a my hair done so this is my cousin Claudia I’m getting my bi-weekly
roots done she’s an organic salon and that’s why I come to her and that’s why
my hair has been looking so good so hi Clyde hi I’ll show you the end results
when we’re done guys this is so funny sorry my taping sucks
guys okay so we’re almost there take two right Clyde he’s got the curls and she’s
gonna come out and John’s gonna break every balls so my chicken has been
cooking all morning it’s done and now I’m gonna make some sides and by the
time my husband comes home dinner will be ready for him
hi mom what’s going on you get another camera in your face it’s cold in here
mom would you get the thing on oh my god so I hear that Lance said something’s
going on today say it briefly and ran so what are you
gonna do you can actually like kind of give your reaction to other people’s
videos you can we might get you to monetize but that’s okay you want to
play you seduce while we wait look at that it’s already set up I’m gonna set
the camera please do a time-lapse of our game how about that so grandmom is about to start her
channel look at this rig we got going to be reacting to some public freaked out
reactions so we’re gonna see what she has to say about that this would be
super interesting you guys gonna check out a video it should be up now go check
it out down below the very top description Gramma’s go ahead
right now it makes a thing sound like and connected she freaked out she’s
never warned me before so we’re getting ready to go shopping to grab a few
things it’s so muggy out here I think my screens all messed up you think it’s
correct my screen all foggy yeah it’s a cheap camera app go buy one so we’re
trying to get to the store and we have all of these detours happening they’re
doing all this work on the road and it’s really driving me insane
Bruce saw it we can go around the other way and all the traffic you told me
which way to go and you sent me the wrong way oh my god you’re a liar now
I’m gonna be stuck in this traffic for you just have to turn around because of
the traffic that you were stuck in you idiot now let’s be for real yeah me
neither listen to me the first time I’m always right yeah get that straight
so we’re in a mission we have to get stuff for a party to go to the liquor
store get a bunch of food and he is driving me absolutely crazy because he
doesn’t listen all the roads are blocked off it’s a big hassle it’s gonna be like
this for another two months I’m moving yay we’re moving
South Philly bye bye you go back yourself here’s a brand new
wait sofa so payback time I’m gonna do it is there 42 tonight okay wish me that
oh my god this is gonna be so nasty here we go yeah it said this stuff’s not
coming off listen he’s got you better than that all
right oh my god it’s not coming out what are
you doing here he is now oh my god are you serious it’s it’s not gonna come off
oh my god do it that’s not oh oh oh my god look at this kid this kid is so
messed up it’s unbelievable we’re only a hundred fifty followers away from
hitting a hundred thousand subscribers on the new channel this is insane you
guys excited thank you though
hey guys that’s gonna do for today’s video please give us a thumbs up and
thank you so much for a hundred thousand followers we’re so blessed we love you
all thank you best fans thank you guys


  1. Love that you two finally made a channel! ❤️ I’ve been watching lance for about 2 years now and I’m in love with the videos already!

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  6. Maybe. You could put the recipe in the bio so people can recreate it…. I see some of the spices but not all.

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