I’m Shrinking My Waist… To 15 INCHES! | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

I’m Shrinking My Waist… To 15 INCHES! | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Sarah: Getting down to 18 inches was pretty smooth and easy. Like it’s not about the aesthetics anymore. It’s about the challenge. I am not concerned that I’m doing anything to damage my organs. I’m just curious like how small I can go I like to push myself. Yeah, the main thing is the middle, like, I don’t care if there’s a gap at the top and bottom a little bit.
Male Speaker: We’re getting there. Sarah: Okay, I prefer a little bit of a gap at the top. Male Speaker: A little gap at the bottom. Sarah: Yeah, I might loosen it back up at the top. Because that’s where my lungs are. My name is Sarah and I want to match the world’s smallest waist record or maybe beat it. I’ve been corseting since 2012, now I’m at 16 inches. I had to quit for a while when I got pregnant with my daughter. So I started up again, after she was born late 2014. And I’ve been consistently wearing a Corset since then. I think I was hooked on corsets right away. As soon as I tried one on for the first time, I was immediately delighted with the hourglass shape that it gave me. Hold still. I am not concerned that I’m doing anything to damage my organs. Because I just don’t think there’s any evidence that that can happen. The current living record holder, she is in her mid 80s. Now and apparently healthy and active. I’m not concerned. This is was my very first course it is 24 inches. And I think I lucked out, it’s actually a pretty good quality. At the time, my natural waist was fluctuating around 27 to 28 inches. Early on in the process, a lot of soft tissue just being moved out of the way just like fat and skin and muscle. And then you go closer and closer and you’re actually having to move floating ribs and it’s a little trickier. It’s because it’s hard to
breathe, it’s very uncomfortable. I started doing a little modelling but I’ve never seen myself as being particularly sexy or being the kind of person who would pose for a pinup shot. So it was a way of kind of trying out a different persona. And I’ve enjoyed that it’s kind of funny, amusing midlife crisis. Once I started getting really interested in corsets, I started looking at a lot of historical examples. This one is based on historical pattern; it is in a silk brocade. That’s pretty special fabric. This one was made at 18 inches. Now I can get to 16 but not super comfortably. I do it gradually throughout the day; I can stay at 16 inches for a couple of hours at a time. Pretty comfortably. If I want to loosen it back up. So I’m able to be a 16 but I wouldn’t say that I’m like at 16 like not full time. Once I’m really comfortable at 16
it just feels okay, feels natural. And then I think I want to go for 15. In terms of like the restrictions how tightly I lace changes depending on what I’m doing. I didn’t change my lifestyle much until I started going under 18 going as tight as I am now I’m having to eat a little differently. I sleep in the corsets. So I have to have a moderate dinner I have to spread my calories out throughout the day, which I find a little tedious. Ron likes the look of a corset it if it’s not too, too extreme. I think he aesthetically prefers something in the range of 18 to 20 inches and I got a little past that. And that’s for me, doesn’t all have to be for him. When I first started was a little bit worried about the health aspect. Ron: I wasn’t I wasn’t into it at all. I guess at the time, you know, before Sarah started with it. It’s not like a must have for me, I guess you’d say. But yeah, no, I think it looks really good. She’s super into being a mom, you know, she really does a great job encouraging Castro to just find her own way and find her own voice with things. Sarah: A big chunk of my life is my family. Ron: Yeah I made a Rainbow for you it’s beautiful. Sarah: Castro doesn’t particularly take notice of the corset. She has noticed that she can punch me really hard and it doesn’t hurt me. So that’s fun. She thinks it’s like a piece of armor. I think chances are she will have absolutely no interest in corseting whatsoever. Ron: When other people are judgmental
I get a little bit defensive. I mean, I think it’s just natural when it’s someone that you care about. It’s usually so badly
informed that it’s basically you’re probably hurting your insides. And that’s not really a medical opinion. But for the most part I mean, these are just people on the internet. I hear a lot of people say things like it’s unnatural for her to do this. to my mind. You know,
shoes aren’t natural, or you having a job where you sit
down all day is, is unnatural. It’s demonstrably bad for you sitting down all day is worse for you than corseting. Sarah: What I see for my goal in corseting isn’t just the challenge and at least meeting the official world records. And if I can get there, maybe see if I can even surpass it. And once I reach that I’m not sure I’m not sure if I’ll stay interested in being corseted, that extremely, at least moderately. It’s just one part of my life.
It’s one part of the balance.

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  1. There is no way you can listen to this woman and see whats shes doing in this 6 minute video and not know there is something psycologically wrong.

  2. No evidence that corsets can damage your organs? Lady, all you need to do is check a history book. When it was still common for women to wear corsets every day in England, so many women advocated for making them go out of fashion since they did immense damage to their bodies. So yeah, there's your evidence.

  3. Ahhhh it just looks so painful to me! Damn.. Ouch. I wouldn't be able to move or breathe lol.. Looks painful .. But all the power to her, and love her cat soooo cute 😻🙊💕

  4. "There is no proof it could do damage" : I'm pretty sure people died ??? X Rays and MRI were taken showing organs being completely dislocated and atrophied ?

  5. So people making fun of her. But when they see those kpop girls with smaller waists it's normal and "cute" smh. Her waist is no different from those kpop girl idols you afore.

  6. I'll admit that I did this for a bit but you really can't have much of a life…or a job while doing it. And I was doing it for dieting reasons.

  7. why yes shap waist we all would love hour glass but this is not nice to look at and i could see issues health and body wise in later life

  8. wonder if skin is slack and bust going smaller when naked and she is thin i just think now a mum its selfish to play with health when got a child

  9. Why don't people stop her? This isn't healthy at all, and the fact that it's an addiction makes it so disordered. She needs help.

  10. `To each their own`, as they say. I`m sure her doctor probably wouldn`t be a fan, but that`s totally her choice, and I hope she`s OK. I`m not into it, but when I was young my waist was a natural 16“, but I`m 4`10“ and weighed 85 lbs. Good luck to her. Peace

  11. 😭😭😭
    She should consult a professional who has experience and knowledge about corseting and a medical background

  12. I don’t care what she does with her body…
    as long as she leaves the cat in peace and away from that corset

  13. Sorry but this is gross and I hate to say it but she my jave some mental issues .yes its doing damage to your organs especially when the akin fat muscle and ribs are moved out of the way

  14. I’m wondering why the motivation works so well. This could be really dangerous. It is really dangerous. And she knows it. Wonder if she wants to go in the record books and get famous for dying for it

  15. Can't understand why a doc made this come true! This OP was so unimportant: she was healthy and she wasn't ugly or disharmony in any way. It's just a spleen or a psychic deseas. Why didn't that doc give her the number of a doc for psychic desease and health? Now she might come in danger! Her mid is too thin! What about breathing? No. This l can't understand but l whish her all the best for her life!

  16. my lord i couldnt breath watching this thats like breaking your ribs or something im not sure if its safe?? i mean she says you have to move ribs WHAT

  17. I'm also a tightlacer.I know how addictive it is.My wrist is 20 inch.Hope to make it 18 inch soon.But good corsets are hard to find where I live.

  18. In a year or plus she will probably die. Uhh i cant believe she would risk her own life doing this knowing she has a daughter that needs a mom

  19. I was fine with it till I saw her putting the corset on the cat and I'm like "STAHP!!!!". Do what you want to your poor organs, but leave the cat alone!

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