Illustrative & Realism – 6 Hour Tattoo Face-Off | Grudge Match

– All right, Jason, Sparks, I hope you guys
used your brains on this illustrative tattoo. – Oh, yeah, I’m [bleep] ready. – You have six hours, and your time starts now! – Slow and steady
wins the race. – Jason and Sparks have to do
illustrative. I love that style.You got to draw it
from scratch,
create it from your own mind.
That, to me, is true artistry. – Let’s get the party started.♪ ♪– I chose illustrative,because I can draw, and I know
Jason has a rough timewith pencil and paper.I’m coming for you, dude. – Sparks is a [bleep] idiot.There’s nothing that he can dothat I’m not capable
of doing better. – Ooh. You bugging out today? – I am bugging out today.
– Yeah? I like doing bug tattoos,mostly because there’s a lotof different textures in them.– Do you feel good
about illustrative in general? – I don’t do it.
Really, I do portraits now. I used to.
When I first started tattooing, I did stuff like this, and I think that’s why Sparks
called me out for not drawing, you know?
– Probably. I mean, it’s
a pretty good game play. – But he’s [bleep] stupid
if he thinks I can’t draw.I kind of excel
at everything that I do.
Won pool trophies,
dart trophies,
shuffleboard trophies. – You came to play.
– I came to win.Sparks is gonna
come at me as hard as he can,
but this is the winning tattoo.♪ ♪This thing’s so clean,
looks like I’m tattooing with dish soap over here. – Yeah, my mouth
doesn’t do tattoos, so I’m just gonna
keep doing this and stop talking to you. – Doesn’t look like your hand
does tattoos, either.♪ ♪– Angel and Jimmy, are you guys ready
to get this grudge match going? both: Yeah.
– Angel, you called black-and-gray realism. You guys have six hours to complete
this grudge match tattoo, and your time starts now!♪ ♪– Perfect. – Jimmy better be ducking
and weaving, because Angel’s throwing
everything she’s got at him with this
black-and-gray tattoo. – Awesome.I’m doing a realistic
black-and-gray horse.
It’s gonna look
like he’s coming at you, he’s actually
coming off of the skin.It’s really gonna show off
my best tricks,
and the attention to detail
in this is gonna be perfect. – Ready?
– Yeah, let’s do it. – All right.– This is what she does
every day.
She’s gonna knock him out!♪ ♪– Black-and-gray realism
is not my strong suit,
so going into this tattoo,
I just have to play it smart. I want to make sure
that I can show off texture, and something that
looks and feels lifelike. – You do a lot of this stuff?
– No. I set up like 19 machines…
– Yeah, I’m looking at it. You have–
– Because I was stressed out.Sometimes you find yourself
in a different situation
that you’re not used
to being in.In life, you need to adapt,and that’s what I’m doing
with this tattoo. – Why, what happens
if I do it this way? Do I win? – No. [laughs]♪ ♪– You guys got
three hours left. Halfway, speed it up. – What do you think? – I’m super surprised
right now with Jimmy.– What I was expecting
from him
and what that tattoo’s
looking like right now–
two completely different
artists. – I’m pretty impressed. Over to Angel,
her horse looks great. – It looks great,
but she’s got to pump the contrast on that thing. – She’s gonna put a background
on it, but she doesn’t seem to have started
the background yet. – She still has time
to finish it, and Jimmy still has time
to [bleep] it up. – [laughs][dramatic music]♪ ♪– How’d you come up
with this idea? – Honestly, I’ve never done
a dragon claw before, and figured, well, why not?My design is a dragon claw,but I want it to look
really gnarly.
So, it’s got armor
plating on it,
and it’s ripped off.If this is my one chance
to come back and prove I got it,
then I might as well do something big and powerful.Losing isn’t an option.I have too much on the line
to prove, and show what I can
really do. – All right, we are officially
at the halfway point. Three hours down,
three hours remain.♪ ♪– That clock’s ticking away,and my main focus is to just
make sure everything is
as smooth and flowy
as possible
while hauling ass
through this thing. – Oh, your canvas over there
is thinking, damn, I got
the wrong [bleep] guy. Broken dragon leg,
broken tattoo. – I would be more focused
on finishing your shit. – I’m almost done, actually. Look at him, he’s scared.
– I’m not an idiot. – He thought about it, though.
He was like, is he– is he [bleep]
with me right now?♪ ♪[dramatic rock music]♪ ♪– What’s up, Angel,
you outlining over there?
[laughs] – You know, for once
you’re not outlining. – I’m not. – All right, guys,
get to cranking. 60 frickin’ minutes.♪ ♪– 12 years of tattooing doesn’t
mean shit right now.Because in this competition,
you get thrown
the stuff that you’re never
gonna get thrown
in your everyday,
comfortable life with your appointments
and whatever.So, there’s no way
that I’m comfortable.
I have a lot to prove here. Home stretch, bro.
– We can do it.[suspenseful rock music]♪ ♪– Almost there.
– Aww.I’m changing course,because I want there to be
a ton of contrastin my tattoo.
I want it to have a punch.
I want it to have weight. I want you to be able to
see it from across the room. – You changed the photo, you
changed from your reference? – Mm-hmm. Yeah.
– Yeah. – As a tattooer, you have to be
able to think on the fly.Sometimes, you make an imagethat you think’s gonna work
and it’s not always
the best way to do it.
So, you have to be able to, you
know, compensate a little bit. – You still gonna put that
background in behind the mane? – Not as much. – On the fly choices, smart.♪ ♪– All right, guys, you’ve got
five, four, three, two, one. That’s it, guys.
Put your machines down. – Guess what? – All set?
– Yeah, man. – I feel good.
I love this thing. – I had faith in you
the whole time, don’t worry. Yeah, killed it. – Whoo. Cool. – Wow, that looks really good. – You sat like a beast. – I’m impressed. – You’re impressed?
– Yeah, dude. I wanted it to be close. It would suck if you just
lost, like, really badly. – Well, I wasn’t gonna let
that happen.

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