If You Say “OW”, You LOSE!! (UNBEARABLE)

If You Say “OW”, You LOSE!! (UNBEARABLE)

yo Eric!! So you beat me in the last challenge, right? Please a little revenge. Okay, I don’t need to make you do the tip sir with whatever I choose All right. So today we’re gonna be playing the if you say, ow you lose part two You did you were really good I’ve been studying oh, yeah looks hard you hit the books What were you studying in LUT a little Mark Twain to come by how to kill a mockingbird? You’re studying. Are you ready for this? Animal one. Alright, it’s gonna start off a little hard man. You black-headed python, bro Oh my are you ready for this man? You got to get it out. What are we talking here? Just hol. See you get bit All right, go for it into it oh Geez, all right. Sure, but dude you remember when I said I needed to wash my hands. Yeah, don’t worry. Just my See right now. I’m respected. It can sense that Well, maybe it’s the mice on me. Oh, but he’s coiling up hearts. It’s real rap, dude. He’s wrapping you up, man He’s wrapping you up get him. Oh, he’s right. I mean, okay. Oh dude purity circulation. We’re screwed man. Oh, Dude, not the wrist. That’s Eric’s worst spot autumn of the wrist. Oh my god. You look scream. Oh Did you see how? Nobody was dating. It didn’t even was he fighting it didn’t even bite Why are you saying our dad was moving the steak and he pulled my arm there? Oh You’re on the McNuggets? Oh dude, I’ve been smashing. What’s austerity believe me mustard, honey mustard, bro Oh my god, you’re an animal, bro Oh It was at this moment evening he fucked up Oh My god, oh, dude, look at that jaw pressure. Oh my god Oh My god, oh my god. There you go. You know I’ll give you I’m not gonna lie So you said out a couple times but like a hundred? Yeah, right, right But but you are pretty calm you was pretty decent cool I won’t whiner you think I should do chicken strip round two chickens Y’all don’t do what your chicken strip what I think I got a whole shadow I’m worried for Impossible for you not to say how really impossible it’s important You say I’ll you know, I mean, it’s yeah when I see Brian Atene, I’m scared. I love lizards No, so like I’m not as scared as I am your River to these snakes. Are you gonna do chicken strip? I’m gonna do chicken strip if he doesn’t say, oh you just you just Urine out of that dude. Okay, dude, I’ll do it. I’m full tapped right now. I can fill up a cup, dude Let’s do it and I can do a party trick. I’m P my mouth. Ah This thing is like to put your hand in a damn vise man, it’s dude I love vices Get him go get it go get him Noah get up Oh My god, let me get let me get hoodoo. That’s a hell of an animal. Let me give Oh Dude, it hurts. So bad guys. You’re never gonna believe this I didn’t have it recording. No I gotta be honest. You guys did a horrible job. Yeah, I’m not horrible Well, well Eric, you have to save no he was just gonna let it go Look at Eric’s hands I Want you need to go impose and count how many hours that the two of you together? I think that’s the only word that came out of your mouth was I Get him back in there get back. He is really really pretty though. Oh my god. I always Klaus heard I just said Allegan. No, don’t please don’t please get him in there. No, don’t get bit by err. Yes I got bit by a hurt right on the tip of the food. You got my tip illegal Oh my god every time You guys of time because you definitely didn’t win that round Noah What are we gonna do next man? Well, mr. Winger hurts a lot, man. Alright, let’s go to this next round. How about this? Okay, whoever gets bit and doesn’t say out So so if you get bit, you still can’t say ow But if you get bit first, you can’t say ow, and you lose I don’t know what that meant I’m all over the place. Just get your hands in there and get bit All right. So so far this is bad because that both you guys said oh five hundred thousand times and now Should we both just do the tipster money? You guys want both do it? Let’s I think that’s a good idea. All right Are you diabetic are you- bro? I’m b+ Kokanee with any needles. I Lived in Nevada for five years. Oh, so I’m definitely gonna get something right by the self carwash Oh, Boxer oh that’s where you would do. Seven bucks. Oh That’s a cheap fare, all right. All right So what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna pick your drinks and you’re gonna pick my drinks Okay, since you’ve already picked mine in the last episode, I’m gonna pick yours first. That’s good. All right, let’s do this I’m gonna open up this fridge. Oh Man, look at everything. We got you. Just go easy. You you want a couple quail eggs, brother? No, don’t not quail eggs. No quail eggs. Can you drink quail eggs? Okay Sounds good, dude. I think I’m gonna grab some eggs. I Think I’m gonna grab some eggs, dude Hey, you know what else I’m gonna grab some Crush soda, bro 2014 2014 expiration date bro. Nothing wrong with that just to top it off man I’m gonna hit you with what you hit me with Silk almond, bro eggs almond milk and crush soda Do quail eggs do What quail egg Salmonella dude? Don’t worry about it, man. I’m gonna put this one in the middle god bless you. Thanks, man You’re welcome. No, not the quail eggs first. Yep, bro Look at that perfect Oh, yeah, that’s good man. Oh Cheese I’d say threes well balanced breakfast. This one’s really hard boo. That won’t oh Ya think that one’s expired yeah, I think that was the healthiest oh, yeah, you know what it’s all good though And then we’re gonna do one more for good luck. I really shouldn’t I need to watch my cholesterol That’s not good. There’s a shell in there. Ah Man there we go, man. I think this is gonna be good air. Yes me fun. Yeah. I’m excited. Oh, All raspberry olive oil it’s solidified at the top Yes. Oh my god. Don’t drink too much. This probably make you sick as a dog at least put it in the middle Yeah, I’ll put in the middle. Oh No first car. Oh How about some ketchup later put into the first Cup put it in the first cup you have to listen a lot more Alright, damn ketchup an olive oil, dude That’s good, oh Oh my god, dude I think you gotta go chocolate milk. Err. Yeah right here right here right here. Oh, here we go Oh, no donkey milk. Oh My god, do your minds way worse than you you’re gonna kill smash this whole thing Just do it – Jalen. Yeah mines fucking worse than yoga. I have raw quail eggs. I Fucking ketchup. Oh, yeah. I know. I’m sorry – nice. Yeah, I’m gonna take my shirt out. I don’t want to get them ruined with all God nasty stuff All right. You’re right Cheers think three two one. Let’s go The egg is Just a little morning. All right a little more dude I do it I wait while on the yoke, here we go Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Bottoms up brother. I feel like I’m Jesus is right. Oh This is great, this is Oh Kids go to school. Are you okay? Oh, you made me drink fucking wine and olive oil ketchup doing it with chalk. I mean What the hell is wrong with you? I’m so sorry, man. You made me pay salmonella. Look at my egg yolk That’s gross. I just I just can’t do I can’t do it. Thank you guys for watching Cuse All right. We’ll make another video in the next couple days Make sure you turn those posting vacations on man because you know just about 7% of you that don’t have none So turn those bells on and the 70% of you that are subscribed fucking subscribe. Alright, peace

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