Ice Cream & American Traditional Tattoos 🍦 Grudge Match

Ice Cream & American Traditional Tattoos 🍦 Grudge Match

♪ ♪– Craig and Jime, you guys got to do three scoops
of ice cream. I better be able to taste
these damn things when you’re done, all right?
Are you ready? – Ready.
– Are you ready? – Ready.
– Let’s tattoo. – Rock and roll.– This is the ultimate
new school showdown.
Craig and Jime
are new school titans.Craig called out
three-scoop sundae.
I better see great drawings,
super awesome tattooing,
bright, bold, new school
to the max.
This is gonna be epic. – Ready?[heavy rock music]♪ ♪– Oh, dude, now this is what
I want to see from you. – Between me and Jime,
we could fill up a snack storewith the amount of snacks that
we have tattooed on people.
– Four little faces, huh? Each one more adorable
than the next. – This one is just like,
“Oh, no!”The cool thing
about new school tattooing:
there’s no rules to it.
Like, that’s why we do it.But at the same time, you got
to make it interesting.
It’s just all
about creativity,
and I think that’s what
the whole point is.
– Are you even using
a color reference, or you just know in your mind
what it’s supposed to be? – Eh, just have eaten
lots of ice cream.♪ ♪– I know that I’ve pushed
myself to the limits.
I’ve exaggerated every element
that I possibly can,you know, with faces
and fun and textures
and little bitty
element designs that I know that Craig
is definitely gonna bring. It’s gonna be the true battle
to the end. – Do you think that you should have not handed the win
yesterday, or what? – No, not at all, man. I wanted to be here
so I can push myself. – You called him out and then beat him
at his own game, I guess. – Yeah, but at least
it’s his game now.♪ ♪– Jime has this dynamic wayof interpreting things,
which I totally admire.
Now I’m the one
that’s gonna be stepping
into the deep water trying to
keep up with Jime’s designs.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– All right, guys.
Sirvone, you ready? – Yeah. All day. – Tito? – Let’s give him
his own medicine. – Your six-hour
grudge match tattoo starts right now. – Let’s take home the win,
baby. – Sirvone called out
American traditional tattoos. – I’m ready for it.– You can cut the tension
with a knife in here.
These guys aren’t
only battling it out
in their tattoos today;
they are throwing daggers.
– Are you ready, bro? – Yes, sir.[dramatic music][tattoo machines buzzing] – I don’t do American
traditional in my daily basis,but when I started tattooing,I work in a traditional shop,
so I can pull out this style.
Shark and anchors
was one of the first design
that was made back in the day,and I decided something simple
and bold.
Every line is very critical. – Can we get a bucket over here
with a sponge? Going super old school.♪ ♪– I’m doing a traditional
American lady head.
I just think she looks
really pretty.
The artwork alone is
gonna carry me. – That is definitely American
traditional.– Tito don’t like
following rules,
and there’s too many of them
for him in traditional. He has no clue what to do,
and he’s [bleep] scared.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– We are at the halfway point. You guys have three hours left.♪ ♪– Tito is pissed, man. See, I can talk all
the shit I want. If you want to shake my hand
and just end it, we can do it. It’s like,
in that same respect, it’s like, let the machines
do the talking. – Yeah, totally. This whole
thing started with tattooing. You should end it
with tattooing. You know what I mean?
– Mm-hmm.[heavy rock music][tattoo machine buzzing] – I got a surprise for you. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – What kind of surprise? – I’ll do another one. – Yeah? Get out of here. – Right now.
– All right. Let’s do it.– I’m a fast tattooer, so I’m
gonna show what I can do.
Traditional all day. 2 hours and 15 minute. – Let’s do it. Back in the day when
you work American traditional was one after another one. – Ah, perfect. – When you finish one,
you want another one, and you can afford it,
just keep going. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Oh, looks like they’re going
with another one over there. – Leaving hisself a window of
opportunity for more mistakes. – Let’s go.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– All right.
– It looks awesome. – Thank you. Thank you.
– Looks really awesome. – Want another one?
– Hell yeah, man. – If you want to double up,
man, I’ll quadruple up with you. We already won, though, but I’m gonna kick
his [bleep] ass today. My second design is
a traditional boxer lady. Float like a butterfly,
sting like a bitch. I’m all in. [tattoo machine buzzing] – Oh, my God.
This guy’s a copycat. I can’t [bleep]
believe it.♪ ♪– I’m doing mine better,
’cause I’m doing gelato. This is that fancy
ice cream. – There’s only two hours left
on the clock. Two hours left.[dramatic music]– Something is reacting
to the canvas’ skin.I’m laying
in this rich brown
that I wanted
for the chocolate part
of the ice cream,and it’s taken it from looking
like an ice cream cone
to a burnt meatball.I’m definitely gonna have to
adjust my color paletteto match what’s going on
in the skin.
– How you doing on time
over there? – Cutting it close,
but I’ll be all right. How about yourself? – I’m gonna make it. – I mean if you want to come
over here and help me color in, I ain’t gonna say no. – [laughs] – What are you guys thinking? – I do love Jime’s design, but I’m just nervous
because of technical stuff. – I’m not too sold
on the brown. – Yeah.
– As far as Craig’s goes, it’s clean,
but it’s just not solid. Like the cup, you can
see through the blue still. But I never taste the pie
before it’s out of the oven.[heavy rock music]♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one.
Turn ’em off. Turn ’em off. – All right, man.
That’s it. All done. – They all have
their own little personality. – All right, man.
You have been snack-tooed. – It looks good. – So, Craig, what’s the scoop? – Scoop of ice cream. – Not just a scoop–three. – Man, I definitely didn’t
think that I was gonna come in
here and have any kind of cakewalk.
It was… – And I was like,
“I want you to trip.” Just not, like, fall down, but just to stumble
a little bit. – It was really good
to be back in here. Instead of “Ink Master:
Grudge Match,” it’s “Ink Master: Bromance.” That’s what it is.
It’s gonna be the next season. – Yeah.
– “Ink Master: Bromance.” – Right?
– Yeah. – I appreciate it.
– Dude, thank you so much. – I mean, this is a battle
of the titans right here.

31 thoughts on “Ice Cream & American Traditional Tattoos 🍦 Grudge Match

  1. I love how the first two didn’t actually seem to have a “grudge” they actually acknowledged the skills of the other artist

  2. Are grudge match and Ink master not the same show? Like are they 2 whole "different" shows now or is it just the name of the season?

  3. Can we have more videos of Craig Foster and Jime Litwalk? They're the only one who doesn't have beef. They respect each other's artwork and creativity. But most of all, they're not talking shit about each other and starting drama!

  4. Yoooooo That Guy Has That Ugly Ass Tattoo That Roly Did That Should Have Gotten Him kicked Off and Not Sent To The Finally 😂

  5. Loved Jime's more however absolutely love that these men admire each other's work. Truly a class act! Great Artist can acknowledge other Artist.

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