100 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew This When I Started: Logo Design Pt. 2

  1. Great video! I'm interested in graphic design myself and thought I'd start off charging $20. This video opened my eyes to world of design thank you

  2. Amazing again, love it! Iam just getting addicted to your channel and i am so happy i have something like 380 more to watch. F*** the weaknessess Oh yeah

  3. Thank you for the encouragement and advice, Ben! I am trying to start a web and graphic design business and have been struggling with a lot of the things you spoke of.

  4. I'm not aware how much money can you make in America on a barbershop or a tattoo shop, but, 5000 for an identity package, in Portugal, is for start ups or big franchises. No owner of a "standard" shop would be able to pay 5000 euros for a logo.
    My question is, should I adapt my prices to the country where I live in?
    In my view, a resalable amount for a commercial logo would be just 500 euros. But i need to discuss this kind of thing with professionals that have more experience than i do.

  5. I loved this video (and as a side note, it was interesting Chris Do mentioned how important packaging for a water bottle is, as I just watched the video with Alex Center) but the only thing wrong here is that Chris is preaching to the choir. We should all know how important our skills are today, but it appears to be the clients who need this education. So I guess I'll just send my clients to your channel …. does that mean I get 10% for all new subscribers sent this way 😉

  6. Created my first logo a while back after I graduated and asked for a $500 price tag. The research that I had to do, the branding, the logo styles and it's application to merchandise through a few mock-ups and a month's worth of work; seems to have been a lot for that price range now. Watching this and a few videos prior, about valuing once work and having that confidence to go along with it, really does help all of us here trying to get our feet wet within this industry.

  7. Thanks for these videos. They are really changing my perception of myself and inspiring me to work harder and not get bogged down with self critical analysis in a bad way. Focusing on positive, optimistic review and self belief. Nice one 🙂

  8. I'm 28 and starting my own design business and the futur has been my bible!

    I had a plan to do 4-5 brand identities for free for friends/colleagues and then would go straight to market with the aim to charge $300-$500 for a logo.

    I've just finished said gratis work and will come back to this when we have landed our first client!

  9. Bro I JUST charged someone $50 for like 2 good looking logos… I’m on the EXACT same path as young Ben right now.

  10. I have watched a number of videos from you guys but this is one of my best episodes because it has really caused me to begin my healing journey. Thanks Chris and Ben.

  11. I have felt this way for some time that. Sucess really truly is about inter belief in yourself. Like you set the limits. Just knowing that is powerfull and gives me a chance too change those beliefs. Coming from a background of child abuse ,bullying , body abuse. People have defintely tried too teach me not too believe in myself but the fan hits the wall when that messes with my money. For my own future im going too change how i look at myself. I do believe deep down in myself i do. I have got the praise before and the people that looked at my art ive gottwn the ribbons and ive gotten the scholarship. I didnt let myself feel proud for it but im gonna write myself a fucking letter.

  12. I can be really critical of you guys and your stuff but you are easily the best resource I have found for learning the business of design. Really great video.

  13. Easier said than done buddy… I don't believe that sum1 who's referred to me would pay double the price cos I know that the person already told them how mush they paid for eg. a logo… So do you really think the referral wud pay twice the amount? In fact, i know the person would then go back to the referred and inform them about your shadyness and in turn you'd end up losing both clients and any further referrals. That right there is the cause of 'imposter syndrome'

  14. Here is the way I look at it when it comes to contract or freelance work, I spent 4 years, okay 5 years busting my ass in classes, I paid some serious $$ for my education, why should I charge someone peanuts for my time and work…NOPE ain't having that. I'll start high and negotiate to a fee that I still make money and the client feels like
    their getting a fair price for a quality product.

  15. I wish photographers understand what you just said, they are even worse than designers.
    Maybe you should talk more about the wrong confidence some people have about their work and the type of clients you should avoid…
    nice video 🙂

  16. Okay but how did you reach these clients. Like how do you create awareness of what you do, how do you get them to know you exist.

  17. So glad I came across these videos (while I was in the process of designing a $50 logo for a friend). I've already set a goal to completely revamp my archviz business and resolved to never again settle for less than I'm worth.

  18. $5k for a small business is more than fair — however, with many of my experiences, the small business owner (client) typically will feel as if that is a huge initial expense; it will cripple the business… unless they understand the "value" in how important and integral the logo is to the business itself, there is little success on selling them on this. What video shows the breakdown of time involved in logo creation process, from ideation to full realization? Thanks for all great tips. You guys offer more real-world advice than most of my design professors. Ha

  19. They don't teach the psychology part at the university. This was phenomenally helpful for me. Thank you millions!

  20. Im an architect and I find this series a jewel. It's quite a different avenue that I'm in but I believe it's the same walk & destination. Like everyone else, this is hitting thru my core.

  21. Chris Do, thank you for starting The Futur and posting on Youtube, especially this video. You are crashing my life`s self-doubt! Keep doing it! Glad that I found you.

  22. I don't understand where he gets these price points from…. Any new start up company I have spoken to doesn't have close to $5k to spend on a logo… Their startup costs are so high they can't imagine spending that much for a logo. How do you do that?… A barbershop will spend $5k on a logo??? I don't see it.

  23. The worst charge was 4 months ago, 10EUR a logo for a Psytrance DJ, i was way to soft and scared with my communication when it came to the price, i directly was like "yea 10 euro", i felt really bad with it.

    Now i have a client from a festival that wants a Video for a line up (graphics, effects, Video editing) And i put lot of effort in it, and i really dont know how much i can charge for this, i would like to hear your opinions 🙂

    Good job speaking!

  24. You know.. I didn't really like Chris for the first few videos I saw with him, but he really touched my heart with this video. It was very touching, informative and uplifting. Thanks Chris for having these videos available to us! Wish you the best!

  25. chris i just find out your videos, its awsome thank for your advice,im charging 300$ and im getting also alote of arguiment about it with clients ,question: if the client is on badget about 300$ or he dont want to pay more or if i will say 700$ they will say no so what should i do ? should i tell them this is my price? i think i will try from now on your advice what is more important to you money or time or both ? and when i will get the check of 5000$ shurly i will send the 10% 🙂 . thank you alot

  26. How did Ben Burns meet Chris Do? How did they end up working together when Ben was in Richmond, VA on the East Coast and Chris is in LA? I'm always curious to hear about the connections, the stories of how to make those types of connections? Thanks 😀

  27. How do you approach a small business that thinks their cheap amateur logo is ok? What questions to ask them to see if their amateur logo is working them? How do you get them to want a new identity system for their business?

  28. Ben, how did you get a $30,000 identity systems project? A logo and a style guide? Wow!!! You went from $50 to that? Congratulations!!!! How did that client find you? Did they already have a budget? How did you give them that price? What was their reaction? How big is that client? Ben, would say that serving on executive board of local AIGA helps attract those clients?

  29. This 3 year old video is one that I regularly come too to fight any negitive thoughts I may be having as a designer. Thank you for this educational and inspiring lesson .

  30. We've all worked for cheap in the beginning. Sometimes you do need to look like you are getting work that you can put in your portfolio. If you do undercharge in the beginning you must get the client to NOT tell other people the price you did it for and give the client your business cards so their friend (future potential client) can visit your website and contact you. I learned this a long time ago from my fashion photographer friend in Dallas. As a young model I made the mistake of telling my model friends how much he charged me when they asked, it got back to him and he asked me to not tell the other models what he charged me because that is not what he wanted to charge other models. I was an exception because I was signed in New York with a top agency but chose to be based our of Dallas.

  31. Omg, even though i've been in the creative industry for about 6 years, I want to intern for you! LOL I love your brain.

  32. Chris can we see a video of you going undercover as a client for a freelance site (upwork, fiverr, odesk) and doing a design request with unlimited revisions? Muwhahahahahah!!!

  33. I had just made an account on upwork and was essentially debating these same thoughts of not working for lesser money. Guess I am on the right track! Won't be working for cheap at these sites!!!

  34. This was absolutely what I needed. Glad this video was recommended to me by YouTube. I've been watching tons of The Futur videos now. The 'Letter' Idea is brilliant. I'll have to do that.

  35. This is great. Right along the same thought process of those I work with. Stop playing small, play big. I was once told you can ask any price as long as you can keep a straight face.

  36. You're amazing Chris!!! This video is from 2016 but I'm watching now in 2019 you're inspiring me a lot I'm learning a lot from you, if I can make the price double I'll definitely send you #10%

  37. "Permission," is the key for anybody that lacks confidence. It's where having a coach is invaluable.
    Great video on overcoming insecurity & low self image. "Triple down on current strengths & accomplishments."

  38. Ben. You’re awesome and you’ll only get better as you continue to solidify you’re greatness. Please always share what you’ve learned. It’s extremely important. Chris, you are a real Guru. I thoroughly enjoy listening to you, then applying the lessons you and your team are sharing. I’ve of late have been feeling the Imposter Syndrome, and I’m 50. I’m now either relearning or learning for the first time, the many things I’ve missed during a decent career. But I need to remind myself, as Ben probably has, that he was born with raw talent. We just needed to learn the business and how to speak to it, so we could could sell it and be trusted. To be looked at as experts. Thank you guys. Keep up the good work, education and empathy. La Paz.

  39. If I ever hit my dream price of 20k for a logo I will personally contact you Chris and the team for the 10% because when my confidence is low to the point of questioning my career I look to your videos and get back to the top of my game.

  40. Hi, Can you tell me the alternative to upwork? Please help because the upwork clients don't pay huge amount of money for design services or may be they don't have huge kind of budget for design jobs… Thanks

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