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When we perform microblading, it comes with a sound. Some people find it very eerie, but the sound
is actually an indicator for us as artists that we are hitting the right layer of skin. My name is Taelyn Lewis, and I am getting
microblading done today. I initially heard about microblading about
two years ago, and it sparked my interest. I have always had very fine eyebrows,
very thin fine hair on my eyebrows, so I’ve always had to fill it in. Ugh, doing my eyebrows every morning
is definitely a chore. I just want to wake up and go and still look
cute at the end of the day. Having to rely on my eyebrow pencil, it is,
yeah, a little bit annoying. I have never received any eyebrow treatments
before, so it’s going to be very new to me. I’m obsessed with eyebrows, and I understand
a lot of people also feel the same way about it. My name is Lindsey Ta, I’m the founder of
Microblading LA. I started my permanent makeup career ten years ago. Prior to permanent makeup, I was a nail artist
and my family owned a few nail salons in LA. So I really learned to have a steady hand
from doing ten perfect nails every day for my clients. After some time and really perfecting my skill
in microblading and really finding my true calling and the passion in this industry, not only did I start getting a demand for
it from clients, but I also started getting phone calls from people who
wanted to learn to do what I did. When the demand started picking up, we realized
that it was time to open up a studio and academy, and today we have students coming from all
over the world to learn the art of microblading from us. Microblading LA is probably the only microblading
I’ve researched. Looking at everyone’s results that I’ve
seen thus far, it looks really good. I’m just excited to get it going. When we start consultation, I immediately
start profiling my clients when they are talking, when there is muscle movement, when
they smile and laugh. We have very large muscles in our foreheads,
so it’s important to notice if there is any asymmetry and how much asymmetry is there. It’s really important that we give them
results that they can maintain. We use a string, and we really start mapping
the asymmetry that is there. Within those perfect lines, we make points,
so we connect and create the brow shape. After our pre-draw session, that’s when
we apply numbing cream. It will stay on for thirty minutes to get
maximum effect. We gently place our needles in the pigment. We place it on the skin gently to make sure
that we are creating fine, thin lines. It’s really important that we capture the
shape that we have pre-drawn. We do something called a first pass, which is the first strokes we place
throughout the eyebrow. It’s extremely important that we hit the
right layer of the skin for the strokes to stay one to three years. Taelyn is so sweet, and she’s just like
a glow of happiness. She definitely had some asymmetry, natural
asymmetry with her eyebrows, and for us it’s more important to create something
that comes across very natural and creating the most symmetry that we can
with what our clients come in with. My experience with microblading
was absolutely just fantastic. It’s everything that I could’ve hoped for. It was easy, smooth sailing, didn’t hurt. I’m super, super just happy with my results. I see what Lindsey meant when she said, “You’re
gonna wanna scratch, don’t scratch,” because I was so tempted to be like,
“Oh, just take it off.” It looked nasty. Do you know what a caterpillar’s fur looks like? That’s exactly what the eyebrows looked like. I just wanted to follow up and see how her
eyebrows were healing, and she was ecstatic and really happy with her eyebrows. And she even started asking me about being
a student and our course outline. Hopefully I will be a microblading student,
because I definitely have this newfound obsession with microblading. What I did for aftercare was I basically just
used the ointment that Lindsey gave me, twice a day, in the morning and at night. I definitely hope to work alongside Lindsey
performing microblading. She’s absolutely amazing, the best microblading
technique out there. I plan to definitely keep up my brows
forever, for the rest of my life, so every two years I’m going to go and
get my microblading done. I’m obsessed. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, you can click here, and to subscribe, you can click here.

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