I Told My Bro He Was Adopted To Annoy Him    But It Was True!

I Told My Bro He Was Adopted To Annoy Him But It Was True!

Hello. I’m Emma. I have a question for you. Do you believe in white lies? The thing is, I recently messed things up,
so that now I have to lie to my little brother and I’m not sure that I did everything right. Maybe you could tell me what to do. When I was 5, my family experienced the worst
thing that could ever happen with anyone in the world. We lost my little brother Anthony. I can’t say that I remember everything in
detail – it’s probably because, as they say, a child’s memory deletes the negative
stuff and everything. But I do remember a few things: how it was
hard for mom to be pregnant, for example. She was almost constantly lying in bed, be
it at home, or in the hospital. Even though I was too small myself, I helped
my daddy to take care of her. And then there were some complications after
the baby was born. I even almost lost my mom! Oh, it’s really hard to remember everything. And then doctors said that Anthony would live
no longer than one year. And we lost him after 9 months. Oh my gosh, everyone was devastated. You can imagine how hard and unfair it seemed
to us. Even though we had been sort of getting ready
for his death, it still turned out to be impossible to be totally prepared. Mom couldn’t have any more children after
that, but time passed and my parents agreed that it’d be still nice for me to have a
little brother. So, they decided to adopt a child when I turned
about 7 years old, and this is actually where the whole story begins. Ricky – that’s the name of my new brother
– was only 2 years old when my parents took him in to our home from an orphanage. And from the very moment I saw him, I knew
that something was wrong with that kid. I mean, he didn’t like me at all, and he
was always trying to hurt me when nobody was looking at him. For example, he poked me in the eye, with
his finger, or tried to pull my hair out whenever I was next to him, or he’d try to knock over
my plate whenever he could reach it. And any time I tried to complain about his
behavior, mom and dad would say that I had to be more tolerant, since I was older, and
stuff. That’s why the only thing that was left
for me to do was to wait until he became older and assumingly, more conscious. Things didn’t change much when we grew older. Of course, he could no longer bite me or anything
like that, like he used to do as a baby. But I still couldn’t get any support from
my parents. They simply adored Ricky. That’s probably because he was a really
good boy for them. He studied well at school, and nobody ever
complained about him (except for me, as you already know). And our parents were probably thinking that
this was a normal brother-and-sister relationship, like when the two of you fight and yell at
each other and stuff. Or maybe they thought that I was just at an
awkward age, and decided not to interfere – who knows. I’ll give you an example, so you don’t think
that I am over-exaggerating things. Once, when I was 13, I guess, which means
Ricky had to be about 8, this nasty kid snuck into my room while I was taking a shower. I don’t know what exactly he wanted from
my laptop, but when I got back into the room, I saw him looking through my social media
accounts. I started screaming something like “Mom!”
and tried to catch him (and, let’s face it, I wanted to beat him). He immediately closed my laptop and did it
so hard that afterward, I could no longer turn it back on. Of course, later on he made up a story for
our parents saying that he just really needed to print something out, that I was the only
one who had access to the printer, that I wouldn’t let him use it, and that’s why
he decided to do it secretly, blah-blah-blah. You know. Anyway, I was not only left without a computer,
but I was also reprimanded by my mom and dad for “torturing my little brother,” as
they put it. Can you imagine? They thought that I was freaking him out so
bad, that he got really frightened when I suddenly caught him in my room. And the other time, when I got back home after
hanging out with my friends, I found Ricky and his stupid friends in my room. Imagine, they were trying on my dresses and
had already ruined a bunch of my cosmetics! Aarrgh! Of course, that time he couldn’t make up
any worthwhile excuse and mom grounded him, but I still thought that one week without
video games was not enough. Especially, taking into account that I, later
on, had to buy new cosmetics with my own pocket money. You know, when my parents adopted Ricky, they
decided to not tell him about the fact that he was adopted, at least until he grew up. But, of course, I was aware of it, and once,
he ticked me off so badly, that I completely lost control of my words. It was a family dinner night and my parents
had invited a few friends to share the meal with us. Ricky was annoying me from the very beginning,
as usual. And at some point, my mom asked me to help
her to serve the duck she had cooked. I was walking into the dining room with this
heavy, huge plate with the meal, and Ricky decided that it would be fun to trip me. Of course, I fell, I couldn’t see anything
because of that huge plate. And the duck fell under the table. And everybody was like “Oh my God! What just happened?” My dad was like “I knew I should have done
it myself.” And Ricky pretended as if he had nothing to
do with it. You know, I just kind of felt how unfair everything
was that was going on back then, I mean, that once again nobody noticed that Ricky undermined
me, this time making me fall on purpose. And I started yelling at him and accusing
him, and he began saying that he didn’t do anything– that nasty little liar. And I was so mad I said that my parents should’ve
chosen another kid from that orphanage. Everybody turned dead silent. And right then I felt as if the whole world
had just cracked and the life of my whole family was about to fall into pieces. Our guests immediately left, and it took him
a minute, but Ricky understood that I wasn’t joking about the fact that he was adopted,
so he ran upstairs, followed by my mom. And dad gave me the worst look of disappointment
he had ever given me. It was even worse than earlier. Of course, I immediately regretted my words
and everything. But, unfortunately, there was no way to undo
what I had just done. There was no need to have any serious talk
with my parents after that. Later that night I tried to say how sorry
I was, but they didn’t want to hear anything. My mom was acting as if she was about to cry,
and dad…well, he just kept staring past me and kept silent while I was begging for
forgiveness. To be frank, I knew that I had made a terrible
mistake and there was no way to rectify the situation. I knew I had to talk to Ricky myself. I mean, even though he was annoying most of
the time, he was still my brother and a little boy who had just found out that his family
had been lying to him for many years. It was not a simple talk between us. Of course, I was the main talker and Ricky
just sat on his bed and stared out the window. But what really amazed me was that Ricky didn’t
cry or anything. He was calm, really sad, but calm. And when he looked at me, it seemed like he
was older than I was at 16, even though he was only 11 years old. I told him how sorry I was, and he said that
he still thought of me as of his big sister, you know, and that made me cry. This time, I felt like we were as close to
each other as possible, even though we were not actual, or rather, blood relatives, you
know. After that talk, everything changed in our
family. Our parents were very cautious when talking
to Ricky. It was probably because they didn’t know
how might he react, I dunno. And then, after few days had passed from that
pity dinner, Ricky knocked on the door of my room (he had never done this before, you
know, and that meant something). He begged me to help him find his biological
parents, but so that our parents wouldn’t know about it. It was obvious to me that I shouldn’t do
this, but I just couldn’t say no to him either, especially when I looked into his
eyes. So, I had to promise him that I’d do my
best, and I saw a flicker of hope in his eyes, you know, and even a certain extent of admiration. I spent two sleepless nights trying to figure
out what I should do. Obviously, I had no access to any database
or anything, to find his biological parents. To be honest, I doubt there was any. And I was pretty sure that neither my mom
or dad actually knew who they were nor would we have an opportunity to know that someday. So, I couldn’t come up with anything better
than to create two fake personalities, saying that they were his real parents. I made something up about both of them being
scientists – biologists, and that both of them had tragically died during another very
important research project in the Australian jungles. And since, according to the legend that I
made up, Ricky had no other living relatives, he was given to the orphanage, where we were
lucky enough to find him. I also said that right at the moment when
my parents saw him, they loved him with all of their hearts, and so did I. This part, I guess, was the closest one to
the actual truth. Oh, you should have seen how proud he has
been since then, thinking of himself as a son of two outstanding people. It’s not that he wasn’t proud of our common
parents, who are professors at the local university, by the way. But ever since that talk, I’d look at Ricky
and notice a different look he’d give me. It was full of a feeling of personal importance
on this planet, I guess. None of us have mentioned that talk since
then and we never said anything to our parents. Soon we went back to our normal life, except
for the fact that Ricky stopped teasing me and began showing a great interest in the
flora and fauna of the Australian continent. Now I really need to know what you guys think
about my lies. Was I right to do what I did, I mean, the
fake-parents story and everything? Share your thought in the comments and don’t
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100 thoughts on “I Told My Bro He Was Adopted To Annoy Him But It Was True!

  1. Now she really needs to know what you guys think about her lies. Was she right to do what she did, we mean, the fake-parents story and everything? Share your thought in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel.

  2. How about you go to the orpanage and ask whats youre brother or step brother last name and search it on facebook

  3. My mom lost her child years ago and she was going to be my big sister she died when my mom was at the doctors because she was sick and when she was laying on the bed a baby plopped out of her you know what. But she was dead and the only thing she was able to do was move her mouth like she was some sort of fish. And I have three older brothers two of them are twins there 24 and my other brother is twelve, I’m eleven so I’m the youngest but my sister would have been probably the third oldest. Well that’s my “story”

  4. Imagine Ricky finds his parents like he does research on his own and he finds them and then he finds out that you were lying to him,what will happen

  5. Ricky deserved all of that, hes an adopted disgrace, and after all hes done to her idek why hes tryna to play like hes sad

  6. The parents just have the trauma of the dead child and see the new child like the dead one and don't want to lose it again and that's a problem if they already had a kid cuz that is going to get separated from the love :/

  7. Ricky minding his own business at the beginning of dinner on his phone

    Bratty girl: he’s was annoying me from the start

  8. My mom and my husband were adopted and though it's was hard for me when I found out that I had 5 Grandpa's on my mom's side I realized why my mom kept that secret from me so that I would not feel bad about where my family comes from.

  9. it was good that you said that because he will understand when he gets more older then if u tell him when hes older he will be more mature about it.

  10. why will you invent things just to stop the investigation specially lying the he is Australia who knows if he is European the is not cool at all tell him the truth

  11. Just say alright u need attention, lets talk, say i will spend time with you, talk with me about your problems and don't do anything stupid anymore.

  12. Your parents are so stupid, I can’t believe these kinds people still exist and continue to exist. Dumbass parents getting mad at their own kid for being framed and being stupidly blind thinking the bad son is an angel that commits no sin. Those parents shouldn’t have children and shouldn’t exist.

  13. Her brother also simulates my little brother but when he is five he still hurts me and it hurts but i got over it ;-;

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