I Have 2 Boyfriends

I Have 2 Boyfriends

Hey Hey! I’m Catherine and I have two boyfriends. I know,I know it sounds crazy but it works well for me. My first boyfriend is Nicolas. He’s a total bad boy and I love it. He’s got tattos all over his body. He’s incredibly charming and he’s a real ladies man. Even though if we’re out together holding hands, he’ll still flirt with other girls. But I don’t mind. I mean, even though he sees other girls, he is always paying me compliments and telling me I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. Last weekend, he took me to a Ed Sheeran concert. And now we’re planning to fly to Costa Rica next summer. I can’t wait.We’re going to go jet skiing and diving and it’s going to be amazing. Of course some girls would get upset about him dating other girls but he’s always made it clear that we are only together to have fun. And trust me,we have a lot of fun. He’s not perfect though. I guess if he was,I wouldn’t need to date a second guy. Because he can be really immature at times. Like,one day he would send me a text about how much he’s thinking about me and then he would suddenly disappear for two weeks without a word. Nicolas can be frustrating but there’s something about him which keeps me coming back for more. I mean he’s so damn attractive! But I’d admit that someday, I need someone more reliable in my life which is why i’m also dating my other boyfriend ,Burke.He’s one of the sweetest kindest people you’ll ever meet. He’s always asking me how I am and making little gestures to let me know he’s thinking of me. Like, sending me flowers when we haven’t seen each other for a few days. While Nicolas is a real bad boy Burke is the opposite. He’s nothing but nice. He’s top of his class and he’s going to be a lawyer after he graduates. He does volunteer work in his spare time and he’s thinking about joining the Peace Corps for a few years before he starts practicing law.He’s just a thirly decent human being. Sounds like the perfect man. Right? Well,that’s the problem. He’s so perfect, it’s boring. He’s so worried about saying the right thing, he never relaxes and lets loose. Like,when we go out for dinner he gets annoyed if i laugh too loud because he’s all about fitting in and not making a fuss.I can’t remember the last time we went to a party together. Nicolas is the total opposite. He’s always joking around saying dumb things to make me laugh. He doesn’t care what other people think. He just wants to have fun Don’t get me wrong Burke has his moments but only when he’s drunk and he doesn’t drink that often.There was one time when we went to a restaurant with a live band for my birthday. I made him drink wine with me to celebrate because he’s not used to alcohol, he got so drunk that he went on stage and tried to sing with a band. It was so funny. Even though we got kicked out of the restaurant. I had a great time, but when Burke was sober the next day, he said he was really ashamed and swore it would never happen again. When I told him it was fine and he should relax, he said he didn’t want to emberrass himself again. It’s a real shame because if Burke wasn’t so uptight, maybe I’d ditch Nicolas and just date Burke. I mean I really do care about him, but I want someone who knows how to have fun as well to show their softer side. Dating both guys means i get to spend time with someone who’s fun and with someone who’s caring. And it’s not like I’m hurting anyone. Burke knows about Nicolas and although he’d rather be exclusive, he never stop me from seeing him because he wants me to be happy. I’ve decided that if I hit 36 and I still haven’t found that one man who has it all, than I’ll settle down for someone like Burke. At least he’s kind and caring and I know he’ll would be a good dad. Thank you for listening to my story! If you want more, please subscribe to this channel!

100 thoughts on “I Have 2 Boyfriends

  1. Don't post these kinda stories where it feels like true humanity is dying. Seriously she is cheating and in today's u have to teach something good other than for views

  2. Y'all should calm down. If her two "boyfriends" agree about having an open relationship then it's their choice and it's okay.

  3. Nice but you won't ever find a guy like you want because that's the nature of you, i am not saying whether you are bad or something evil, everyone has a right to live their life like they want to but the nature of your mind doesn't let you get satisfy if you a got something which you wished for.

  4. Well i guess If everyone is happy there is no big problem right? Ksksksks i kinda like this alternates life styles

  5. Doesn’t it seem like that one Friends episode were Phobe is date two guys the Teacher and the Firefighter? Not like exactly like the episode but like a little?

  6. Lol yeah he will send you a text about how much he’s thinking about you and then disappear for 2 weeks and go tell another girl how she’s the most beautiful girl in the world 😆 you are getting played hynà. And I’m sure he has lots of fun when he’s gone for that two weeks 🤣. How naive is this chick?

  7. Maybe you should not try to force Bernt but try to teach him its ok to be a little wild at times as long as no one is harmed or hurt and that soceity will judge you for anything you could be to perfect and be judged or to imperfect and be judged you get what I am getting at. Remember to love your neighbor as yourself.

  8. I think that that is so wrong of u to use two boys, if someone did that to u and later dumb u i dont think u Will like that so dont do that to other people

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