I Got One Of The Most Painful Tattoos In The World

I Got One Of The Most Painful Tattoos In The World

– Yeah, it hurt as hell. (laughing) It really hurts. (upbeat music) (speaking foreign language) I’m Susumu. This is my very first tattoo, I really didn’t know
what I was getting into when I started it. We are doing the final part,
which is filling the eyes, which is I believe the pin session. And each session was about three hours. I really didn’t have any
knowledge about Japanese tattoos. It was extremely painful. It was exactly what it seems like that somebody’s literally
poking you with the needles, and you have to just lay there, and you cannot move or scream. It was as bad as it sounds like, but I believe as he
progresses I get used to it at the same time that whole activity start to have a meaning to me. He start to have a really strong value to that compare to any other
painted or sculpted art that I haven’t seen or built myself. (upbeat music) – Yeah. Because that has to be him to do that, and he doesn’t do machines so. Yeah. I’m getting Hannya mask. Hannya mask is the mask used in Noh Play that is a traditional Japanese play that contains the negative emotion that usually people have, such
as anger, jealousy, grudge. (upbeat music) The reason why I picked
Hannya mask specifically is that I personally had
a anger management issue and I wanted to have all the angry and negative faces on my back, instead of having it on my face. Every time I look at this
anger management piece, I think I’m gonna remember
that year of torture that I took from my best friend. – Yeah, it hurt as hell. (laughing) It really hurts. Yeah, it hurts, but it’s in a good way. But it really hurts actually. (upbeat music) – Yeah. Actually because it
may be my last session. (speaking foreign language) Yeah, my first was crazy. – Yeah, actually I told him I
think you’re doing it wrong. (laughing) (upbeat music) – I’m happy. (laughing) Finally. – Yeah, I guess so. I think that’s something that
I’m gonna learn after this, but right now I’m very
happy that I’m done. (upbeat music) – Hey. Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. Subscribe here.
– Subscribe here. That was my part.

100 thoughts on “I Got One Of The Most Painful Tattoos In The World

  1. I have half a wing done on my back right now and I can say that it is a painful part to get tattooed with a modern tattoo gun, I can only imagine just how much more painful this is

  2. To be honest, I wouldn't expect someone like Susumu to speak English THAT well. But obviously he exceeds my expectations.

  3. Machine tattoos actually hurt more and take longer to heal. Poke tattoos don't pull and rip your skin like machines do. It simply 'pokes'. No scabbing at all and a quick heal.

  4. No black and grey tattoo hurts no matter where you get it… its only when a colpured tattoo gets into the thirsmd hour plus, is when it really hurts

  5. Tattooing is one thing, but these type of artists have to have a VERY steady arm and hand to not slip up. Also, I'm pretty sure it's a good workout for your arms tattooing this way.

  6. I use traditional rake and strike. Hand done tattoos if anything are less painful. Maybe not initially but the healing process is much easier due to less bruising.

  7. I have over 20 tattoos, big ones. I got my chest both machine and bamboo, also my shoulder, and the traditional style actually hurts less, way less. The thing it takes too long

  8. People are saying he’s stabbing him with a screw driver. It may be a handle that looks like a screw driver handle, but I assure you it’s a proper needle.

  9. A tattoo artist who tattoos with a screwdriver and has anger management. Let’s just hope he doesn’t upset him😂

  10. I'm curious because I've always wanted a tattoo. Can you numb your body wherever you want to get it or you just have to deal with pain 💀😂

  11. I just went to a tattoo con and got tattooed like this for 10 hours straight. It looks brutal but it is less painful then a machine in my opinion. Feel free to ask any questions!

  12. what's the name of this tattoo?, it's pretty nice i'd like to find the stencil for it or the name so i can tell my tattoo parlor !

  13. I actually got one of these. Definitely smaller but for me it was not that painful comparable to normal stick and poke 🤷🏻‍♂️ but maybe I was just lucky or I don’t feel it too much

  14. I think this is awesome . It's beautiful , takes hard work , talent, dedication and trust in the artist as obviously not just any tattoo artist can do this .

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