100 thoughts on “i got cheated on but that’s okay

  1. Tana, everything you've mentioned in this video is EXACTLY what I'm going through at this very moment & to hear you reiterate what I'm feeling makes it just that little bit more bearable. Thank you

  2. ik that im really late but it is ok for you to feel like this, we cannot expect you to be a bad bitch all the time. not that your emotions make you any less. don’t try to numb the pain and be someone that you’re not because that is not fair to yourself. i see through the way that you try to portray yourself and i feel very similar to you. but im here for you and ANY version of yourself that you want to be. we always have your back, don’t forget that

  3. Tana I just got cheated on for the first time and instantly came here I need to bounce back and boss up like you did I’m so hurt it’s so painful but I know I will get better and do better

  4. It happens, get over it. I've been cheating on my girlfriend for six weeks now. It's not my fault, I'm just so confused. The way I see it, if she finds out and has a problem with it, she can leave me. However if she gives me shit about it, I will leave her. I've already let all my single friends know that she may be DTF will all of them to get back at me so it's a win win for all of us.

  5. Dear tana u are a great person and i have seen u grow up so much even if i have never been in a relationship even if i am 12 okay i love u tana millons of kids love u u not inspration cause u are down you are a inspertion to millons of kids cause u are strong and guess what u with jake now and u never know if a person is ever loyal but i love u tana u are strong❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘

  6. It took me a while to watch this video cause in the subject of love I'm the same way as you and that intro…REALLY fucking hit


  7. You, and this whole community is a joke. My life was ruined by the abrupt and untimely demise of my relationship ending, I was in the right, i was the punching bag and scape goat for a whole family, who now derives on being fake, while I get more and more clinical the longer I'm forced to live alone. You, Women, deserve nothing. You Women deserve to be treated how you treat us men.

  8. Tana it's okay to want to go back to that, but your mindset can be changed over time. When my first boyfriend breaks up with me, (I'm only 13 haha) I'm gonna focus on my friends, cry next to the TV eating a tub of chocolate ice cream in my fuzzy pjs and be content. I know it's hard at this point, but it gets better. Try to ignore the bad people, and spend some time with people who care about you and have supported you through your toughest times. I know tana/you are already married to jake, but this goes out to everyone. It's not your fault.

  9. Tana, I am going through my boyfriend cheating me. This is the second time I have caught him, we live together I am struggling so hard dealing with this. I relate to this so fucking hard. It fucking kills… I saw this video when it first came out and before I was aware of anything.. and for some reason I came back today to feel like I need to hear the right thing I guess.. sorry if this doesn’t make sense I am crying so hard.. thanks for your content I love you. Thanks for being real ❤️.

  10. Gurl, u r just human. u r so young. quit letting ppl get to ya. I'm 35 years old. been thru shit and back. believe me. Hope u and jake r doing well. I'm not 13 but I still follow ya. Stay strong. always.


  12. what i dont get is she says Brad in this like 50 times yet you guys all comment saying Jake Paul.
    She literally isn't talking about him?
    Jake hasn't cheated on her he came after Brad .-. theres a video called my rebound Jake Paul??

  13. She lien about who it is! Its jake not brad she just said tommorw I have a comedy skit tommorw! Umm same lime green nails as the vedio with jake talking about his bed! And I do feel like her and jake do have some type of feels for each other!!!

  14. And jake would be shit to GROWNup not even teens PRETEENS lol you make him seem a lilvgrown up so older can even relate to him his fuked up family aka jeffery star and help your career being w/ him? naw! you was helping him by being with him bc we all know they all related and in business together TANA don't let them change YOU!

  15. I saw on brad's video "i'm sorry" i saw a comment thats says tana said he fuckt me with a toothbrush and im not willing watch this entire vid for that so if someone can link the time where it is then plz do

  16. But what I still don't understand (super irrelevent) is why don't you just get lash extensions? I feel like it would he easier than you using adhesive fake lashes. Love you Tana!!😘

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  20. You fucked up you got married way too young now you're probably going to get Knocked Up and end up fat and ugly and you're going to give this idiot the best years of your life I always tell young people not to get married in their teens or early 20s you shouldn't even be thinking about marriage till your over 25 because 90% of marriages under 25 don't last and aren't worth the paper the marriage license was printed on I'm not a fan of yours at all I think you guys are the epitome of trailer park trash but if I were you girl I would get away from this fool because he's going to drive you into the ground he's a psychopath megalomaniac spoiled over-privileged trailer park piece of shit

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  22. JERK. You delegated way too much, way too soon at 22?!?! Don’t go “ NIXON” on our asses. Hold the tears. Watch out when you make a LOT of money and delegate because you may feel high and mighty when no one should. You’re ok Tana. TEACH TEACH TEACH – don’t patronize, don’t be a bitch, don’t be all lightly, BE HUMBLE. Take it all in – this is not about YOU. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. No one hurt you. You made the choices.

  23. Ok and NOW?!?!? it’s not about your breakup. We’re still on TANACON bullshit.! If you’re so fucking uncomfortable with people watching?!?! Then, get off the fucking net and don’t post – Hello?!

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  26. im going through a breakup right now and immediately came to watch this video, i love you so much tana and i love u no matter what and you always help me find my happy place and make me realize my self-worth🖤🖤

  27. I think getting cheated on in the past can be damaging to future relationships and it worries me. That is why I had to take 5 years off no dating no anything…. Just talking to a poet and pretending to be engaged because it was too difficult to address the aftermath.

  28. Even though It's obvious that in this situation her ex deserved what treatment he got from her in return for being a cheater… I think its worth remembering that when you get involved with someone who's famous/has a large following and you DON'T…..your opinion just wont matter to the public no matter who is truly at fault. It's sad but true that getting involved with a celebrity even if its just youtube/social media can end horribly for you. People get angry, jealous, potentially out of control…..and if that person has a huge following that can support them and send unimaginable amounts of hate to the person who hurt them….regardless of who is really in the wrong (if anyone) they might just do it. Be careful is all im saying.

  29. I think. U should get back to brad an break up with jake he leak ur number an thats a bad boyfriend slash husband if u did the same thing to him an it was the oppisite he would be fuckin piss so hes a terrible husband

  30. i just got cheated on and came here first- i didn’t know how to handle the entire situation, i’m empty and numb but this helped me so much- just knowing i’m not alone :/

  31. "He pretty much wanted all or nothing". That's how narcissists trick you into thinking their intentions are real. It's sad cause I went through the same thing.

  32. Why would Jake do that to you all you need to do is talk about it and if he doesn't respond find someone else to love (not in a mean way)I did that when my boyfriend said he didn't love me my friends told me and I was Devastated I cried and I'm only 9 years old and my friend said find someone better and I said there's no one else like him we go to the same school live next to each other and at school we have never talked since I did so much for him in those moments I did everything for him and I realized he liked my friend and she liked him they have never told each other all the person that needs to break up should tell them so they know I think you should live your life find someone better that's my main message love you so much 🧡💛💚💙💜♥️I feel the same 😟😟☹️☹️😭you be you,you are so beautiful I don't know who would break up with you

  33. Like and subscribe on my new acc. Please I need help with suggestions, lighting, video tips, and anything else you guys have advise for me 🙂 I’m weird and proud so all good vibes please

  34. I know this video is old, but one quote I learned from my mom about getting through a breakup or a heartbreak.
    You didn’t fall in love overnight, and you won’t fall out overnight. Keep your head held high.

  35. i am one of your younger veiwers and i can already relate to half the stuff you said and you honestly helped me a lot i needed you to be here for me and tell me some advice and not to just go back so thank you so much i really appreciate you and love you

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