I Got An Under Eye Tear Trough Filler | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I Got An Under Eye Tear Trough Filler | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I am not a fan of needles. I cry when the doctor has to draw blood. So I am very terrified about putting needles in my face. When I was younger I was always against plastic surgery. I thought, “Why don’t people don’t just like who they are, the way they are?” When I was being treated by an acupuncturist, without me being aware of my dark circles, he pointed them out to me and said if you eat a few servings of fish a week that’ll go away. My name is Jennifer. I’m 36 years old and today I’m getting tear trough fillers. As I am approaching 40 I do start to rethink my thought of never doing any cosmetic procedure. I don’t wear makeup so this is an alternative to that. Something to boost up my appearance as I’m getting older. I do hope that it will reduce the amount that I am self-conscious about my dark circles. I don’t know that it will, but I am willing to try. I love the under eye filler procedure because the results are really instantaneous. Hi, I’m Dr. Annie Chiu and I am a board-certified dermatologist at the Derma Institute. I went to Stanford for medical school and I’ve been practicing cosmetic dermatology for 10 years now. Some people genetically just have a little bit more hollowing under the eye. Knowing that it does dissolve naturally over time, can you tell based on my skin type how long it might last? Yeah, under eye fillers typically last between nine months to a year for the average person. It can be longer if you’ve done it over a period of time. I’ve never had any cosmetic treatment before. Invasive or non-invasive. Alright. I do anticipate being very nervous. We put a little numbing under the eye. And then use a little tiny pilot needle just to create a tiny opening. And then we insert a flexible tube-like structure, it’s kind of like a straw, called a micro cannula. And you just glide under and place the hyaluronic filler where the defect is. You’re doing great. Little pressure. Do I look like an alien? No you don’t, it looks awesome. We’ll get to the other side and we’ll make it smooth and easy. You should feel a little pinch. We’re done! We are going to ice the area. It was uncomfortable. I definitely felt the pressure and I felt a little pain. Looks awesome. Afterwards though, I mean, it’s amazing the difference. That’s so crazy. I corrected her today enough so she could definitely see a result right off the bat. I think it’s important to do it in stages so you don’t over traumatize and have too much swelling. The difference that it made is huge to me. I love dermatology because we are honored to be able to make patients feel more confident and fabulous about who they are in their skin. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos click here. To subscribe click here.

100 thoughts on “I Got An Under Eye Tear Trough Filler | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

  1. I've always wondered if this procedure existed, I wear glasses and I have always been self conscious of my under eye "dents" but I don't think I have the balls to follow through.

  2. Totally off topic, but how cool is it to have "Denmark" as your last name? As a Danish person I would love it!

  3. I love the content, just not the sound effects. Too loud, too unnecessary. They can be cool if it wasn't so loud and not as overused in my opinion

  4. Haha, I loved the sound effects! The lady looked 6 yrs younger, rested and fresh but I would seriously run out the door if my doctor looked like she had gone overboard on fillers and botox on herself. That is anti-advertising for me. Like «watch me, I have no facial expression and my fillers are uneven and causes lumps under my skin. Do you want to look like me?»

  5. She is brave but was breathing like she was going to have a heart attack there!
    Glad she is happy w/the results. I would be way too scared to do that!

  6. Ummmmm I think the Dr. needs to see somebody. Her face looks like too many things have been done. I wouldn’t trust her 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. So interesting! I have exactly the same dark circles problem and I thought about trying this one day, when it'll get, let's say, problematic.

    It's also crazy in the video seeing the pupils contracting from fear and then the shot with the loud breathing.

  8. Why everybody is saying she looks much younger when to me she seems way older than her actual age,she has a lot more little wrinkles for 36 y.o I think it's due to her skin type

  9. I actually liked the sound effects in the beginning. But not in every god damn video its getting very repetitive and predictable atm

  10. I have severe hollowness under both eyes but my right eye is much worse than the left. It looks not good at all. My face looks lopsided because of this.

  11. I have tear troughs too, and I've always hated them. Mine are much deeper than hers. I don't mind the darkness because you can hide that with concealer but concealer can't hide the hollowness/the groove which is what actually bothers me :/ maybe in the future ill consider this procedure

  12. Does refinery not listen to their viewers…everyone has been complaining about those nasty sound effects! Facking do something!

  13. Made me queasy seeing that needle move in her under eye area! But the results were amazing! Big noticeable difference. A video on laugh lines???

  14. Fuck it, I love the sound effects! I think they really enhance the video. We’re watching closeups of people having procedures done, sound effects aren’t the weirdest things here. They’ve been included in every video in this series, clearly they’re here to stay 🙂

  15. Are their certain eye creams that can help at younger age ..because im 19 but have dark circles and no matter what i do they dont go ..need help!??

  16. Thank you so much! I've been looking into this recently. I have an enlarged under eye vain under both eyes my whole life, even as a baby.

  17. It’s so sad that people don’t get that it dissolves into body…..the body still takes and processes the toxins. Your liver and organs….Good luck

  18. The doctor did a very good job. She looks much younger and naturally so. This is how celebrities maintain their “youthful” appearance. Sure, genetics plays a part, but most of them have procedures like this done as they age.

  19. how much does it cost? I'd like to operate someone like her because she has experienced cosmetic procedures on herself regardless of the result.

  20. She doesn’t even have any visible dark circles… bit of an insult to people with actual noticeable dark circles (like myself).

  21. 2 weeks ago I did the same thing but for reshaping my nose and it really changed my confidence in me. Amazing how little changes makes you smile so bright

  22. Everyone is just gonna ignore that comment about eating fish a couple times a week will get rid of the dark undereye circles??? What! Mind blown! I’m gonna try that!

  23. I just want to see the before and after of fillers under the eyes. They really tried making getting fillers an emotional experience. 🙄

  24. Can the filling move? Can there be any adverse effect to your eyes/sight? What was actually inside the syringe? After the filling goes down, will there be more sag to the skin?
    Thank-you 🌷

  25. Why the hell u made it as a horror scene it’s just a 2 minutes procedure that doesn’t hurt, the music and the slow motion effect 🤔

  26. Had the potential to be a GREAT showcase video, but the sound effects were so off putting. And the shots of her eyes dilating. Dial it back!!!!!

  27. I got cheekbone filler cause I had a small dent , now the dent looks worse 🙁 and it’s bruised . How long until all this goes away? The doctor says it’s cause of swelling

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