I Got A Makeover In 3 Different U.S. Cities

I Got A Makeover In 3 Different U.S. Cities

Hello Friends and welcome to another video! This week, I’m gonna be getting a makeover in three different US cities. So I’ve been curious to see how style varies in different places and in this case I want to see how it varies in different regions of the US. So to do this I chose three different cities that are all pretty far away from each other Pretty big and pretty different And I’ve also never been to any of them before so we’re gonna be traveling to these three cities and teaming up with a local Who can help show us their hometown stylist. Now of course you can’t boil down an entire city style into just one outfit But we’re gonna try and get a sense of the general vibes and feel of the city, so three cities, three looks, let’s do this. So the first stop on our trip was Miami, Florida. In Miami we stayed in south beach, which is usper fun but I think Self-identifies as a touristy area. We saw a lot of swimsuits swimsuit cover ups Pastel buildings and in general soaked in a lot of Miami Vice vibes and for our Miami inspired outfit We met up with Kelly Sax – a local fashion blogger who agreed to show us the ropes. Hi, I’m Kelly Sax, born and raised here in Miami, I’m a local fashion blogger and wardrobe stylist and today We are at Boho Hunter, which is one of my very favorite stores in all of Miami; and we are in the heart of Winwood. Okay, Kelly, so we’re here in our first store. Where should we begin with this outfit? You tell me where are we going. For all of the outfits I wanted an everyday street wear look that drew on the characteristics of the city But also something that wasn’t just like an evening gown Something that somebody could wear on a day-to-day basis. So Boho Hunter is a really special store. It was started by five girlfriends in here from all over Latin America, and they basically brought their favorite designers from their countries here in one boutique. I love these bags. This is a bag, right? Yeah, almost looks like a lantern. Yeah, they’re like art pieces, honestly. They’re so gorgeous. In Miami style is very heavily influenced by a Latin America, we are the gateway to Latin America, so it’s spicy, it’s sexy and it’s vibrant. I think I realized pretty quickly I wasn’t gonna be leaving Miami with an all-black outfit. I am obviously a little out of my element with lots of color. This is something that is so not uniquely, but very Miami – the off-the-shoulder buffle top. This is a staple for Miami girls. You have to have at least one. And in my case probably like 20. Shall we try it? Yeah, definitely, maybe some pants or a skirt to go with it. No, no, no, the skirt? The skirt. Oh, bikini bottom! Okay. Kelly might have been joking there but I think there were a lot of things that were actually meant to be paired with swimsuits. This is a little bit sheer, so to me this would be maybe more of a cover-up, like if you’re on the beach you can wear this to grab lunch, over your bikini. Oh, and they actually have a matching bikini right here. We also picked up a couple of two-piece patterned sets. But it’s just like daytime pajamas. All right, that sounds up my alley. it sounds a queer with heels because if not it’s just like way too pajama not Birkenstocks You know I think we have a good selection. Let’s see oh yeah I wouldn’t we definitely I’ve full so we finally headed to the fitting room. This is going very slowly The curtain is not drawing quickly. That’s supposed to be dramatic yes We ended up having a bunch of different options to choose from the pajamas This is pretty cool Makes me look a little tan which is confusing and Kelly also brought over some eye-catching Accessories of which I really loved this straw crossbody bag and almost got stuck inside of this gold bangle wait. No I got it Of all of the things we tried on my favorite was the white and blue 2-piece set It’s a little like Princess Jasmine to me I think it’s because of the roundness of the pant and it’s very Miami the fabric is really lightweight You can do this with your flats. I won’t make you wear heels with this I can wear Birkenstocks with this. Let me get him We also bopped over to another store nearby just so Kelly could show us the full range of miami fashion Okay, so we are at style Macchio It is owned by one of my dear friends, Simona, and not just because she’s my friend, but she has some pretty cool Ship style mafia had less of the Latin American Inspired Beach wear and was filled with more just generally interesting edgy pieces but it was cool to see a homegrown Miami brand and we quickly collected a Giant pile of things to try on it’s happened so fast Good you look like 10 minute Kelly is a professional some of which had those bright colors and tropical vibes Kelly had talked about earlier and some of which Didn’t I feel like straight-up medieval maybe more Renaissance II than medieval to be fair, but you know something? But in the end we decided to go with our favorite from boho Hunter the two-piece set your princess jasmine moments exactly And we also got the like straw crossbody the must-have piece So I also asked Kelly how to complete our head to toe Miami Transformation so for shoes I would do like a pretty sandal, maybe even something metallic like a gold for your makeup I would keep it glowy dewy with a little bit of lip gloss a little mascara Highlight awesome well. Thank you so much Kelly. This is such an awesome outfit I’m so glad you came to me and Ally Tyler at home next time. We’ll have a girls night So with our hall from boho Hunter in hand we found the final pieces of the outfit Shopping around our hotel in South Beach, and then the next day We were ready to take our outfit out on the town Okay, so this is my Miami inspired outfit so part of the hope was that I might blend in as a local But unfortunately it happened to be one of the coldest days in recent memory So I was pretty much the only one dumb enough to wear head to toe linen There’s a nice breeze flowing through it’s not necessarily the most welcome breeze But I feel like on any other day in Miami It would be the outfit included the two-piece suit and straw bag that we got with Kelly as well as gold sandals a gold bangle These sunglasses and this minimal, but highlighted makeup look I don’t know if you can see the highlight because I can’t see the screen, but there’s some on there and I think Besides the fact that it was freezing the items went pretty well together the bow also stops the bag from falling off you shall not pass Is what the bow says to the bag one of my favorite items was the pants which were sort of? Spacious like MC Hammer pants something about the pants are kind of like horizontal, so I keep traveling this way I think this outfit does incorporate a lot of the things that Kelly said was iconic about Miami street fashion Definitely the fabric and the pattern has given me some beachy vibes. I almost feel like someone’s umbrella I’m honestly excited to get this outfit back to LA because I feel like it would also work well on a West Coast beach and 364 days out of the year It’s probably a perfect outfit for Miami right now. You look how I want the weather to feel ditto. Here’s your parka back This is the bomb cyclone I don’t know when this videos coming out, but it’s early January and the East Coast is being buffeted by a cold wind So our next stop was Dallas Texas in Dallas we stayed in the Uptown neighborhood which is sort of young urban Professional II it’s got a lot of shops and restaurants and seemingly a decent amount of happy hours But for our Dallas inspired outfit. We met up with local fashion blogger Aimee havens. Hi I’m Aimee havens, and I’m the fashion lifestyle blogger behind, Dallas wardrobe calm today We’re at market in Highland Park Village. Which is a personal favorite store of mine? it’s Located in the heart of Dallas Fun fact about Highland Park Village where this store market is it was one of the first shopping centers in America all right Amy? Where should we begin with our Dallas inspired outfit? I say we should begin right where we are right now with these women mazing shirts I would say Dallas style is classic sophisticated with just a tiny bit of edge these shirts look great They’re very soft as I stroke the entirety of them with my whole arm it looks very as you said like classic But it also looks really put together and it would go perfect with some denim because Dallas is all about that denim so to satisfy the Dallas demand for denim amy armed us with a large supply of jeans to go into the fitting room a dumpster of denim a tangle of denim like a multiple denims like a gaggle of geese She also wanted to make sure we had the right boots to complement her jeans both as any boots are so common I almost wore mine today, so no cowboy boots stuff I mean but she was very clear on the fact that even though jeans and boots were very popular in Dallas Cowboys were not Unless you’re talking about the football team You will not see a horse anywhere in these parts so with our horse sighting dreams dashed We moved on to the accessories. We’re on the earring mission. Amy’s found some that are almost identical to hers What are you talking about? These are way different in Dallas? I think Accessories are so important to your outfit because you can take the simplest outfit and just throw on like a beautiful earring Or a fun bracelet, or a cool necklace, and it completes the look everything’s bigger in, Texas So you wear two pairs of sunglasses? Before heading into the fitting room Amy also threw a couple of frocks my way now you need a party dress Oh, okay, are we partying no? But we can wear a dress and look like we just went to one so with our jeans and dresses in hand we started to Try them all on okay when you come out you have to say howdy I’ll try maybe even throw in a yawl howdy y’all Did I do it right first we went for all the different separates? We had pulled and I think indeed denim on denim. I did look a little bit like a cowgirl like an uptown cowgirl That’s the unwritten Billy Joel song. Yeah, but in the sweater. I looked a little bit more like Amy hello My name’s Amy How are you but in my opinion the stripey button-down top captured the classic look amy was talking about the most I like this outfit. Honestly, and I think she approved Dallas Boom so after the separates we tried on a few of the party dresses that amy picked out tada whoa Baby, you look like you’re out of a Western. Yeah a little like a saloon ish yeah Baby, so excited about that But in the end even though the saloon vibes were hard to say no to we went for the classic stripy Button-down top and a pair of Amy’s favorite earrings. I feel like the gray ones Maybe you’ll be able to see in my hair What do you think I mean were you born and raised and sexist how do you know y’all was that a good? How do y’all the best I ever heard? Okay, so we’ve got her shirt and our earrings, and I’ve got my marching orders for jeans and over-the-knee brown boots What else should we do to like complete the look like? What do you think for like makeup or anything like that? I would say, maybe like a cold tote You can kind of do a few different things with makeup I would say kind of more of like a nude lip and a soft eye and bronzer I think we can pull that off totally Kim, okay, awesome. Thank you so much, baby This is great fun. Shopping with you, and I’m so excited to make you more, Dallas E so after parting ways with Amy We went to the North Park shopping center to get the rest of the outfit and with those items We were ready to explore the city, okay So this is my Dallas inspired outfit so in the end the outfit included the earrings and the shirt from Market and the jeans Boots and tote we bought from the mall and for my makeup as Amy suggested. I went for a nude lip color a soft Eye, and a decent amount of bronzer overall I think that the stars of this outfit were the boots which I liked very much But I don’t think they liked me just tying up my boots again Come on time and of course the earrings I keep being reminded that they’re there when they sort of fluff up against my sideburns He’s here to take the contour off my hairy face So first we took our outfit around the Uptown neighborhood where we were staying where we found a canine Cantina Which awoke something inside of me someone must have two dogs or an extra dog you want to go this way? That’s somebody’s dog is a collar on him so before I stole someone’s dog I just I feel like it would go really well with the outfit Tyler quickly Swept me away to the bishop arts neighborhood south of downtown It was described to me as a hipster II part of town But it looks super cool a lot of good brick walls that I want to stand in front of I’m sorry. I do think that this outfit that we put together fix Amy’s classic with an edge Description I think that like the earrings Definitely bring that little extra something and I think also the height of the boos it seems the boots are a little higher and the earrings a little fluffier in Texas and Besides the style tips Amy did teach me one other thing. That’s stuck Howdy y’all oh, they’re gonna get kicked out of Texas howdy friends howdy welcome to another video Oh my god so for our third and final stop. We headed to Portland, Oregon We were on the Oregon Trail so we stayed in the Pearl district on the west side of Portland near downtown Portland is divided by a big river in the middle so you have an east side and a west side and a lot of bridges in between and for our Portland inspired outfit We met up with Tanya Smith who is the blogger behind the moptop? My name is Tanya Smith And I’m a fashion blogger here in Portland Oregon. We are at the house of vintage on Hawthorne Street It’s a really popular place for locals to go and go thrifting Hawkins Street is on the east side of the city Next to a dormant volcano Mount Tabor I know things about Portland Wikipedia told me those things okay, Tanya So thank you for helping us out today. We’re here in this giant vintage store Where should we begin with our Portland outfit 2f9 flannels flannels? I feel like this is more like 80s prom wear Yeah, how do you find the flannels here? But somewhere Portland is very sustainable as a city So I feel like Drifting kind of goes hand in hand with that a lot of the people that live here like to go thrifting because they can find One-of-a-kind pieces that you can’t find you know at any other store So yeah very Portland II so as we beelined for flannels I could already tell it was a popular choice We have already seen two flannels in the store already on people and we quickly found them off of people as well all right So what’s like the quintessential color? in my head It’s red Definitely red, maybe green. All right so with a flannel What would you put it with? Denim. denim and some rugged boots because there’s so many like places in Portland that you can go on hikes or go out in nature I Feel like in the vintage store, we kept falling into the next Item we did so before I knew it we were just in a mountain of geez I feel like you need Levi’s the cool thing About these ones is they have that like rustic look on them There’s all a lot of people in Portland that ride motorcycles Mopeds and that sort of thing so I feel like that kind of goes with their look also with these fit me so Somebody once told me that if you wrap around the waist Around your neck and it fits then it means that the jeans are gonna fit you straight All right these wrap around my neck. So after finding some flannels and some jeans we began searching for a vintage graphic tee. That would look cool underneath the flannels Tyler is a big fan of this. He keeps asking me to just bring it out We also spotted some denim jackets so that could be kind of cool to like with the denim This and then this it seems like denim is also pretty popular in Portland Would you wear that much denim you think? I would. But overall it has a bit of a different feel from the denim from Dallas So I feel like Portland is everyday Transition to hike than wear this to the bar there you go there you go. That’s all I wanted cool This is great stuff though. Should we try these on? Yeah. Let’s do it. so with our pile of things we found ourselves in the fitting room once again And the lumberjack vibes were plentiful. I feel pretty rugged. Hey Jack. I look like you’re gonna. Let go chop some wood I think out of all the flannels the green one was Tonya’s and my favorite and I did manage to get myself into this button-fly actually I fought it I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to get me out again So I think we’re gonna have to buy these in but it and she really liked the denim Sherpa jacket, too Safiye big Billy from stranger Yes, so do you think we should get both like the flannel and the jacket I think so I feel like you could like layer I’m together to just layers layer on layer on there so we went with both of them But skipped on the Donald Duck graphic tee to each their own There’s somebody there that will love that so I think he’s right there Who am I kidding we’ve definitely bought it, but just not for this video We still needed a graphic tee for this outfit, though So we headed to another vintage store to continue the search we are at red light Which is just down the street from where we were before let’s check it out so the first t-shirt We found was for me bikes and whiskey ice that is very importantly Yes, and the second t-shirt we found was for tanya is that Backstreet Boy, yeah? You know that is a vintage band, too But I think we both thought that a lighter colored t-shirt would work best under the green flannel we saw this the who shirt from Across the room and it’s pretty legit we need it and in the end we went with that one So I think that we’ve got most of the outfit here so to complete the outfit What do you think I should do for like makeup and? Or a bag um I would definitely say overall kind of like for your face Natural look if you want to go kind of out of the box, maybe like a cat eye. I like doing that and then for the bag I would say definitely like a tooled leather bag cross body that way You know it’s just easy to kind of like walk around with awesome. Well. Thank you Tanya. Yeah, thank you guys so much Yeah, hope I represented Portland well. I think you did a great job. I’m excited to get on the mountain Yeah, you’ll be ready after picking up the finishing touches on Northwest 23rd Avenue We were ready to hit the town and the trails this is mountain mama mountain trolls Yeah, okay So this is our Portland inspired outfit this outfit includes our flannel sure Pat jacket boots and button-fly jeans That I’m never getting off as well as this graphic tee crossbody bag and casual but I’ll I nerd make up look There’s a lot of denim going on for sure I do like that. There’s like you know some dirt Details yes So yeah, I’ve been on this mountain for years I think we were capturing that Portland outdoorsy feel even if I’m not really equipped for mountain life Hi Sofia. If you run into a brown bear. What do you do? Yell fetal position. Oh if you run into a black bear. What do you do know they get big? You see me you yell So as Tonya suggested we got the sharper jacket and the flannel to sort of like trade off or in the case of The mountain you could just wear them all at the same time right now. We have bundled Safi both layers. Are you cold? Well, you’re off the man And I think as Tonya hoped we were able to transition from mountain to coffee shop to bookstore pretty easily Yeah, they’re gonna take the whose shirt away from you and our exploration of the city was aided by the fact that it miraculously for January and Portland wasn’t raining. We’ve heard It’s good weather in Portland this weekend, so I think we’re you know getting some nice dry flannel times Yeah, but we couldn’t hike around for too long because we had a flight to catch Should we go to the airport. Yes, all right, let’s go running late all right So those were my three different city makeovers of the three cities I think Miami had the most different style with its bright colors and patterns and sort of swimsuit cover-ups That is a slip all the way up the side But though Dallas and Portland were a little more similar in that they both favored jeans I think they had pretty different attitudes towards their denim with Dallas being more clean-cut and Portland having more of a biker slash hiker feel so after traveling 2752 miles we ended up with three outfits that were pretty unique and different from each other and that each told a little bit of A story of the city they were from but despite all of those miles traveled somehow the exact same weather followed us wherever we went so we went to Miami and it was cold and now we’re in Portland and it’s nice and warm but The plot twist is that it was exactly the same temperature in both cities and the second plot twist is that it was pretty much The same temperature in Dallas as well all three cities the same temperature like 55 and sunny yeah Thank you guys so much for watching and a big. Thank you to Kelly Amy and Tonya I’ve put their links in the description below so make sure to check out their instagrams and their blogs they’re all down there also I’d love to know where you guys think we should go next for another style travel exploration if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to Chumash that subscribe button a big shout out to oatmeal milk for watching Thanks for watching oatmeal milk, and I will see you guys next time

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