I Got A Lip Blush Tattoo For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

I Got A Lip Blush Tattoo For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Your lips do have a lot of nerve endings in
them, so they can be a little bit sensitive to get tattooed. Luckily, with the numbing cream we use though,
you’re just going to feel a little bitty sharp sting and that’s about it. I’m AnnaRose Kern and today I’m getting the
lip blush tattoo procedure. I want to get the lip blush tattoo procedure because I naturally have a really pale lip color. I have had some permanent makeup done before. I have my eyebrows microbladed. That was my first time getting permanent makeup and I love it. It totally changed my life. It made me feel so much more confident. As a makeup artist, I’ve heard a lot of people
be really nervous about permanent makeup because they’re scared that it’s going to heal and
look really bad. And I know that, now on the market, the pigments
that they have are, you know, so much better than what was around even five years ago. I love my lips. I’m lucky to have very nice lips, naturally,
but they are really pale. And I feel like sometimes if I don’t have
lipstick on, I kind of look a little bit washed out. I feel like this procedure will make me really
confident. I feel like I’ll look a little bit more vibrant. I think lip blush tattooing is kind of a newer
approach to traditional lip tattooing. It’s made to be a little bit softer, a little
more sheer, and it really ages well with you, as well. I’m Nora Grace and I’m a cosmetic tattoo artist
and partner at Fiction Cosmetic Tattooing in Echo Park. I’ve been doing cosmetic tattooing for about
four years now. Callie and I started Fiction Cosmetic Tattooing
just to create this really warm and welcoming space where people feel comfortable to come
and get tattooed. We know getting cosmetic tattooing can kind
of be a nerve wracking thing. So coming to this really nice, beautiful environment
really helps soothe people. And we try to offer a wide range of services
for all different types of people so that whatever you want, we can provide it for you. I personally have a lip blush tattoo. I think lip blush tattooing is really popular
right now because it just gives you that no-makeup makeup look. It’s not like old school lip tattoos where
it’s really harsh and looks like lip liner or lipstick. It more so just looks like your lip color,
but better. The pigments that we use in lip blush tattooing are really kind of based on the existing undertones and the client’s natural lips and then based
off of their target color. I show AnnaRose a lot of different color
options that she can choose from. I’ll custom mix the color based on your skin
tone and the undertones existing in your lip. But I like to know kind of the target color
that you’re looking for. I think this one and this one look the most
like that lip liner that I love. Totally. Perfect. I love that. I am a little nervous about having a needle
near my lips. I’ve never had them injected or anything,
so I don’t actually know what that feels like. Bring on the numbing cream, extra numbing
cream for me. First, I lay down Anna and start drawing the
shape of her lips. I stay inside of her natural lip border and
just really define the edges, so I know exactly where and where not to tattoo. After I perfect AnnaRose’s shape, I carefully
apply numbing cream to the lips, cover it with plastic, and then she gets to numb for
about 20 to 30 minutes. After AnnaRose numbs, I begin to etch in
an outline. This just helps me really lock in the shape
of her lips so that I don’t lose it while I’m tattooing. While performing the procedure, I will numb
AnnaRose again after each pass of shading, just to make sure that she stays really nice
and comfortable. The shading process is pretty slow as I’m
slowly building up the saturation of color in AnnaRose’s lips. I use a really quiet and gentle machine so
it’s not rattly and scary like your traditional tattoo machine, but there is a little bit of a sound and a little
bit of vibration. After a few passes of shading with my first
needle, I then switch over to a different type of needle that I really like to use. Just kind of helps me even everything out. After I have reached the desired amount of
saturation, I like to put a little bit of a moisturizer on AnnaRose’s lips and just
let it sit for a couple minutes so they can get really nice and plump. Next, I just clean up her lips, sit AnnaRose
up and have her take a look at her fresh lip tattoo. Okay AnnaRose, are you ready to see your new lips? Yes, I’m ready. Go ahead and take a look. Oh my god. Oh, they look so good. The swelling is natural. It’ll go down in just a couple hours. Oh my god. I can’t get over the color. It’s perfect. Yay! Lips are usually peeled in about a week, but
they’re not fully healed and ready for a touch-up for two months. Your skin kind of goes through a couple of
stages of regenerating itself and rebuilding. So we really want to wait those two months
to truly assess the full healed color before you come back for another session. A lot of times if they just need a little
bit more definition in their border or if they want to bump up the color a little bit,
we’ll have them come back in for a second session. Otherwise, they’re good for about two to five
years till they need to come back for an annual refresh. The actual procedure on my lips initially
felt a little bit like somebody was writing on me with a really sharp pen. At first it was a little bit uncomfortable,
but then she added more numbing, and by the end of the procedure I couldn’t feel anything
at all. The healing process… I feel like Nora was super honest with me
about what it was going to be. The first day the color was really bright
and I was a little bit scared. But every day the color got more and more
natural and my lips… They just peeled a little bit on the third
day. The pigment just kind of oxidizes in your
skin and makes it look really bright and bold. But luckily, they heal really quickly. So usually by day three or four, they’ve already
started to peel and reveal this really soft color underneath. Working with AnnaRose was such a pleasure. She was a total dream client. Working with Nora is amazing. She was so attuned to the discomfort levels
and made sure that I knew what was going on every step of the process. She’s checked in on me ever since then and she’s just a dream to work with. I would definitely go and see Nora again for
a touch up. I’m actually going to see her again for a
different procedure a little bit later today. I think I’m hooked. When I first looked in the mirror, my initial
thought was, I can’t believe how she got the shape of my lips so perfect. Everybody has certain features on their own
face that they’re really comfortable with and they like a certain way. And for me, that’s my lips. And she really nailed it. So I was thrilled. I used to carry this bag in my purse that
has I think five or six different lip liners and five or six different colors
of lipstick. And now I really don’t even need this anymore,
because all I carry with me is just a clear gloss. If you’re afraid of needles, but you really
want this procedure, I promise it’s not that bad. You really can’t see the needle. It’s over before you know it. And the results last for a really long time. So I would say go for it. Thank you for watching Refinery29. To watch more videos, click here, and to subscribe,
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100 thoughts on “I Got A Lip Blush Tattoo For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

  1. wow this is one of the first videos of lip blushing that i’ve seen turn out well! the artist is super talented!

  2. This looks great on her! Did she only get 1 session? I got a lip blush tattoo a little over a month ago and going back for a touch up/2nd session in 2 weeks! Mine is a little less vibrant than her's.

  3. Wonder what the best over the counter numbing cream is. I have a glopro and need to numb a little for it. Any suggestions??

  4. The color in my lips has been disappearing over the years and I didn’t even know this was an option, maybe I’ll consider getting a lip tattoo myself

  5. I respect her choice & the artists who do such a difficult task precisely but I can't bear that much pain just to look pretty. We have temporary make-up for that.

  6. I want to this a video like this but with a darker model. I wonder if it would look as good because the range of shades isn't that diverse

  7. I am brown and my lips are different tone…my upper lip is dark and my lower lip is way too pale…will this work for me?

  8. I had it done and while I’m glad I did it, it hurt like hell. The artist did applied the numbing cream but I did not feel like my lips were numb at all. Either the cream was not working or it was not given enough time. Glad to have it done since it saved a lot of time on makeup but it was not a good experience in my case.

  9. For every feminist out there saying they have to uphold some sort of beauty standard to make men like them.

    I showed this video to all the males I know, brother
    Father, neighbors, husband, even my son
    And all
    Of them just looked dumbfounded and
    Asked why? Her lips were fine before.
    My husband said she was prettier natural
    My neighbor said it seems like so much trouble for something a man pays no attention to unless he is kissing
    My brother said it seems only other girls would care about this crap.

  10. Wouldn’t permanent tint be bad in a situation if her lips were to turn pale or blue she wouldn’t know something was wrong with her. Also pale lips could mean she could be anemic

  11. We always want what we can’t have. I want paler lips like she did. Mine are much rosier like the color she ended up with.

  12. Looks beautiful! What is the lip moisturizer she used?!?! If it works after a tattoo… it could work for anything!

  13. As someone with naturally very red lips this is actually really interesting. I must say I’d probably take paler lips as most of the time I can’t wear any colour because it just doesn’t show up, and putting concealer on before just isn’t convenient most of the time. However I think this looks really pretty. x

  14. 16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

    18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
    John 3:16-18

  15. The thing with my lips is it doesnt matter what name brand lipsticks I buy as it fades and makes my lips so dry but more important my lip is always shedding, they're dry and I have a habit of peeling the shedding skin off so even if I put lipstick on it still feels like it drying up then shedding so will doing a tattoo stop issue on my lips?

  16. As exciting as this is, if unfortunately doesn't last long. Our lips constantly shed. You can make it last longer by using good spf balm in summer & ointment in winter but you generally have to repeat this procedure every 18 months.

  17. at least she was honest and simply assessed her state by saying "i have naturally pale lips" rather than bombarding us with an essay about self acceptance and esteem like everyone else in this series.. which i like about her.

  18. Pale lips are a sign of digestive issues. Your GI tract starts from your lips. A diet of lots of healthy greens, probiotics, good cardio and proper skin care is key. Supplementing with the correct vitamins and especially redox is also key.

    lip tattoos- can be beautiful but also cover up the signal you body send your through the color of your lips.

    signed, Registered Nurse

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