I Found My REAL Mother on Instagram! #animated #story

I Found My REAL Mother on Instagram! #animated #story

Hey guys! My name is Annie and this is a
story about me and my mom. To start you should know that up until January this
year I only knew three things about my birth mother. 1: she had given me my
name Annie Grace. 2: I got my honey colored hair and green eyes from her. I
figured this one out on my own my dad has dark curly hair and blue eyes
3: she abandoned me when I was only one month old and she left my dad to look
after me. Dad never said abandoned of course. He tried to phrase it as nicely
as he could. But honestly what else do you call it when a mom runs away without
her newborn baby and boyfriend? And she has no intention of seeing either of
them again? So anyway for my whole childhood that was all I knew. And it was
all I really needed. After mom ran away dad was lost. His best friend Alicia
offered to let us move in with her so that she could take care of him and help
him take care of me and she did a really good job of it too – so good in fact that by
the time I was 1 Alicia and dad had fallen in love.
Alicia is the one in all of my baby photos in fact my first word pointing at
her was “mama”. So you see I DID have a mom. She may not have given birth to me but
she was there for me almost from day one. With Alicia my dad’s heart healed. They
had two babies of their own, my twin brothers, Luke and Manny, who have dark hair
and blue eyes like dad and Alicia. They never lied to me about who my mother was,
which I am SUPER grateful for. Can you imagine how traumatic it would have been
to find out alicia wasn’t my mom when I was a teenager, or later? Still, all I knew
about my birth mother were those three facts, even though I was a very curious
kid and always asked for more. That all changed on my 15th birthday I guess dad
thought I was old enough to handle more information, so he sat me down at our
kitchen table with a hot chocolate (whipped cream and sprinkles on top too
I knew something was up) and then he pulled out a little yellowed photo album.
“I know you’ve been wondering about your birth mother” he said. “And I think it’s
finally time you saw these. I don’t have many pictures of her but I always held
on to these in case you wanted them one day.” I took the photo album from him in
my shaking hands. The first picture was of a much younger dad. He was at a party
and he had his arm around a woman who looked just like me.
She had smooth blond shoulder-length hair and dimples when she smiled. In the
next photo there was a slight baby bump under her
shirt. I looked up at dad. “We’d only been dating for a few months when your mom
got pregnant. You were an accident but the best kind of accident.” I nodded and
suddenly saw the writing next to the photo, it said Lisa and Beanie. “Who’s Lisa
and Beanie?” “Beanie is what I called you before we decided on your name. At the
first doctor’s appointment they said you were only the size of a baked bean and
the nickname stuck. And Lisa… Lisa is your mom’s name, Lisa Grace Luckett. I always
liked that name. It sounds like a character in a children’s book.” He
sounded sad. I reached out to hold his hand. There were only a couple more photos,
mostly of my mom- Lisa Luckett- growing increasingly pregnant. I learned a few
more things about her from these photos. She had a huge tattoo of a snake across
her shoulders and the back of her neck, and she was really good at painting. Then
suddenly on the last page she was lying in a hospital bed, cradling a tiny bundle
of blankets. “That’s you!” dad said softly Little Annie Grace. That was the last
photo. “The rest of my photos are all of you, you’ve seen those already” dad
explained. I felt something warm and wet on my cheeks and suddenly realized that
I was crying “Why didn’t she want me?” I whispered. Dad held my hand tighter. “It’s
not that she didn’t want you. She didn’t want any of this, she didn’t
want to marry me, she didn’t want to have a husband and family, or a house with a
mortgage on it or a nine-to-five job, or even a dog that she had to feed. She was
young and she didn’t want to be tied down by anything, even a beautiful little
baby girl. So she chose freedom and I had to let her go.” I nodded, looking down
through my tears at the picture of my tiny baby self being cradled by Lisa
Luckett and her snake tattoo. Dad made me another hot chocolate and we sat there
for awhile, not really talking just keeping each other company. Days and
weeks passed and my birth mother was still on my mind.
I wondered if she ever thought about me. Late one night, I decided to search for
her online, but what if she had gotten married and changed her name? Well it was
worth a try. I searched for Lisa Grace and then Lisa Grace Luckett. A link popped
up, it was an Instagram profile and it was public. I clicked “open in app”. The
lady in the photos was older but her hair was still blonde. Was it her? I
scrolled until I found a picture of her in a bathing suit and there it was.
The snake tattoo across her shoulders This was my mother! What should I do? Send
her a message?! I opened up the DMs bar. My hands were shaking as I started to type:
“Hi, you might not remember me…” delete “Hello mom,” delete. “My name is Annie Grace.
I’m 15 years old and you are my mom.” I stared at the message, this was my chance
to finally talk to my real mom. Why didn’t it feel right? And I started to
think, really think because when I looked back on my childhood, when I thought of
mom it wasn’t Lisa Luckett, who I saw in my mind. I saw Alicia and her crazy curly
hair; finger painting with me, listening to my boy problems, taking me on
mother-daughter dates, when we’d get our nails done, then go get sushi, and just
talk about… everything. Lisa had given birth to me, sure, but she
didn’t want to be my mom. Alicia hadn’t given birth to me yet she
loved me as much she loved Luke and Manny. Alicia had chosen me. I threw down
my phone. I didn’t want to message Lisa. I ran downstairs, tears in my eyes into dad
and Alicia’s room. They were watching a movie and looked up at me in surprise as
I barreled into Alicia’s arms and started crying in her shoulders. “Thank
you for being my mom!” I sobbed as she stroked my hair. I still think about my
birth mother sometimes. When I see a blonde woman with tattoos I sometimes
wonder if it’s her, but really I don’t care. And I don’t want to know. I think if
I reached out to her, I would just get hurt in the end. If she hasn’t contacted
me in all these years she’s probably not the type of person I would want in my
life anyway. It’s not like dad locked me away,
we have never moved, she could have found me very easily if she wanted to! My
mother made her decisions and besides I have my dad and my mom, Alicia and two
cute little brothers. We are a whole family and I don’t need anyone else.
Now I know a few more facts about my birth mother: 4: her full name is Lisa
Grace Luckett 5: she has a snake tattoo 6: from what I saw on her
Instagram she still goes to a lot of parties and festivals and doesn’t have a
family. 7: she didn’t want to be a mom. She chose a different life and that’s
the way it is. Some will say that this is a sad story… But you know what? I’m not sad
at all! Sure, I’ve never met my birth mother but birth mother or not, I’ve
always had Alicia. I don’t have her hair or her eyes but I’ve always had her as a
real mom who loves me very much. And that’s all anyone can wish for.
Do you have any similar stories? Do you have a stepdad or a stepmom who you love
very much? Share your story in the comments below. Also please give this
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Thanks a lot for listening to my story! See you next time!

100 thoughts on “I Found My REAL Mother on Instagram! #animated #story

  1. I started crying. I know I don't understand, but I am so sorry. I am very happy that you have her as your mom. 😭☺

  2. Hi I watched these type of videos every single day but yours nearly made me cry it was that heartwarming I am 9 years old I cried when the part that you ran into your non-biological mother

  3. My real birth parents treat me like a servant!! And I wanna run away when I'm 18 but for me, I won't have a place to live, eat, do laundry, clean the house and stuff!!! And they picked me instead my little brother or my big sister!!! And I'm always cry!!!

  4. I have a step dad
    My biological dad lefty mom when I was born he was Hispanic so I'm now part hisoabic and I have darker akin then my half brother and my mom but I'm OK with that I have a step brother he's 13 or 14
    A step sister she's 16
    And my brother he's 1
    And my half brother he's 8

  5. Bit like when my dad did not want me and guess what I found out he has seven more kids 2 before me so now I have two older sisters and a couple young ones

  6. *There is a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles , I knew something was up” WeLl Ya ThErEs SpRiNkLeS On It

  7. My nephew is with me from he arrived to the world, his birth mother and my elderly sister is just like Lisa, she don't wanna get attached to anyone accept men in her life. After she gave birth to my nephew, she divorced her husband because he wants her to take care of their special baby boy, but she denied….
    Now my nephew is 9 and his mother is with her 5th husband.
    But I feel blessed to have a super cute kid in my life, thanks God!

  8. You:my mom left me but i have Alisa WHO love me like my Twin brother
    Me:your mother is a terible person how could she left a beutiful child behind her
    You:if she want to see me it would be easy cuase ive never move
    Me:THEN if she dont wanna see you THEN she dont care

    ”NEVER BE LIKE HER MOTHER NOT STEP MOTHER WHO GAVE BIRTH TO HER BUT IF YOU HAVE A BABY AT A YOUNG AGE DONT LEAVE THEM SHE MIGHT BE SAD TO SEE YOU LEAVE BUT IF YOU NEVER CONTACT HER THEN do you care about your kid or not replied if you do dislike is you dont” why i Write this you might be asking i write this be cuase i want to let you guys WHO left your familly to know what your kid is feeling she might be sad or desprese please come back to your familly so your familly would be happy and not hearth broken or mabye you Wife or husband cheat on you and thats why you leave the familly

  9. "real" Mother you say?
    Sweetheart your Mother left you
    Your stepMother is better then her
    You don't need a real one
    You look up
    And never look back

  10. Found her thanks to XtraF1's comment. @kingst3ven is her username and she made her account private and

    says: "29.🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱. 🧬. If you’re here because of that awful animated YouTube video, you have the wrong person 🙄 I’ve never had a baby! Now move along!"

    She seems rude

  11. Hi this is my story i cant talk every well and i get bully for it in school every time every i come home i never say what happend and then we was moveing yo gremany when i was 9 i was happy but sad at the same time by the way my name is sonia i got 3 sister sabrina shivani and my twin fiona but even i went to school i didnt talk i was shy my sister get a little mad but i just want to try every time when we pls im loud and crazy but one day i was talking and saw poeple talking about me i got mad and didnt talk i want to tell my sister but they just sad stop sonia stop lieing so i didnt talk about it anymore

  12. This was so real 😍 I’m so happy it wasn’t like some 𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 channels with videos like “My uncles hamsters brothers mothers stepsisters brothers fathers cousins grandmothers niece is obese 😂❤️

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