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Egh! Sorry my ex-boyfriend
just texted me. Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne. And Nikita. And this is Beauty With Mi. [smooch] You guys might’ve noticed
that I’m here with Nikita Dragun- Hi! YouTube extraordinaire,
activist, now makeup brand
creator. Oh my god. Yeah, you’re like the first
person to say that. I guess it’s true. Yeah, dude. The line’s called Dragun
Beauty. We’re gonna use some of
it today, but first Nikita’s going to show me how
she gets ready the entire routine from
start to finish. Yes. I’m really excited because
this is the most product that I think I’ll ever put
on my face. Thank you so much Refinery29
for having me and thank you so much
for having me on your show. Ahh I’m so excited! First we’re gonna start
off with brows. I brush and then I’ll just
start doing little brow strokes. I mean, I feel like
it’s such a beauty guru like, “Oh my god I’m just gonna
do little brow hair strokes. And then you’re gonna
brush through the brow to like make it look like
just more natural.” Tell me about Dragun Dragon
and the persona that that is that you have
become basically and how that kind of
started. Basically, when I grew up
in Springfield, Virginia it was a very predominantly
white caucasian community. My dad being an immigrant,
my mom also being Mexican, you know coming from two
different mixed races- Yeah. I stuck out in the classrooms- You were bullied? so everyone would say
I look like a dragon cause I was Asian. I kind of turned this dragon
essence into this kind of character. So in my mind I like created
this like inner fire, that dragon being and I
feel like over the years now I’ve been able to release
that and I like always just see that as kind
of like my alter ego. After I do my brows, I like
to carve it out with concealer. Okay. Stick with the Makeup Forever
one because it’s actually self-setting so- Whoa. yeah. My trick is to do the lighter
one underneath the brow. The darker concealer, the
Makeup Forever just kind of to get like
an even- Even base. Hide those
veins. Actually you know what’s
funny? The only reason why I have lid space is
because I like trained my brow to go up. So you like gave yourself
more of a lifted- Mm hmm. You are right that you really
have crafted your brows. Yeah, I crafted- I mean I’ve crafted
my whole face. Let’s be real. My whole body at this point. I kind of always done things
“selfishly” in my mind because I have been
documenting my whole transition just as a part, to be able to
watch it back. And I really never thought
anyone would watch it. It’s like a diary. Yeah, it really is. This is the Mario X KKW
moment. I literally use this palette for
this shade right here. This mid tone brown. Now you being a
beauty guru. I was like, “We’re using the
KKW palette. Not sure if you guys can see
it, if it’s focusing.” Oh my god. Mi, stop. I know how to do it. Use code BRI, that’s Bri
for 10% off. Do an outer corner, I’ll blend
it into the kind of crease area that
we’re kind of creating. This was like the step
that I was most excited about when I started learning
about how to do makeup on YouTube. It changes- I was like, “Windshield
wiper motion.” Windshield. Now we’re gonna take a
brown pencil. What I like to do is lay
down pretty much a liner before the liner. Mm hmm. So I’m gonna follow the
lashline very close and tight especially in the beginning
area. And then I’m gonna kind
of thicken it at the end. Okay. And then we’re just gonna
blend it. With the same KKW palette,
I’m gonna take a good darker expresso moment. Now we’re just gonna
intensify and blend out this situation that we have
going on here. I wasn’t even getting into
how good you’re looking. You’re following so well. Now you’re coming for
my whole career. Now it’s time to cut
the crease. Okay. Never done this
before but I’ve seen it- Never? on Instagram a lot. This is what makes you
an IG baddie. Let me tell you, after this girl,
you are officially an Instagram beauty guru,
okay? Okay. We’re just gonna focus the
product kind of towards the center here and
then pull it up and then blend it out with
a different brush. Got it. Now we have to set it. I would use the Huda. Use the Huda palette. The Huda. [ding] This is the Huda beauty
nude palette. I take this shade right here,
tap it right here to kind of blend in these
two shadows between like the light
and the dark that we have going on. I know you love liner
so much, so- I love a liner moment. It’s time. Following that same line,
how we laid down that brown color, very close
to the lashline in the beginning, and then I’ll
get thicker at the end and I’ll just do like a slight
little wing at the end. A little wing. A little wing. Boom. Magic. Oh my god. Is it time- It’s time, it’s time, it’s time. for Dragun Beauty? Oh man, it is enormous. [pop] Okay. The egg! Ahh! I’m gonna open it. No yeah go open it. Okay. It’s yours. Oh my god. [ding] Hi. A little goes a very long
way. Kind of dot it all around. Notice how it’s super creamy. It is so creamy. Very soft. And it’s self-setting, so now
that we applied it everywhere it’s don’t you feel it’s like
it’s completely dry. It’s like- We look nuts. Okay foundation. This is the warm honey
Hourglass stick. Apply it straight onto
the skin. With the Dior foundation,
I layer this on top of my already
foundation. Like, I would do this
and you’re gonna die. And then give it to there. You’re saying more. Yes. Yes. Yeah, okay there we go. You’re dying. You’re like, [gasping] I’m like, “Ahhh! How am I
gonna blend it all.” This is so much foundation. I love her on you. Now I’m jumping into
concealer. This the Makeup Forever HD,
the same one that we were using for our brows
earlier. I love concealer. They’re so, so easy to blend. This is when dragon starts
to come out a little bit, let me just tell you. She’s like hatching
a little bit. Like a little like [crack] like a little crack in the egg. Now we’re going to be
setting our face with a skin tone powder. First go in probably with
the Huda. Boom, bam, wham, bam,
thank you, ma’am. First layer of powder on. Getting the under eye. This smells so good. Smells like the bomb. Right now we’re bronzing. Follow the contours of our
face here. I like to do cheekbone,
jawline. Do you do forehead
moment? Yes. I love to like leave the
baking powder on just to marinate and really
soak up in the skin. That’s half the nose. Okay, let me see. Hold up, girl. I’m not gonna let you
play yourself. So I start from here on
the brow bone. The trick is to focus the
product up here. So you have to really
shadow in this area in particular and then
bring it down. But your nose is so good. Your nose is good. No, but I mean well
it better be good after all the nose jobs
that I’ve had. I like a really- Like a pinky. pinky, coral-y blush. I love taking the bake off,
it’s so fun. It’s so nice, right? Sometimes I even like love
how like the bake looks on. It’s just so pretty
to me. Spray time. I like to just melt everything
into the skin and just get it going. Now we’re getting into
lashes. We’re gonna prep the
lashes. It’s so funny, I’ve gotten ready
with some people and until I put on the lash,
“Oh that’s Nikita.” Yeah. Okay, yeah maybe I look
different without makeup but baby just remember
how I look with makeup. [beep] Hmm. Oh. Do you know how to do? Are you sure? Okay. Let it- Let her get a little tacky
for a second. Sticking to me in a weird way. I’m here. Your safety line
at any moment. Did I do that right? Or
did I do that wrong? [beep] That’s right. Oh my god. I was like, “I don’t know. I’m
not used to this.” Ahh! And then it’s over for all
of you. Damn. Oh my god. I’m finally here. Hi. Now we can move on to
lip. This is my tried and true
Morphe sweet tea lip liner. I… I’m obsessed with this
thing. For me, I over line the top
just in the middle. I bring the cupid’s bow
up, and then the rest I’ll line normal. This is the Dose of Colors
in the shade A Mauve Story. It creates the perfect little
pink situation. I personally don’t like to
highlight all over cause I get very, very oily,
so I just only highlight down the center of the nose
and kind of like the inner corner area. [ding] Now it’s a lip gloss moment. Alright, final step. Are you ready? This is my Dragun Heart
transformation powder. In the palette I have two
gorgeous shades. I have my pink opal and
my yellow topaz. Pink opal is less intense
and the yellow topaz is a little bit more intense. I would use the pink first
and then we can do the yellow. Again, a little goes a very
long way. Okay. It doesn’t have a sort of
highlight to it but it does have a slight
luminousness. Yeah. It’s not gonna- Is it matte? It looks kinda
matte. It’s pretty much matte. It’s very micro-powder. It’s like a face filter. And then now I’ll dip into
the yellow shade a little bit. It just really allows you to
be like the architect of your own beauty. Boom. Ahhhhhh! Welcome to the house of
Dragun. I like it. I wasn’t sure. I was like, “It might be like a lot
because I’m not used to it.” I mean, I think you looked
absolutely beautiful when we started, but right
now to me you look like an actual
goddess. Thank you for answering
all my weird, invasive questions. I love it. And showing me how to
get the look. Thank you for sitting here
for almost three hours and getting ready with me. It’s been a process, but I’m
so happy that you got to live your Dragun fantasy
and you look absolutely amazing. See you guys next time. Bye! Bye! Thanks so much for watching,
guys. Let me know what you want
to see next on Beauty With Mi in the
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