I Covered Up My Embarrassing Early-2000s Tattoo

I Covered Up My Embarrassing Early-2000s Tattoo

[Music] so today I’m getting my rather embarrassing early 2000s tattoo covered up I got a tattoo what I was way too young I was about 16 or 17 years old and basically my boyfriend at the time was like hey do you guys tattoo I’m gonna get one I was like yes cuz that’s cool I looked for a little while not very long at what I wanted and decided that I wanted a butterfly and a Chinese symbol and the butterfly would be Stardust now it’s not actually it’s supposed to be coming off of its wings but to me it looks like it’s getting Stardust it also kind of looks like the Louis Vuitton logo which I enjoy it’s just the most like early 2000s tattoo I’ve ever seen and I just can’t wait to get off my body hey guys I’m Diana C munos aka DCM tattoos and I work at shamrock social club I’ve been tattooing twelve years and out of those 12 years I think about four years into it I started doing cover-up it’s something that I rarely do nowadays but I do like to take on special projects I regularly just do it fresh tattoos on fresh skin so it took me so long to decide what to cover it with because I don’t love the tattoos on me so it has to be something I normally I like forever I came up with something that was basically like a mountain like forest scape because I was like I’ll never get bored of trees I haven’t actually seen the end design yet because the artist hasn’t shown me she just knows who I wanted and I’m about to find out what she has designed for me I’m pretty nervous I hope I want it alright I think the time has come I’m gonna go get tattooed oh we gonna so excited me too so I haven’t seen my design yet yes so I know that you had mentioned that you wanted to do more of a nature scene with the mountains and the trees however since we are doing a cover up our options are kind of limited and I didn’t want to do a gigantic cover up on you I want to give a dainty and pretty just like ah so this is the design that I came up with it’s kind of like a combination of geometry and floral this is beautiful I love it yeah I love like the way that you’re covering it because I’m just saying this is gonna be black yeah yeah we’ll do that solid to cover the butterfly and the kanji symbol and then we’ll treat flowers really delicately I had in my mind I wanted the tree situation braces this is just good I’m very excited awesome yeah and it’s not too big either I was scared that was gonna have to be like yeah yeah we did a tree we’d have to do a whole forest Anya well let’s do it let’s do it [Music] ready I think so I literally forgotten what it’s gonna feel like so let’s see oh yeah I remember that so the Chinese symbol means dream which such a baby is we’re thinking I was like I want to follow my dreams so let’s get dream tattooed on my back in Chinese so now that I understand what cultural appropriation is I want to cover a tub they’re parts of your design where I’ve kind of had to adjust where the line is so I’m just kind of free handing it and so we’re going off the stencil a little bit just to make sure that we get the best possible coverage of with it so I’ve done cover-ups on people that have had open-heart surgery and mastectomy is the way I started doing cover-ups is mainly by a request it’s just people really I need this to be gone so right now I’m kind of doing the stippling technique so I put in every dot individually so that I can control the darkness and lightness so the way that I go about designing the cover-up is obviously I do a small consultation with my client and see what they’re attracted to okay so we’re getting it into the meaty part of the cover-up and we’re gonna start doing all that nice solid black yeah I’m a little nervous about this part I do try to incorporate the old lines into the new tattoo so more recently I have been doing these kind of like solid geometry and floral pieces which I find pretty interesting because they have almost like this very light touch to the flowers and then this very like dark solid to the geometry if there was a million cats scratching me one in one place I want to get that nice so what I love most about tattooing is the human connection it’s a really unique way to bond with people for someone to give you that much trust put permanent art on their body and for someone to seek you out because of the type of art that you do it’s really an honor to be able to work with all of my clients we just finished with the solid black part of the cover-up now we’re gonna go in detail the flowers a little bit more at some gray shading to give them a little contour and make them pop but those definitely the toughest part that we just got through okay good okay I can do all of our shading or soft shading is done inside the flowers and now I will do the final step we’ll add a little bit of white alright my dear we are done I can’t wait to see it so excited are you ready to see it I’m so ready where am I looking into this tiny long while a super detailed oh I really like the no diamond at the bottom thank you so so much I didn’t ever think that I would get rid of that stupid thing and now it’s gone forever perfect so it’s been just over a week since I had to tattoo and it’s healing really nicely it looks really pretty and everyone’s shown it to absolutely loves it though I was terrified for a few moments but she said she changed the design I am super happy with it and I’m glad I have white house I can now show off my back to the world and not feel embarrassed [Music] [Music]

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  1. WHY WHY WHY… that huge black diamond … thats so awful! You needed to find a better artist. Firstly she shouldnt have changed the design, and secondly there are ways to cover up tattoos WITHOUT huge black sheets of color… =( The artist claims she doesnt want to do a "Gigantic cover up" rofl what is that HUGE diamond? O.o a gigantic cover up and poorly done tbh. This hurt my soul…

  2. Girl: I want to get an coverup tattoo!

    Tattoo artist: Let me draw a black cube with flowers on the cube so it doesn’t look stupid 😑

  3. I mean I don't hate the design, in fact I do think it looks kinda cool and graphic and there's something about it that I like, but it was NOT what she asked for at all, and I think it might've looked better if one of the smaller diamonds was the one that was all blacked out…

  4. Okay 1. Not fair at all to change her whole design concept on the spot in front of her on camera to where she’s pretty pressured to say yes to it even if she doesn’t like it. And 2. I get it’s a cover up but I’ve seen so many tattoo cover ups to know her original tattoo was pretty faded enough to where she didn’t need a black out box to cover it up. She could’ve easily done what she asked for with mountains and trees to cover it up. I don’t like this artist at all. Sorry this video makes me mad and I genuinely hope she likes her tat.

  5. Bruh

    She used like a 0.05mm tattoo pen drill thing (I don’t know) for the whole tattoo. Use a thicker one! Like- MUCH FASTER AND MUCH LESS PAINFUL

  6. I'd rather have the original than a black box seriously could of done a number of flower designs that could cover that that's the laziest cover up I've ever seen

  7. Problems with the tattoo (a summary)
    • she used a single needle, while it is pretty I do admit. It will fade away in no time
    • the tattoo artist said she doesn't really do cover ups. You can easily find a tattoo artist that is a master of cover ups that have a feminine style
    • (myself and some others) don't see Chinese / Japanese lettering cultural appropriation (unless you make it in an offensive way or don't research how it is actually spelled)
    • BuzzFeed is such a big platform they should know this and have the resources to get an actual tattoo artist who knows what they are doing and follow what the client wants
    • the client herself said she was hesitant first because she changed the design without warning. A tattoo artist should always talk to the client to make sure they are happy with it. It's on their body forever in the end

  8. What a brilliant, outstanding tattoo artist…
    What should we use for cover the butterfly…. hmm… lets tattoo there a solid black square….
    a real idiot…
    one of the worst coverup ever…

  9. "I've been doing geometric shapes and floral designs lately so we're going to do that instead of what you actually wanted"….

  10. This is so bad and she could have made it slightly better simply by adding some details in white ink inside the box!!

  11. I'm getting a large black work tattoo as a cover-up, but I love black work.
    This poor girl though, I feel so bad for her.

  12. It's like getting a bad haircut and then waiting to reach home before you start crying. Only this is permanent. I really hope she likes the tattoo for her sake.

  13. I would hate working with her as a cover up artist because I put alot of thought into my tattoos. I do spend alot of time and truly appreciate the work of my tattoo artists and I tell them this is what I want and the style I want but I want you to have a good time designing this tattoo and they always respect my wishes. The one coverup I have had though it was basically the design I had before.

  14. This is a terrible coverup. It's just a big solid black block with flowers around it. A better artist could have actually given her what she said she wanted. Now there is no covering up that solid black with anything better.

  15. it looks like the artist used a single needle for the flowers…. meaning those adorable flowers will fade to NOTHING and all she will have is that black diamond😔

  16. I know a lot of people are hating on the end result but, I think it's actually kinda pretty! It looks really good on her

  17. That’s the dumbest cover up I’ve ever seen. She just colored over it. There are some amazing cover up artist that could have given the poor girl exactly what she wanted. Such a shame. Now she just has a giant black square on her back.

  18. I don’t like the two smaller “diamonds” she could’ve did without them or done something else

  19. It's only embarrassing if you think it's embassing giving in to society is just as embarrassing . But if you don't like it that's different I'm excited to see the cover up. My tramp stamp needs a cover up too I'm not embarrassed tho only a tiny bit. No regrets

  20. Don't believe that if you get a tree it has to be big or a whole Forrest that is a bold faced lie a very good reputable but wrong tattoo artist talked my mom into a huge tree for her fast tattoo and because she was manic she agreed she regrets the size it is supposed to be big so detail doesn't look like crap but it could've been scaled down significantly. Such a scam and cop out

  21. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I feel as if this tattoo was very half-assed and not only that, but the “cultural appropriation” comment that she made was so stupid, like seriously? Why?

  22. she said she doesn't do coverups… maybe that's why. Hopefully since its black the laser will not be too painful

  23. With how faded the original was wouldn’t it have be easier to get it removed? Instead of getting a “black diamond” and some flowers. That screams cover up to me.

  24. I'm sorry but that's horrible. You didn't get what you asked for AT ALL and the tattoo would have been so easy to cover with literally anything else than a black box. Tattoo artist was really lazy with this one.

  25. She’s probably a good tattoo artist as the flowers look good but pretty stupid how all she can think to do as a cover up is tattoo a big black box, like come on, I thought an artist would have more creativity than that, also the client asked for trees, why could you not at least give her some trees with the box instead of flowers, it wouldn’t have been any harder

  26. I’m glad she likes it, but most cover ups I’ve seen don’t simply black out the old design… I was so hype for the tree design agh

  27. Seriously a black box as a cover up to cover up a 'congee' symbol? It reads 'dream', not 'congee' FYI. So many cringe things about this tat and video. The tattoist needs to do her research.

  28. “I haven’t seen the final design yet but I know I’ll love it”

    She completely ignored your request

    But I still love this tattoo it’s rly pretty

  29. She literally just covered it with a black diamond ??? That’s not a real tattoo cover up, this could’ve been awesome and it turned out decent but man it could’ve been a LOT better

  30. Coulda done a galaxy or ocean/water inside that box. Even maybe the trees(?). Something other then it just being pure black. But if she was happy with it then… 🤷🏽

  31. I honestly thought that the tattoo was good. But after reading all the comments I’m starting to think otherwise.

  32. This is one of the worst cover ups I’ve ever seen, not at all what she asked for in the slightest.

    Here ma’am have a big black diamond

  33. It is a cop out of a cover up
    Instead of taking the time to take in her requests, she goes to just cover it with a black spot.
    Idk the relationship of this artist to buzzfeed, but if she herself says she doesn't like/do cover ups cause she likes small and dainty, they should have gotten someone that can do the cover up still small but an actual design.
    It is not an "awful" tat but I sure dont want it

  34. It looks like a cover up, you know when someone has a tattoo like that there is something stupid underneath which is the exact opposite of the purpose of a cover up. The artist didn’t include anything the client requested and all the the flowers look decent she can no longer cover up a giant black diamond. Serious shame on the artist

  35. Why didn’t they get someone who specializes in coverups? Also, I find it hilarious that she covered one trendy tattoo up with a more currently trendy tattoo.

  36. I think this is the worst cover up I have ever seen… it’s so lazy and she didn’t even care about the client request

  37. I wasn't sure about the black but it looks great in my opinion and I don't understand why nobody likes it…like yes, it's unprofessional that she didn't follow her request but I think the woman rlly liked the new idea and she could've said sth about it.

  38. She just basically made a solid black square tattoo on top of the old tattoo and just made some flower borders to make it 'cute' 😂😂😂

  39. I’m not a professional but surely u don’t just do a black box over it (unless it’s what the client wants ) you would do a piece of art over it not just a black box . I was kinda disappointed I thought that the hills and tree picture that she wanted would have looked so pretty on her!

  40. ok i think it doesn't look that bad(?) but it looks this doesn't belong in her back, if this was in her arm would look better i think

  41. I've seen artists cover up huge dark tattoos with what the client asked for. A big black box should be last resort

  42. So she covered her clients '00 trendy bs with 2019 trendy bs, I thought the point was to make it look classic so it isn't dated.

  43. Her old tattoo was way faded enough to do something other than a BIG BLACK BOX. poor girl BuzzFeed screwed her over

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