100 thoughts on “I am a Thoughtful Guy – Rhett & Link – Music Video

    no one can ever determine it because if you ask someone if this is green they say yes and there's no way to identify which colors which cause the only way to describe it is by the color's name

  2. All the things they said is acc everything that I always think about and when I saw that I was like omggggg I thought I was the only one LIKE ESPECIALLY THE COIN, THE COLOUR, THE PARALELL UNIVERSE AND A LOT MOREEE

  3. Literally felt like a 4 year old trying to dance to a made up song being sung by my parents; cause you me at the time, thats the greatest thing ever

  4. cool song but I've always thought and continue to think that bret and link have the most punchable faces on the internet.

  5. I always thought that in the shot with Rhett on the TVs, if he actually popped up in one independently way in the back at the end of the scene, it would have been funny.

  6. People probably do perceive colors differently. Which is why we favorite different colors. It might be same color we like, but someone perceives it as blue and someone as red or green

  7. Damn I always forget how fast devices change until I see them in old videos because it oftens seems like they never change every year but they are so different now to then

  8. I actually played this song on smule piano and it hurt my hand so bad because it’s just three fingers the whole time 😂

  9. I'm thinking about how Link's face is green while he's laying on that green flowery spinning thing.

    Now I'm thinking about how many people are singing my comment to the tune.

    And if those people, think I'm entirely evil, or a brilliant baboon….

  10. I love this song so much!! I almost choked on ice a few days ago and was instantly reminded of this song and its true just be patient IS the beat advice!!

  11. Why is the color thing deep? Please, I want to know. I don't get it.

    And has nobody seen the behind the scenes on this video?

  12. I love how Rhett & Link introduced the Smule Piano App sponsor in a really unique way instead of YouTubers today introducing their sponsors in the most money hungry way.

  13. I think about how at night before we go to sleep, we all just shut our eyes and wait for our brains to shut down with no memories or functions during slumber

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