Human Ken Doll Spends $21,000 On Back Implants | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

Human Ken Doll Spends $21,000 On Back Implants | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

JUSTIN JEDLICA: With my implant design and body modifications it’s much more about
making myself completely, exceptionally different from anyone else. JUSTIN JEDLICA: Hi my name is Justin Jeldica.
I am 36 years old; I live in Los Angeles, California. I work as a beauty broker and
custom implant design specialist and I am known in the media as the Human Ken Doll. JUSTIN JEDLICA: So tomorrow I am going to
have a surgery that has taken me 2 years in planning. I’m having a revision on my latissimus
implants – those are the wings on your back. And I’m having my teres implant, one of them
moved just for symmetry and then I’m also having one of my forehead veins cut, tied
off and bladed. I had my first latissimus procedure about two years ago and I was the
first person in the world to ever embark on an augmentation to their back. JUSTIN JEDLICA: So I conceptualised the surgery.
I designed the implants. Everything healed well; it just ended up being a little bit
big. So this is an exact replica, a sample of the implant that will go into my back just
tomorrow. I probably have to put myself at around 550 cosmetic procedures. As far as
full-on surgeries, I think this is going to be surgery number 36. For me I look at this
as being an art form. I really genuinely enjoy the design process. This surgery tomorrow
is costing me $21,000 total including the implants. With this additional $21,000 I have
to be at $560 something thousand dollars at this point so – JUSTIN JEDLICA: My friends are amazing with
my plastic surgery actually. I think they enjoy the fact that it’s a little bit of being
non-conformist and speaking out against the typical norms of what western culture dictates
as beautiful. DRAKE JAMES: What are they doing different on this implant? JUSTIN JEDLICA: It is going to be thinner
like all this is going to be half as big. So it is not going to look so bulky right.
Yeah. And then underneath here will be a little bit bigger but really this is all, this will
all be smaller. They going to move this piece up higher and then they’re going to take
out the one forehead vein again and then they blade it. DRAKE JAMES: So it’s not going to grow back
again? JUSTIN JEDLICA: I don’t know, the middle
one came back! DRAKE JAMES: You’re like a Marvel comic
superhero. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I know, I know. It just heals
so fast. DOMINIC LEF: You know before meeting Justin I didn’t know what to expect, for him to
be such a genuine and kind person. It’s been really cool getting to know him because
someone having all that surgery, he is still a regular person that you would know on the
street every day. JUSTIN JEDLICA: So no, so this next procedure is going to be like 21,000. DOMINIC LEF: Oh wow, you’re investing in yourself though babe. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I know, I just feel the same
way. DOMINIC LEF: I know.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: I feel the same way. ASHLEY RYAN: I know that, he just wants to look his best and look a certain way and have
a certain image and so I am here to support him as a friend. DRAKE JAMES: His body heals like extraordinary
than most people do. I am excited to see what else he is going to do in future. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I know obviously we get a
lot of looks and stares and criticisms. We kind of laugh it all off. It’s sort of like,
you know, if the haters keep hating then I stay famous. I become more famous. So at the
end of the day my friends all stick by me. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I am excited that today is the final day of my back implant surgery,
should be a rather easy surgery for me, not so easy for my doctor but I am looking forward
to getting in there. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I am not really nervous to be honest. I have done this like so many times.
My mom is my biggest fan she is always been really, really good at not judging me. I mean
as a kid with my first plastic surgery it was a bit difficult for her, but over the
years she has come to an acceptance of the fact that body modification is my passion. TANYA MARSIK: It’s hard to see your son
go under general anaesthesia and you never know what is going to happen, but he picks
the doctors and he is very selective, he is very smart in what he does. Do I ever fear
that he might take it too far? He has already taken it kind of far. I never thought it would
go this far. TANYA MARSIK: Ready? JUSTIN JEDLICA: Yup. I’m set. Implants in
tow. DR. LEIF ROGERS: Good Morning! JUSTIN JEDLICA: How are you? Good to see you! DR. LEIF ROGERS: Nice to see you. Alright you ready for this? JUSTIN JEDLICA: Yeah. DR. LEIF ROGERS: So we have to make our same incision as before which is back here, you
heal very very well, but you can see where your scar is. We just go in here, right back
to the same pocket. We get this one out. We’re going to put the new one in that is redesigned,
which we both spent months and months redesigning. JUSTIN JEDLICA: A year and half.
DR. LEIF ROGERS: Yeah, ok. JUSTIN JEDLICA: A year and half.
DR. LEIF ROGERS: Ok. TANYA MARSIK: You are in good hands I know. Good luck I will be praying for you. LADY: Alright Justin, go into the operating room now. JUSTIN JEDLICA: Bye. LADY: We are here.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: Ok. LADY: Go straight ahead. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I just had lipo on my ass
two days ago, it’s sore! JUSTIN JEDLICA: This is my favourite bed to sleep in. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I don’t know, it will be
exciting to see how everything comes out if it goes according to plan. DR. LEIF ROGERS: So there is the implant and
as we talked about, this may come out in pieces cause it is such a large implant. Get in the
scope up this way. It is just going to be a piece of it, I think. No, That is the teres
implant. That is the teres – yeah. That is our old implant there it is, it’s out! Let
us see what his back naturally looks like. It is pretty flat and there is not much going
on there. DR. LEIF ROGERS: Ok, so now. So this is our replacement teres implant. DR. LEIF ROGERS: Hold the arm straight up. This is when it would be nice to have longer
fingers! DR. LEIF ROGERS: It actually feels nice and flat. It is. Great I like it. It looks a little
lumpy bumpy. It is in the right spot. Ok Good. Alright, so that one is in. Now we’ve got
to put in the big one. I’m already sweating! DR. LEIF ROGERS: We operated on him about 2 years ago. We put implants in to make his
latissimus muscles bigger. It had never been done before, it went well but he felt they
were a little bit bigger than they should have been. So we took them out today and put
in totally redesigned implants and it went very well. It was a little bit challenging
because he has so much scar tissue from previous surgeries. MAN: All right all set. So we are finished.
DR. LEIF ROGERS: So we got both implants – big implants in. We got the small implant on the
other side. Everything is closed up. I have bladed those vessels on his forehead. We are
done. The redesign worked well. The little suture tabs and adhesion points were exactly
where I needed them to be. So I was very pleased. DR. LEIF ROGERS: So how are you feeling? JUSTIN JEDLICA: A little groggy, a little
pain under my arm. Looking horrific but on a scale of One to Ten, it’s a Five. Thanks
babe I appreciate it. DR. LEIF ROGERS: I’m excited to see you
all healed up. Of course we didn’t put in any drains.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: Yeah, they said that. DR. LEIF ROGERS: I don’t think it will because
I mean last time we didn’t and we did ok. This time there is much less to heal.
JUSTIN JEDLICA: Ok cool. DR. LEIF ROGERS: Ok cool, alright?
JUSTIN JEDLICA: Thanks I appreciate so much. JUSTIN JEDLICA: I love the ability to be able to design and brand my body. I never thought
I would be able to live in West Hollywood in a multimillion dollar home and I attribute
a lot of that to the confidence and self-esteem that I got from plastic surgery. I chose to
look a specific way and it may not be the way everybody else thinks as typically beautiful,
but I find it beautiful and that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.

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