HOW TO WASH YOUR BRACELETS || Friendship Bracelets

HOW TO WASH YOUR BRACELETS || Friendship Bracelets

Hello everyone, my name is Masha Knots
and today I’m going to show you how to wash your friendship bracelets. So I’ve actually had this question asked to me so many times, it’s honestly baffling. I
didn’t realize that so many people didn’t know how to wash their bracelets,
because to me it’s very simple – it’s just soap and water, there’s nothing really to
it. But I realize now that probably so many of you are asking because you’re
just worried that something will happen to your bracelets if you wash them
incorrectly. So today I’m going to show you that you have nothing to worry about.
In a perfect world I would have used an old bracelet, which is dirty to
demonstrate, but I am currently on holiday in Miami, visiting my family, so I
do not have any of my old bracelets to demonstrate with. This is a bracelet that
actually made very recently and I made it for my grandma and I’ll have the
pattern linked down below if you want to make it for yourself. You
should also follow me on Instagram to keep up with all of my latest creations
as I always post the pictures of the bracelets and the patterns to the
bracelets that I make. So let’s get started. So when you’re cleaning your
bracelets, what you doing is essentially hand washing your laundry. So you can use
any sort of laundry liquid that you have that is suitable for hand wash. Or you
can use soap – a bar of soap or liquid soap, both work. Anything that you’d like
to wash your bracelet with is usually suitable. If it’s suitable for clothes
then it’s suitable for this, because this is pretty much thread, it’s similar to
clothes, so it should be fine. So today I’m going to be using some liquid that
we use for hand washing laundry and I’m going to start by filling up the basin
with water. You don’t need too much water because
the bracelet that you’re washing is quite small, but obviously if you’re
washing more than one bracelet you might want to use a little bit more water. Next,
I’m going to pour in a little bit of the washing-up liquid into the water and I’m
just going to mix it all in. I really enjoy that it’s so bubbly, I think
it’ll make for a real nice thumbnail. And then there’s not much more to it, you
just put your bracelet in the water and you start washing it as you would normal
laundry. And there, you can see my bracelet is all nice and soapy, so what I’m going
to do is I’m going to drain this water and I’m just gonna run some tap water
through the bracelet. And there you go, my bracelet is all nice
and clean. If you can, you might want to sort of push all the water out of the
bracelet, but my bracelets are usually pretty tight so it’s quite difficult to do that
and I think they get you in tighter when they’re wet, so I’m just gonna put this
out on the balcony. Thankfully, I am in sunny Florida right now, so it’s quite
hot outside and I think this is gonna dry in no time if I put it out on the
balcony. And, as you can see, the Bracelet dries completely normally, there are
no issues with anything, it is completely fine and you can continue wearing it
just like that. So I hope you guys enjoyed this video
maybe you found it informative. If you ever make anything based on any of my
videos, I always love to see you guys creations, so send them over to me on
Instagram either in posts or in direct messages. I post videos every Tuesday and
Saturday and I will see you on Tuesday, bye!

36 thoughts on “HOW TO WASH YOUR BRACELETS || Friendship Bracelets

  1. lol I love the water splashing sounds. this is a great simple video but very important for those of us who wear our bracelets constantly and want to keep them looking nice. thanks for sharing and showing us nothing bad happens when our bracelets get a nice gentle handwash 😀

  2. I usually leave mine on in the shower lol. Then over time when it gets worn out and discolored. I switch it out.

  3. I've noticed that when I wash my hands and the water gets on it, or leave it on in the shower, over time. the threads seem to get less bright and the knots lose some "definition"
    is this normal?

  4. Love seeing your vids. I was wondering would you do the same process for washing a bracelet when it has a button on one end?

  5. Could you make a friendship bracelet where both ends are connected to a parachute buckle. I've seen parachute cord bracelets but I haven't seen a friendship bracelet with paracord buckle to clasp the bracelet together.

  6. Hey, I was watching some of your thread videos, and I noticed you said that you really enjoy craft cord, and I'm not sure if you've already done so, but if you go to, they have Pearl Cotton Size 5 which is just like craft cord and has a HUGE variety of colors, just like the embroidery thread!

  7. What type of thread do you use in your bracelets? Embroidery floss? Waxed cotton? I've seen so many done that I don't know what to use

  8. helpful:)
    thx soooooooo sooooo so so so soooooooooooo much…..I honestly didnt know there was a technique I just left it on in the shower! had noooo idea ….this is soo helpful….nice bracelets btw❤(ӦvӦ。)

  9. How did you make that pattern so narrow. I'm half way through the pattern and it looks a lot thicker than yours 💕

  10. mine get bad quickly because i dont really wash them and i wear them to the pool, which i go to almost every day

  11. Ive never seen a bracelet that starts and ends like that. How does it work? (Like how you put it on)
    Do you just tie it?

  12. Never use soap in bar for bracelets x.x it destroys the colours of the thread waaay faster than shampoo or washing liquid

  13. Wrong pattern, Masha. I think the one you made was actually #25750 on braceletbook would you mind checking that out and if it's right can you please edit the description because it's a beautiful bracelet and I'm sure lots of people will want to make it because the pattern is way too thick to have matched the bracelet in the video. : )

  14. I didn’t know how to wash bracelets and I have 2 main bracelets that are so gross. The colours of them where bright and beautiful and now they’re dull and have a grey tint to them..

  15. If you don't wanna have to wash them or have them wear out read on:

    1. Get a glue matte/glossy varnish and a small paintbrush
    2. Put your bracelet on, and get it wet with just water, then let it dry while on, it'll then hold the shape of your wrist/ankle or wherever it is
    3. Once completely dry, (don't do this when wet) paint your bracelet along the direction of the knots, (candy stripe = go down the stripes; chevron = go in a criss cross motion; etc.) And paint on a few coats, letting it fully dry in between
    4. Once it's completely dry, take a little cornstarch or baby powder in your hands and tap it onto the bracelet to seal it in, and there you go!

    Varnish: make sure you have one that dries clear and plastic like, and make sure it doesn't dry sticky

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