How to Use Instagram Stickers to Get More Sales NINJA STRATEGIES

How to Use Instagram Stickers to Get More Sales NINJA STRATEGIES

Want to know how to use stickers in your
Instagram stories to increase engagement and sales with your clients or your
customers stay tuned we’re going to cover that in this video all right
everybody welcome back my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur
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that we do here at this channel so Instagram stories are really a cool way
to get people to engage with your content without it seeming like it’s
salesy right it’s gonna get them engaged because there’s different types of
stickers that you can use in different situations we’re gonna give you some
examples today we’re gonna go on-screen on my phone and actually show you some
of these stickers and how can they how they can be used in action but you want
to know that you can use these stickers to get people to engage and that’s gonna
build your community and the people and how they communicate with you how they
reach out to you and this is ultimately going to what increase your organic
reach which is going to allow you to reach more people without having to
spend a bunch of money or any money at all because it’s organic so on Instagram
they’ve actually built a bunch of cool stickers you have like a pole sticker
you have the rating sticker where you can drag the face and on how much you
love it or don’t like it they have the days sticker like what day it is or what
time it is if the hashtag one the mention the
location one and a bunch of other stickers that are really really useful
as far as marketing to an audience and getting either feedback or getting them
just to engage with a specific product or service or giveaway or event that
you’re hosting with your business but we’re gonna go ahead and hop on my
screen here and actually show you some of the ideas that I have for you guys
and just to get your mind flowing about using Instagram stories in your
marketing content on your content calendar or even in your ad campaigns
but before we do that make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video because
we’re also going to show you another resource that you’ll need about creating
Instagram ads that are gonna be super super effective
right you want that to happen if you’re gonna create all these stories you
should create ads that are effective too right so you’re gonna kind of want to
watch both of these videos okay everyone so I have at this point taking a picture
it’s a goofy picture of me obviously and I’ve set a filter on it that I want to
use for the photo if you guys don’t know how to take a story photo at this point
you’re in a lot of trouble I would suggest go looking up a video on how to
shoot a story we haven’t shot a video I don’t think that basic yet but most of
you if you don’t please go learn that seriously but most of you if you’re
marketers you know how to shoot a story by now so you’re gonna shoot the story
photo or a video whatever you want to do and then you’re gonna find this little
stickers option right up here so what I want you guys to think about is don’t
just go shoot videos necessarily every single day and just put stickers on them
and kind of ad-hoc it together meaning like last minute put it together right
actually plan out your stories this is what we’re in the process of building is
building processes to take different stories and shoot all of this video for
story content because it takes a lot to shoot video content for stories so you
should shoot it all upfront just some extra tips for you guys shoot a bunch of
promo filler footage and then you can shoot your stuff free it’s you actually
organically shooting it that day it’s it’s too hard to shoot a bunch of
different videos all day unless you’re always on your phone and on that
platform but then to take that same content and translate it to other
platforms you need a plan in place right if you’re gonna use snapchat stories
Facebook stories YouTube stories everybody has a story now if you’re
going to be using all those platforms congruently then you need to make sure
you have a plan in place but once you get your photo taken and you have your
plan in place and you know what sticker you’re gonna use you’re gonna come up to
this little option right here this little happy face not this one you’re
gonna come over to this little sticker looking face you’re gonna click on that
and it’s gonna bring up all of your different sticker options so location
mentioned hashtag a time you do a poll gift questions a countdown a rating bar
temperature you can take a photo for a sticker
you know Wednesday are what day it is you all these different Wednesday icons
right you have lit yes all of these different
stickers that you can use this is a great one for marketers because if
you’re trying to speak right and you’re talking in the message and it’s
important to hear words you’re gonna want to tell people to turn the sound on
why because if they’re sound if most people like nine
80% of people I think is the statistic go around with their phone with the
media off because they don’t want to be in a public place and all of a sudden
the sound goes off that’s embarrassing to a lot of people right so you want to
tell people to turn the sound on there’s all of these different stickers that you
can use I want to show you guys a couple that I like using also look this is a
great one that a lot of people don’t even think to use this one right here
tells is basically telling people to like it right or to engage with it
that’s what people see when they see this emblem it means people are engaging
either with their profile it’s a notification telling you that something
happened right an engagement happen so this sticker used on the right photo can
add engagement to a story so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna talk about a
bunch of the main ones because these are my favorite ones and a lot of people’s
favorite ones obviously because they entice engagement so what we’ll talk
about first is the question one so the question sticker is really cool
you just click on it and it’s going to add it to your post then you can even
type in a specific question you want to be asked I can ask that and tell people
or tell people basically to respond to my question then I can actually click on
it and move it around the screen it’s a little harder because I’m doing it on
desktop instead of using my phone to do it but you guys see what I mean when
you’re doing this on your phone it’s a lot easier you can actually drag it and
move it around and boom it’s set right and then they can actually respond to
you and type something in there and send it to you the cool thing is you can
actually see those responses in analytics and then go click on that
response and reply to it in another story so that way you’re actually
engaging with your community publicly you’re answering their questions live
and even showing them hey this is who asked this question here’s my response
to your question so questions are easily one of the best ways to get your
audience to front to provide feedback just to engage in general to give you
content ideas all kinds of stuff that are super useful for marketing campaigns
it’s all about what questions you plan to ask and planning those questions out
is also part of the process you don’t just want to wing your questions have a
purpose behind that question so for me what is your biggest struggle with SMMA
that’s gonna give me a ton of content ideas that I can use to create blog
articles and YouTube videos about because if I find a common theme amongst
a bunch of people who answer the question obviously that’s a topic that
people want to know about right so this is
using these engagement features basically to find new content ideas and
to get feedback from your customers which obviously is going to make them
happier right which means you sell more and engage more with your your audience
so quick question for you guys have you used the question sticker either on your
personal profile stories or any of your clients or your business profile stories
before if you have what kinds of questions are you asking not like this
specific question but are you asking questions about products or about
content or about issues that they’re having with customer support what are
what kind of questions are you asking your customers or your audience rather
so the next one guys that we’re gonna talk about I’m gonna do this for my
phone because it’s actually a lot more responsive when I do it for my phone but
the next one we’re going to talk about is the poll and this is great when
you’re trying to get feedback on one topic or another or whether you want to
launch a new product or not whether you should improve a service or not really
just again getting more feedback from people you don’t even have to I gave the
example of using the question to get feedback but you can use it in several
different ways right it doesn’t have to just get to be about getting feedback
from a customer about a product or service it can be about just about
anything that would be relevant to your audiences so asking a question and then
allowing people to respond yes or no what they think about that specific
topic or issue or product or service now another great one is going to be the
rating bar if you click the sticker you’ll see the little rating bar right
around I’ll hold my mouse over right around here is the rating bar right and
you can actually add that to your page and you can even add a question if you
like you can see you can add a question and ask them to rate the question to get
feedback this again another way to get feedback or you can do something like a
lot of restaurants or people who have things that are visually appealing like
houses things like that they can post them and use this rating bar kind of
twist it off to the side and put it on here and say what do you think about
this you could even add text separately and say what do you think right and then
put this right over the text everything is pretty much makeable in the way that
you would want it to be if you wanted it to look like a professional designer
created these things Instagram is making it to where the average user can make
the things look just as flashy as if a designer
were to create it themselves like a professional designer right obviously a
designer has much more ability than someone just using a camera phone and
putting in the little emojis in the text but you guys get what I’m saying it
makes it to where it’s a lot more engaging no matter who is using this
platform it’s going to make it engaging if you use it the right way so the next
sticker that we’re going to talk about is another one of my favorite ones it’s
the countdown and this could be used for any event that you’re running any
product launch any big sponsorship that’s happening or taking place
whatever you want to do a countdown for you can do a countdown for and so for
example we’re doing a digital marketing school 2.0 version right we’re getting
all new content we’re doing all new video production because we’re much
better at what we’re doing we’re even adding quizzes and tests to the program
we’re gonna do the certain sort of certification the certificate which
we’ve previously done but we’re gonna advertise that more it’s gonna be a much
much better built and produced course so we’re gonna do a new launch and we would
obviously want to do a DMS 2.0 as a countdown sticker that we do in our
stories right so that will be incorporated into our launch campaign
so we’ll do DM out DMS 2.0 launch and then we’ll set our time and end date so
let’s just say we’re gonna launch it in June June 28th and it’s an all-day thing
boom you can do all day or you can choose an end date like you can do it
you know if it’s more than one day or you can just do all day that day and
boom so we have four months three days and one hour and you can start to let
people know ahead of time because it’s all about the pre campaign as well you
have to let people know that something is happening and then follow up follow
up and then launch day happens and then boom everybody gets notified that the
launch is live and then all of these people start to create this organic
engagement around your content and boom tons of more sales start flooding in but
this is a great way again to engage people in your stories and to get them
to start buying products it’s all about how you incorporate these stories into
your campaign if you’re not thinking about these options and saying okay we
need more stories we have a campaign for this coming up in two months or we’re
thinking about doing this huge restaurant event in a month we need to
start thinking of how we can incorporate stories and countdowns not only in our
facebook posts and our Instagram posts and all of that but in our
stories feeds and everything like that because this is where people are at and
it’s actually much cheaper to advertise here currently and in messenger so take
take advantage of where opportunities exist it’s going to make you happier
because your customers will be happier oh and are you thinking about starting a
personal brand in 2019 it’s maybe a YouTube channel or starting a blog or
starting an e-commerce store where you sell products that are related to
something that you love if you are then you want to check out this video we put
together in the top right hand corner I’m telling you guys this is one of the
most lucrative niches out there getting into blogging and youtubing if you know
and understand how to create content so using a mention sticker is the last one
I’m going to talk about because people don’t do enough collaboration and I feel
like it’s because they don’t know the right way is to do it and they don’t
understand the benefit collaboration is easily one of the best ways that we get
art and bring our brand and our name out there and that’s one of the best ways
you can do it with other local businesses as well for either your
clients or with your own agency so to do a simple collaboration all you have to
do is do a story with a mention as you can see I’ve put my buddy Ruan Marinho
know what’s up Ruan on I’ll make sure I know you’re gonna probably see this
video later so what up but I’m having my buddy Ruan in here because he and I do
content together all the time and I’m making it about creating a video
on using stickers in on using stickers and what I should do is put on IG and
then mention sticker so you guys can see anybody can take this and make it like
decent-looking I’m not a designer I never have claimed to be but I can take
something simple like this and make it at least more engaging than what I could
if it was just me taking a photo and not having these options to play with
stickers so I’m just gonna mess around with this here get it to where I would
want to sit and then boom that’s it then I would add this to stories and that’s
it it’s out and wow that’s a weird thing to see once you get done adding to
stories so we’re gonna close that out alright so but you guys get what I’m
saying niches stickers are very useful that was really funny I’m sorry the
widget stickers are very useful when you’re trying to incorporate other
brands and businesses into your campaign and reach new audiences so make sure to
take advantage of all of the different sticker features when you’re creating
content and new campaigns because these can be used in the ads too but that’s it
for the Instagram stickers and using in your campaigns and some ideas to get
your minds jogging and understand what you can actually use this option or
these features for but since you stayed till the end make sure you check out
this video in the top right hand corner on creating Instagram story ads and
using them in your campaigns for 2019 thank you guys so much for watching new
subscribers thank you guys so much for subscribing current and old subscribers
basically og fam I love you guys thank you so much for continuing to support me
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