How to Put on Henna Tattoos : How to Finish a Henna Armband & Allow Henna to Dry

Hi! I’m Kathleen Wright from Miami,
The last segment we said that we were going to center an armband basically we’ve done
the sun and what we’re ready to do now is to do sides real quick. I’m not going to
do the whole thing but what you would do is you just start from sun and go out and what
I recommend is when you’re doing Henna because it’s going to wet for at least 15 minutes
before it’s dry don’t go inside the arm, you’re going to go all the way to where
it’s going to only be seen by the eye not inside. If you do inside you’re just going
to have to sit up for it to dry for quiet a while. So when we do it professionally at
the salon or in a festival we only go over to this area and to this area right here and
then you’re good. Just be careful not to bump it of course you have a 15 minute drying
period and of those who are familiar with the paste that you now this is raised right
now when it’s dry, it starts to look a little crackly and a darker green. Like Christina’s
foot if you want to zero back down on her foot you’ll see those areas that area dryer
than others, it’ll get deeper green looking. That paste approximately six hours later can
be peeled off. You should leave it on the skin for at least six hours that would be
the first step.

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