How To Prevent Yellow Headlights – Chemical Guys JetSeal

How To Prevent Yellow Headlights – Chemical Guys JetSeal

Welcome back to Detail Garage. Today we are going to show you how to protect your headlights from fading and discoloration. Now if your car is stored outside or do a lot of driving, the sun is gonna have a dramatic effect on the plastic headlights on your vehicle. Now the UV solar rays of the sun can actually can break down the plastic and your headlights can become faded and discolored. And it can actually effect the light output of the headlights themselves. Now if your headlights do this, you actually have to restore the headlights or purchase new ones. But it can easily be prevented using a coat of wax or sealant. Now today we’re gonna apply a coat of sealant to the headlight to protect the headlight up to 12 months. Now we are gonna be working with Chemical Guys JetSeal, and this sealant is gonna last up to 12 months in all types of weather. So that means the headlights are gonna be protected. Now headlights can often be very expensive. Sometimes they can cost between 1200 – 1500 dollars because they have HID components, electronic adjusters and a lot of other different other electronics inside the headlight itself that have to be replaced with a unit. Now you could easily prevent this and risk any type of restoration by just putting on a coat of sealant. Now i’m gonna take my applicator pad and shake up JetSeal to apply it on the headlight. Now all you need to do to apply the sealant is put 3 simple dots right on your applicator pad and spread it right on the headlight. Now JetSeal is designed for all painted surfaces. It’s also designed for chrome or stainless steel, but it also works on clear plastic. So you could put this on your headlights, your tail lights or any other type of clear plastic lights you have around your car like turn signals, fog lights, or any other accessories on your vehicle. Now once the JetSeal is on the headlight itself you just want to wait 20 minutes so it can dry. So i’m gonna take a break and wait 20 minutes and come back and buff this off and show you how it repeals all the contamination. We’ll see you in 20 minutes. So we’re back after 20 minutes and our JetSeal has dried. So now i’m gonna take a microfiber towel and just gonna simply buff off the JetSeal. There we go. Now the cool thing about Jetseal is it makes the clear plastic even brighter and even more clear, it also gives it a clean nice shine over the whole finish. Now that we have applied JetSeal to our headlight, our headlight is gonna be protected against: UV solar rays, contamination, water spots, and any type of environmental damage that can harm the headlight. Now protecting your headlights is important if you buy a brand new vehicle it’s good to put a coat of sealant on the headlight right when you get it so you know that your headlights are gonna stay looking good. Now headlights today are really expensive and a vehicle is a big investment . So protect your investment right from the beginning with the right products. Now the cool thing about JetSeal is is that once it’s on your vehicle it repels water. Check out that water just slide right off the surface. That’s the power of JetSeal. So now we know this car is protected. Now hopefully you guys liked this video. If you do, give it a thumbs up. And don’t forget to click that subscribe button. and check out the other 700 videos we have right here on our YouTube channel. If you want to pick up anything we used in this video go hop over to the website: where you can find everything to keep your car looking great. Hopefully we’ll see you next time right here in the Detail Garage Always remember: have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing.

33 thoughts on “How To Prevent Yellow Headlights – Chemical Guys JetSeal

  1. I said this so many times before. Jet seal is a top notch sealant. I use it every day as the final sealer in my shop. I just ordered 6 more yesterday. Both myself and my customers are both happy. For the price and how many applications per bottle broken down its a very economical product. Hope its around for a long time.Definitely a hit.

  2. I know that this stuff works, but would be awesome to see how the water reacts before you apply jetseal and then after. Otherwise, love your products and videos, keep 'em coming.

  3. I really like how you showed the beading action that the headlight has now from the coating. would like to see more of the product in action so to speak

  4. Can you still use a foaming brush and wax from a car wash over the headlights? Will the car wash foaming brush remove the sealant?

  5. hey guys, I just got a new mustang and I'm very anal and scared about the paint/headlights and keeping them clean. I watched about 700 videos but there's just soooo many info. if you guys could make a video on everything I can get to protect my car that would be great!

  6. Anyone live in Fla. that had good luck with this stuff ?? My 2015 Porsche headlights were really bad and were just replaced by Porsche, and I wax them and the car once a week and it did not seem to help.

  7. Hey chemical guys, is it okay to apply two codes of jet seal after I apply and wait 20 minutes and then buff off. Like is it okay to reply after that and then wait another 20 minutes and then buff it off?????

    Also you said it last up for 12 months. Is it also okay to apply it every 4 months??

  8. hey chemical guys I love your product that every paycheck I buy like different kinds of detailer from you guys lol. question I want to prevent my headlights from becoming yellow/oxidized, I recently just bought your P40 UV protectant detail spray ( use on plastic ) can I use that on my headlights?

  9. I just bought some new spyder headlights for my truck. I asked them about protecting the lenses. Spyder told me doing this would void the warrantee.

  10. Does this help prevent the oxidation / haze / yellowish color of the headlight after years of being exposed to the suns uv? Thanks.

  11. Hi Chemical Guys, would like to ask it is JetSeals product equivalent to something sort of like Wax?
    Another question is does sanding part equivalent to use claybar to sand too?

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