How to prepair for the fastes Tattoo in the world

How to prepair for the fastes Tattoo in the world

(tattoo machine buzzing) – Ahhhhhh! Today we talk about the
fast 25 tattoo challenge. (intense music) Hey you all, it’s me Lily Lu. And today we talk about tattooing. First of all, welcome back to my channel. Thank you for watching,
subscribing, liking, comment, let me know whatever, and let’s dive into the topic for today. We talk about the fast 25 challenge, how I call it. What was actually not a real challenge, it was more that one thing
I start experimenting with when I was preparing for the deaths of Chris back piece. The deaths of Chris back piece was like our way to find out what
are the possibilities with how fast you can
do an entire back piece with how many people you can work on one piece without
struggling with each other and we made kind of a world record. It was such a fast change that it’s really take a while usually
for a people’s to accept that they are looking like this now. And this was by far the fastest I ever transformed someone, that big. That massive, in such a short time. There’s no preparation for your mind to get used to. – [Client] No but I liked to look or I liked to see me
like this in the mirror because I knew that I did
it for this one reason. To separate mind and body thing and to be stronger than the feeling. So this is what I got for and I didn’t looked at my back that much when it was white. So at that moment I liked looking at it. Because every time I see it I knew what I was going through and it made me much stronger for my mind. So as much as I know, no one was ever coming
close to the record we set. We never set it in public so it’s like a completely secret record. We will not tell you right now. At some stage I’m working on a small documentation about. I got a lot of nice shoots from that. It was a very long process, a long write and it took us a lot. And it took a lot also from Chris to survive this. But anyway, that is off topic. Let’s speak about the fast 25. I got a little crazy with the fog machine. I will show you different
kind of footage today from a couple of years back when I was start preparing
for the deaths of Chris. For deaths of Chris, I was trying to figure out how fast I can go with tattooing. And not the actual tattooing, it’s more like the circumstances around getting the tissue, getting the ink. All the stuff around. I was knowing it will
be very, very important and necessary to prepare myself for the deaths of Chris ritual. So I had to find out what else than the tattooing itself, I can advance I can progress, I can
make little adjustments. So we actually can save time, seconds. Whatever with all the stuff around. For this, I was having the idea I need some reference. Reference means I need
something I can practice many, many times and it will give me the same information. So I invented the fast 25. The fast 25 is just a square of five to five centimeter. Because it’s 25 square centimeter of black ink to do. You have to include the
outlines and the filling, so you have kind of some
skills for outlining, some changes. Some filling, some filling to the outline. You have the cleaning process in between. You have all the different stuff. In between, I learned a lot. A lot of tricks, a lot of different cleaning techniques in the progress of the fast 25. I will just show you 2 or 3 different versions and my big, big goal was in the beginning, to
come under five minutes. It was go very fast that
I set the five minutes. So I keep practicing and practicing. No I didn’t practice too much, but yeah. It took me a while and then I figured out two minute is the absolutely goal. I had one attempt, I was so close. I was zero comma, one second
or something like this. And then at the end I find out, that you have a spot where the skin is already stretched in a natural way, so it makes it much more
easy for the tattooing. And then I break the two minute score and I will just show you now. Exactly five, five. You ready? You need to start that you see the timer. Okay. Okay. (tattoo machine buzzing) Yeah baby! 1:52. When I made it I had the idea to make this 25 challenge,
whatever we call it, out of it. So people kept trying to gain my record. But under the light I didn’t ever made it. Because I was thinking it’s too silly, it’s too stupid to make
some sort of challenge out of it. Because I made it to advance my skills, to get knowledge from some little thing. Because when you’re stuck in a mind, that you make back pieces day in, day out. And the back piece was
already a smaller piece of what the stuff I’d done. So in all of this, I had to do something will completely rip me out
of my box of thinking. And I don’t know if I
could have gone faster. After I crushed the two minute score, I was not trying to make another attempt. With everything what I gained from going that fast, I was at the end. I think it was fine for me. I had no need for being faster than this because it wasn’t about being the fastest. It was about experience, it was about the knowledge,
the possibilities, the boarders. And that is what the
25 challenge was about. It was just a preparation
for something bigger. But anyway, I got all this nice, old, crazy footage on my computer. And with that footage, I have plenty of other
weird stuff like this and I decided I will, from time to time, share some of it with you out there. And see what you think about it and maybe at one day we will make an advanced thing like this and we will just progress and make more challenges. No, we don’t, we don’t do challenges. We do love projects and the difference between a love project and a challenge is,
there’s a big difference. I don’t have to explain to you but, it is a big difference. We make the love challenge. We put the most love in his tattoos. The most passion, the most love. All this smoke is make me crazy. And today, I have to advance smoke here because I have the smoke machine and the incense here and it is just crazy air inside here. So wish me luck that I don’t pass out. I try my best. Okay. Enough for today. So peace out you sneakers. I hope you like this weird
random tattoo episode. Revert of my past. Review and reaction of my tattoo past. It could be like this. Anyway, I wish you all the best and see you very soon! See you very soon. And peace out! Subscribe, like, leave some comments. Share with all your friends. Follow me everywhere. Support me on Patreon, like all the stuff, really good subscribers too. Too silly, bye-bye sneakers.

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