How To Fake Piercings | soothingsista

How To Fake Piercings | soothingsista

(slow rhythmic music) – Hey everyone, it’s your girl, Stephanie, and today we are faking some piercings. I was just talking with my
girlfriend the other day about how when I was like 13, 14, I used to always put fake piercings on, not even to go out in
public, but just like, hang out in my room and play
the Sims or go on MySpace. This is also a really non-committal way to see if you actually want piercings, no holes involved, just
a little bit of glue. So today we’re gonna talk about
some stuff around the nose the mouth, the ears, and
even around the eyes. If you want to see more
videos such as these, please make sure to subscribe, join the sistahood, no
matter your gender identity or preferred pronoun,
please join the family. All right, we’re gonna start
out with some nose stuff. Let’s start off with the
one that is in my face already and doesn’t
involve any glue at all and that is a septum piercing. I got mine pierced secretly when I was 16. Very bad, my parents
didn’t find out about it until I think, almost like a year later, but I mean, I’ve had it for a decade now, which is crazy to think about. When I was a kid, septum piercings were definitely not popular at all and you know obviously a few years ago they became very popular all of a sudden. There was a big boom of septum piercings. So, I have some of these actual fake piercings that you can buy. But I also bought a little
bag of different sizes of actual septum piercings. So these are the ones
that I started off with, which is the ones with
the little bull ring pretty much with the
ball bearings on the end. And I got all of these
items, by the way, on Amazon. I’ll definitely link out everything in the description box down below. So I’m gonna go the second to smallest which I believe is the
closest to the septum piercing that I have in my nose right now. And by the way, I don’t
know the sizing to this. I went to a piercing shop and got this just inserted in my nose. So, I think that’s a really
tip if you actually want to get it done, just go to a nice shop and they will take care
of your sizing for you. But all you gotta do with this little guy is just pretty much stick it up your nose. If you need to widen it up
or close it up a bit too, the metal should be
malleable, so let’s do this. There we go. I just stuck it there, right
behind my first piercing. So that’s definitively an option. If you wanted to just go ahead and get the actual piercing. And again, you can really
test out sizing this way. And the second one that I want to show you is the actual piercing
that is in my nose now and this is a seamless ring. So, in order for me to
get my septum piercing into my nose, what you do with this ring is you twist it and then you hook it in and then clamp it again, most likely with some very small
pliers, jewelry pliers, that’s what you can do it with. But you can also fake it
with this one as well. Since it’s bendable, you
can just kind of widen it up and stick it in there and using the little jewelry clamps or even just your fingers, but it’s easier if you have
some sort of grip on it, kind of close it so it
really closes in on the skin. Definitely don’t try and clamp your skin, ’cause that would really
hurt after a while. But yeah, if you want to buy
one of these seamless rings, I think that is an even more secure way to fake having a piercing for sure. And then finally, we have
these kind of piercings. I really don’t need to
explain too much about these. There are so many different fake septum piercings now out there. I think VidaKush has some of
the mid-range ones for sure. The ones I got from Amazon, these are cheap as hell, seriously. But in a way, it could be a good thing, because if you lose it,
it’s not a really big deal. I’ve had a nice one where
I had it in and I don’t even know what happened, it just fell out and I totally lost it and I
was pretty bummed about that. And if you have it in, some of these you can’t really tell
that they’re that cheap. So I’ll just stick one of these in. There you go, little bit
more embellished there. These have gotten so popular. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe they’ve kind of dipped down a bit. There was definitely a time
where super embellished septum piercings were very popular. But, it still looks cool and
it stays in place pretty well. You just, really all you gotta do is just shove it up there and you’re good to go. All right, let’s talk about
some nostril piercings. Here I have this little nail art wheel of little, I thought that they were metal, but they’re actually
plastic little half circles. To glue everything onto my face today I am using some Duo eyelash
adhesive in white/clear. And then, in order to dot it on, I’m just using a bobby pin. So, I’m just gonna grab
the one that I want. I have a little glue on
the end of the bobby pin. All right, just gonna go for it. There we go, pretty easy peasy. I think it’s a pretty
convincing looking piercing. The other option, obviously, for nostril is a little ring and I found
these rings online as well. This is what I actually got from Hot Topic when I was a kid to play around with. So, these little rings
are kind of spring action rings that have a flat backing. You’ve probably seen these before, they’re pretty common out there. Yeah, and if you can’t
get anything online, I think these would definitely would be at a Hot Topic or a Claire’s. So, all you have to do is pull it back and obviously the part
that you want to show doesn’t have the wide backing. I actually, I haven’t
tried this out on my nose. Okay, let me see if this works. What, there we go. (laughing) It looks pretty ridiculous. This one is not the most
convincing piercing ever ’cause this ring is humongous. Moving down on the face,
so this is a piercing that I have been thinking about for years. I’m still debating getting this piercing and it is the medusa, which is right here in the cupid’s bow of your lips. And obviously goes through all that, so it’s a pretty thick chunk
of stuff to go through, but if I could fake it for
the time being, why not? So, I’m gonna grab a size larger than this one here on my
nose and just go ahead and do the same thing. Got it. Okay, let’s let it dry for a second. But that is pretty much what
a medusa would look like. Oh, I love it, I really want to get it. Let me know what you think
if you think I should get my medusa done,
’cause I really like it. Moving on to lower lip. Obviously you can use one of
these little guys right here, the spring action fake piercings. You just have to go in from
the side and slide it over. Hmm, you know, not really
sure how I feel about side slake piercings or snake bites. When I was younger, really, really thought snake bites were super hot. (laughing) You know, I think I really cute piercing if you want to it around the lips would be to get a little stud right here. My girl Ellen actually
that and it’s so subtle. You can hardly tell that it’s there. So let’s try and stick that one there. I’m gonna take this ring out. Wow, I did not even really
mess up my lipstick. Very good, pretty good. I actually have it here for touch ups. This is a new lipstick by Maybelline. Their matte lipstick in 560 raw chocolate. I’m not even sure if this one’s out yet. It’s supposed to be out I think in 2017. So, look out for this because it’s nice. It’s not like a super matte lipstick, it’s very comfortable, but it has a nice finish to it for sure. Okay, we’re going to stick another one of these little things to my face. Aw, that’s pretty cute too. It actually is like, underneath
the shadow of my lip. It’s be so, if this one wasn’t here, I’d have very symmetrical
piercings going on. Gonna let this dry for a second though. All right, so we’ve currently gone through four different piercing sites so far. We got the nostril, the septum, we got the medusa, and
we go the lower lip. Let’s move on to some
ear stuff really quickly. Obviously you can glue these to your ears, there you go, you got a
little simple ear piercing. I actually also purchased all these, which are just nice
little crystal versions of these half circles. You can see that you can kind of put these in the ear area, you can also use again, this little spring action guy. This is pretty much, really,
I think the best in the ear. Here was have an upper cartilage. That, to me, looks real. That looks really real to me. You can also just put it
where the ear lobe is as well. But after a while, you know, these ones start to hurt a little bit. You know, they’ll really
start to pierce at your skin, ’cause it’s just squeezing so much. So that’s when it can
become uncomfortable. But I used to wear these ones all the time pretending that I had
you know, cartilage stuff and lip stuff, so, it’s
definitely bearable. And then you can also do
this area of the ear as well. Just really shove it in there. Don’t be shy with these things. All right, there we go. And you know, there are also
a lot of really cool ear cuffs that do the same thing but are much more embellished looking. I’ll link some cool ear cuffs down below. Now we’re gonna move on to the eye area. And you’re like, Stephanie, where the hell are you pierce your eye? I’m not talking about in your eye. Not even talking about the eyebrows. I’m talking about beside the
eye, a little pretend dermal. I’ve had a lot of friends in the past who have had piercings in this area. If it were a little bar to go
through the skin right here or a dermal surface one that
is right next to the eye here. I was really obsessed with it for while because I always thought
it would look really cool with two piercings, if you
have really nice long cat eye it could almost touch the piercings. I no longer want that anymore. So, I’m kind of glad I didn’t do that because they kind of have a high rejection rate in that area. So yeah, I don’t really know about these or you know, people get
their collarbone pierced or the back of their wrist,
just like some crazy stuff. So, I don’t really know about that at all. But, we’re just gonna
stick a little gem there and pretend we got one, all right. I grabbed the little clear
gems out of that collection of nail art gems that I purchased and I’m going to carefully
place it right here. Ooh, all right. So when I was younger I used
to like to place the gem just right here on both sides
to look very symmetrical. And then I just started getting into just putting gems on my face. So I used to stick them right underneath my eyes here which is super fun. I used to do it right here
in the inner corners too. So you do a larger stone
and then right next to it a smaller stone. You could so many things with
these little nail art things. Obviously I think that this
is the least convincing of any of the things that
are on my face currently because it definitely just looks like a little gem is glued to my face. ‘Cause you can really
tell when something’s an actual dermal but, it’s fun, whatever. All right, everyone, now
with my fake piercings video obviously I did not
cover all the piercings I could have covered. There’s the Monroe, the cheeks one, but I think you get the picture. You get some stuff, you glue it to your face, see if you like it. You know, if you’re satisfied with that there’s absolutely no reason
to even pierce your face, but if you wanna do
it, go ahead and do it. Do what makes you happy. I’m actually really
curious to hear from you. I’m gonna create a poll on the side. My first poll ever. If I were to get one of
these four piercings, which one do you think it should be? Should it be the dermal
on the side of the eye? The nostril? The medusa? Or the lower lip? Let me know, I’m very, very curious to hear what you think. All right, that’s it for this video. If you like this video, please subscribe. It would really help a
sista out and let me know I should keep on making these videos. I love y’all and I will see
you in the next one, bye.

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  1. I got my lip pierced when I was 13 and I took it out like a dumb ass I am going to get it again and I want other piercings too

  2. I have a couple of the spring ones and they start to hurt after a while because of the pinching so be careful if wearing for long periods of time!

  3. Medusa definitely! I got it done and it was a strange feeling for my lip but not painful! Like numbing tingly feeling!

  4. I only wanna do this so I can tell if I want a second piercing on my ear ahah, I can imagine some 13 or 14 year old trying to trick their friends.

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