How to Decorate Your Skin with Henna

How to Decorate Your Skin with Henna

How to Decorate Your Skin with Henna. In Asia and the Middle East, paste made from
the henna plant has been used for centuries to make beautiful temporary tattoos. Make it at home following these easy steps. You will need Finely sifted henna powder A
plastic bowl and spoon 2.0 tbsp unrefined sugar or honey A bottle of lemon juice A friend
Plastic wrap A triangular piece of cellophane or Mylar, or a squeeze bottle A toothpick
or straight pin Cotton balls A butter knife or other blunt object Gloves Ready-made henna
paste Lavender, eucalyptus, or tea tree essential oil Design stencils and toilet paper. Step 1. Mix powder and sugar Henna stains. Protect clothes and other surfaces. Step 2. Add lemon juice If using ready-made paste,
check for a date. Step 3. Let
paste rest Step 4. Make and
fill applicator Step 5. Apply Use a toothpick or pin to fix mistakes
and clear the applicator. Step 6. Apply juice and sugar Step 7. Let the paste stain your skin Step 8. Reveal the stain Did you know The darker a bride’s henna stain is, the stronger
the marriage will be.

75 thoughts on “How to Decorate Your Skin with Henna

  1. Maybe some people dont want to cover their body with permanent cultural tattoos that would be a problem for their work or normal everyday life…

  2. The bible says you aren't suppose to mark yourself.

    The background is that the cultures that surrounded the Jews used tatoos and such as ceremonial markings.

  3. Oh they make sense, its just certain trailer park mentalities can't understand any logic that my deviate too far from their day to day world.

  4. DRN!!!!! i dont have a friend!!!! lol!
    this is realy popular in India. it itches like crazy after a bit. leave it on longer for a darker color, shorter for a lighter color

  5. hennas are so cool… my friend is from the middle east and she always comes to school with AWESOME hennas up her arms or hands.. its so cool!

  6. i dont think it works because when they were washing the henna off the hands , the video suddenly cuts and shows a picture of a finished henna instead of the results to the hands in the video.

  7. Simple, firstly Its tradition not a doctrine. Just something that some bright kid came up with after the first hundred years of the church. Its only a must in the Catholic church.

    As for me mark myself with palm ash, I don't.

  8. As far as I know, The groom in a hindu or sikh (or even muslim i'm not sure) marriage wears henna on his hands…I'm not really sure why, maybe it's the same reason why the bride wears it ๐Ÿ˜›

  9. @fallinforyouforever….no it wouldn't be rude!!!! Anyone can wear! I'm Somali and me and my friends do henna decoration to other students, who are from all different parts of the world.

  10. @nataliawasilewska97 there r ready-made henna cones in Indian shopping markets u can buy from, they were imported from India(: pretty cheap and last a long time! (but i think making this yourself is just supposed to make it look darker once u wash it off, using sugar water helps)

  11. u cant use permanent pen i tried, it has a chemical which can cause itchiness an redness,u can use the pen to apply it everyday u'll fuck up your skin. @jj9160diapers

  12. @rockstar7809 great idea. i use all color of liquid eyeliner to make fake tattoos and they look real. my friends pay me to get 'tattoos' done.

  13. it depends how good the paste is, how long you let it on the skin and how well you take care of it, but its like 1 – 4 weeks.

  14. hair last for ages it depends on how many times you wash your hair and when the full colour goes when washing hair then the colour stains there, its really good you can purchase it of many websites just type henna hair dye on google and click shopping and choose what you want

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