How to Care for a New Tattoo : Tattoo Care & Peeling

How to Care for a New Tattoo : Tattoo Care & Peeling

Hi, my name is Sean Beck at Mom’s Tattoos
in Wilmington, North Carolina on behalf of Expert Village here to tell you a little bit
about tattoo after care. Alright now I’m going to tell you about peeling. It is a very normal
process during your tattoo after about four or five days to a week after your tattoo has
been done, if it has been taking care of well, it is going to start peeling. It is basically
the top layer of your skin shedding off. During the tattoo, that whole top layer of skin pretty
much gets destroyed. It is kind of like a sunburn, your body just needs to fix it. So
it drops that top layer of skin off. It will flake, it will look you know, like dried skin
coming off. You don’t want to pick at this stuff. If you grab a piece and you pull it,
you might pull some skin off that is not quiet ready to go, you can form a new scab, you
can tear ink out of your skin. So just leave it alone, if it really annoys you and you
want to get rid of it, you can wash your arm, washcloth will remove a lot of this stuff.
You can take your hand dried and rub it on your skin and that will break it up a little
bit. But basically don’t pick the peeling and don’t freak out. I mean like I said, if
it looks strange and you are worried, you can call your tattoo artist and talk to them
about it, but it is normal.

48 thoughts on “How to Care for a New Tattoo : Tattoo Care & Peeling

  1. woah dat hasnt happened for me so far well no idea really! hey did d whole thing like peel off?? mine peels like jus little by little…

  2. alright i need a reply soon im actually in india n i got a tattoo done n we dnt get the hi-fi products for tattoo care like goo n all so my artist told me 2 apply petroleum jelly is it fine??

  3. ive read a few places that u shouldnt apply any gels or ointments because its just covering it up with grease and it wont heal as fast. use fragrance free lotions instead.

  4. kk kewl man tx! well ma artist told me use baby oil dats free frm any such fragrance as its wt hes been tellin all his clients!! its been 4mths since ma tattoo its doing great!

  5. Dude you are the best Thanx loads for posying this up i freaked mine has started peeling after 5 days now i can relax cheers

  6. a smart person leaves the plastic wrap on overnight. then washes with soap the next morning. leave it for 2 – 3 days then start putting cream on i. bepanthem is the best thing to use or a non fragrant vitamin d & e cream. only apply enuff to cover arm not soak it. and only apply 2-3 times a day max. scabbing starts day 3. finished after a week. so bout 12 days to fully heal. then dont go to beach for 1 month. use spf30+ sun cream at the beach.

  7. oh dont worry about covering it up. use this stuff called aquaphore. just apply it in the morning and at night. basically just make sure its clean. cuz if you cover it with plastic wrap after the 1st day, the clear plasma fluid in your body with start coming out and it'll get stuck on it and it cant take the color right off and it'll fade. kepp it outta the sunlight for a good 2 weeks.

  8. expert villiage is the fucking shittest thing ever!!!!! why the fuck dont they put every little section together rather than a whole lot of little videos with one important detail…

  9. dont worry about it, if its a&d ointment then yeah, cuz idk any other products except aquaphor. just let it peel of naturally without touching it.

  10. hey i have a question about my tatoo. i have one on my right arm and it aready peeled and stuff put it looks pretty shiny and wrinkly? i dont know is been like that for a while does anyone know what to do? please help

  11. He said not to pick off the peeling skin but then he said its ok to use a wash cloth to wash it, which will tear off all the skin.
    Not helpful at all.

  12. No tattoo artist I have EVER known would tell you to scrub with a wash cloth or anything else for that matter it will make your tattoo look splotchy, I promise you.

  13. what i did was. when it started to peel, i applied moisturizer, like every 4-6 hours, ok im kinda paranoid~ when its itching i advise to lightly slap on in and ease the itchy area. i did that to all my tatts ~ its was pretty good after healing. ^.~v

  14. what a dumb ass never take a wash cloth or anything of that nature and try to scrub your tattoo until it is fully healed chances are you'd need a good touch up if you did

  15. @Doodlebuggie95
    depends on where u get it. Obviously more sensitive areas are gonna have more pain involved than others but the pain is not some crazy ridiculous pain, i got my first one today on my shoulder blade the pain is equal to a safety pin dragging across ur skin, its totally bearable and dont psych yourself out for nothing, just go and be sure its wat u want cuz its no gonna come off

  16. @killcam1301 Thanks . When I was old enough I was either going to get a rosary on my ankle or a Lotus flower on my shoulder . That's what I though about the pain . If you get one on your neck it will hurt more that something on your back . Thank you so much ! 🙂

  17. @puffpuffpass1000 Hey thanks . I was thinking that it shouldn't hurt too bad considering that I have earrings up to half of my ear . Can't wait . 😉

  18. If its dead skin and its supposed to go, don't try to keep it on there. Right? It seems like putting ointment or lotion on is delaying the inevitable.

  19. I'm 15 I got my tattoo a few days ago, the pain is like a burning feeling, not bad. AQUAPHOR is the best for tattoo aftercare then unscented white lotion is best when it starts peeling.

  20. @TheAngelgg123 Its dial and i just put the soap on my left hand cuz mt tattoo is on my right forarm and i just rub it over my tattoo and wash it off then dry it by patting it down with a towl and add the lotion i use

  21. My tattoo started peeling after 3 days… It's gross and pulling a very small amount of ink; needs a touch up in one tiny spot where the skin came away while washing. 😐

  22. Thanks for this advice, this is my 3rth day after i got my first tattoo and this is happening with me right now, i didnt know what was happening actually, now i do, so thanks! ^-^

  23. Really great advices.Thanku man,helped a lot.I was worried when i sawed it peeling until i sawed this video 🙂

  24. tonight after I washed it and started putting lotion on it, a bunch of the loose peeling skin started coming off so I had to stop putting the lotion on it. I'll try again before I go to bed so it won't get too dry overnight.

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