How to AVOID Avengers Endgame Spoilers [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#56

How to AVOID Avengers Endgame Spoilers [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#56

*Clap* OAHH *Clap* AHHH *Monkey Pewds* MEME – REVIEW EVERYONE Welcome back to the greatest show on the goddamn planet, the show where we… What are we doing here again? *crickets* Review memes that’s right everyone. Leave your entries in the- *Editor notices oopsie* I’m a bit of a memester I like memes what can I say? I wasn’t cool in high school, but now I know all the subculture on the internet. Take that liberals. Meme review everyone first meme. That’s right Don’t spoil endgame, please guys please No spoilers of end game in the comments, please guys. Everyone is so dumb Okay, dumb and dumb If you want to stop someone from doing something you can’t just go: “Don’t do that” cuz that inevidently leaves that there’s gonna be someone going *screeching from the bowels of hell* AnTmAN diEs What you need to do to counter the endgame spoilers, it’s just spread a bunch of lies. Okay, you need to just start spamming everywhere all these random scenarios that could happen in end game like “Ant-man marries Dr. Phil”, “Elon Musk kills Thanos” start dropping these comments everywhere and eventually people won’t know what the actual spoilers are because there are spoilers everywhere. Okay, that’s how you counter spoilers. You dummies. Now; Well there’s of course already been theories out there like Thanos and ant-man and there’s plenty of more to come out of it Look at this spoiler That’s a spoiler right there. “Man in Hong Kong reportedly beaten up outside cinema for leaking Avengers: Endgame spoilers Jesus Christ people take this seriously. Now, of course I’ve never heard of this website, and I never seen any- this photo could be taken out of any context, but I’m gonna take it as a fact. This does put a smile on my face. “She’s wearing the stones!?! Brie’s straight up telling us Carol’s gonna put the Infinity Gauntlet and end Thanos’ ass.” I thought it said she’s gonna put her hand IN Thanos’ ass. See that’s another theory. That could be definitely possible in- Jesus Christ, this is literally me if I saw Brie Larson, *lul* in real life The only Brie I like is the one on my sandwiches *Awkward silence* Is that- does that joke translate to English? That’s right. It’s brie cheese, that’s right it translates- Dr. Strange: “I looked forward in time, I saw 14 million ‘n 605 futures.” Iron Man: “Why the frick would you count them?” *Bruh sound effect #2* Dr. Strange be like *Bruh sound effect #2* “What if we use 100% of the brain?” “Don’t watch End Game. It contains a lot of spoilers for End Game.” Damn I take back what I said that everyone is a ball of dung. Geez, some people know My door is ringing. *sponsor* Now, where were we? That’s right End Game spoilers. “Thanos in endgame: *Speaks* Memers: “Write that down, write that down!”” That’s right I can’t wait for all the new Thanos memes Again, I never saw the last Marvel movie. I’m not planning to see this one I just need to figure out the plot through memes and it makes it way more interesting, okay. That’s the real way to avoid spoilers! “End Game spoilers, People who don’t care about the movie.” That’s right Wait other people exist like that? Those such as me? “I haven’t watched age of Ultron yet just please don’t spoil it!” “Therapist: “Minecraft Dr. Phil Thanos isn’t real. He can’t hurt you.” Minecraft Dr. Phil Thanos:” My god, who would have thought? “Mark Zuckerberg accidentally reading endgame spoilers while looking through peoples’ conversations:” Oh damn, that good old Mark Zucc meme’s still alive. Man, I wish- Zucc please come back Okay, we need more memes. It was beautiful, please – uh – come back. “I killed a dragon. I trained a dragon I raised a dragon Woah there buddy. This could have been an end game spoiler. You need to be more careful. Yikes, that was close. “Mom, Can we watch Avengers: Endgame?” “MOM: We have Avengers at home” “Avengers: Endgame at home:” BibleMan???? See, this is the movie i wanna see. I want to see is that real Bible man power source Bibleman Bible man – holy shi Bible man… is real. Bible man defeating shadows of doubt Movie: “Eunice” “Not stop your parents from arguing but talking to God.” He kind of looks like Goose Wayne doesn’t he? I need to watch this. I will unironically watch this. All right End game spoiler gets a 2 I don’t know what to tell you They’re just very popular because it’s relevant, but ehhh no one’s gonna care next week, but there you go everyone. Next meme! Want some? Ha ha, the dog says quieres. “Want some?” Pewds ->Goddamnit Why is this a meme??? It makes me mad!! Damn the edits tho! Oh my God What the hell is this? Does it have any context? Hi how r u? What u want I want u to b friends no why 🙁 cuz were evil *they hit him* aaaaa im gonna become more evil than u
wait and see The time someone needs to become more evil later hi sons of a bitch u came for another beating? i came for revenge pls dont kill us *shots in mexican* jaja they died say no to bullin Note: all the grammar mistakes in the subtitles were made in purpose to replicate the same mistakes that were written on purpose in the original video Wow Spanish memes are so good!!! Wow, 10 out of 10. That’s all you need for memes these days, just quieres. No, no. Okay actually… yes cute Whyyyyy God damn it Quieres? Hey no, no, no Of course. Wow, he’s so dreamy Thank you. Yes, will hit the fat blunt. God damn it. I hate this meme it gets zero. I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you NEXT MEME! Can you guess what the next meme is? We’ve already sort of spoiled it? That’s right everyone. *Reads meme* It’s a bit of an older meme but it still needs to be reviewed, goddammit. I’ve been on holiday What do you want from me? Why is this a meme that just trascends all language and all culture? Everyone can understand this meme anyone that grew up at the age of McDonald’s knows the feeling When they say we have food at home, and you know exactly what that means. It’s not gonna be good There’s never ever been a time where they say we have food at home and the food the meal is actually better than McDonald’s Can we eat at home? No, there’s food at McDonald’s Yeah, I guess that’s the point but you got happy meal at least then come on Can we please buy the new Nintendo switch? We already have consoles at home Consoles, I’d hope you don’t get it mom Mom, am I beautiful? Like a prince the Prince. Thanks mom Mom can I get a dolphin? No, we’d have a dolphin at home dolphin at home is dead mom Jesus Christ. Elon, stop please. me at the store mom. Can I have minecraft? Mom, no, we have games at home games at home – Fortnite Basically when your mom passes McDonald’s and says there’s food at home It’s funny because everyone can relate to these everyone has been in that moment and it hurts It really hurts and I feel your pain smash you like on this video if you feel pain right now, can I have sex? No, we already have sex at home alabama’ Feel like Alabama. You have a lot of explaining to do. Alright, there’s a lot of memes trying to defame Alabama over here We need Alabama to stand up for themselves. Come on, Alabama. What do you got, huh? If you’re from Alabama, I need to hear some excuses right frickin now or else Alabama is gonna be Alabama Dama, dama, you know what? I mean me. Can we stop and get food mom we have food at home food ed Oh, hey, that looks pretty good. I’ll have a snack of that. I have a little below that Cooked banana with some Cheerios and some mom. Can we get a PewDiePie? We have a PewDiePie at hom- hey, I guess I was wrong There is a better there is better snacks at home cuz yummy yummy yum, yum, you know Jesus Christ Mom, can we stop at McDonalds? No, we have food at home my gosh mom Can we have some moto moto mom? We have moto moto at home moto moto at home Well, goddamn, I guess I was wrong again where there is a better version at home. God. Damn. It me at store mom Can I have a Ricardo mom? No, we have a Ricardo at home Ricardo at home. Wait a minute This meme is literally the Netflix adaptation mean that’s right. I scooby-doo one wielded it It’s the same name basically mom. Can we have Marzia? Mom: No, we have Marzia at home. Marzia at home. That’s right. Everyone this meme gets aaa- ahhh It hurts People have noticed. You know, We always talk about the one meme that will transcend all memes that one meme that will rule them all We don’t quite know what it is yet, but we will find it but there’s been one meme lurking in the background It’s been sneaking around causing destruction making illusions Making us think that it isn’t there when it’s been there all along. Yes. That’s right. I’m talking about Skyrim memes everyone the one mean that just can’t be killed you expand toises can never be quenched Skyrim memes it just can’t die cuz all memes will die eventually But skyrim memes so far have not died for so long So let’s go through some of my favorite Skyrim memes because they’re funny So I’m sitting on the sofa with my son watching TV and he hears he got a text on his phone That he left in the kitchen. So he goes to get his phone and it’s it’s a text from me Please bring the chips and a Diet Pepsi on your way back Illusion hundred speech hundred destruction hundred absolutely incredible McDonald’s employee fired for placing his mixtape in children’s Happy Meals. Merchant *laughs* you’ve unlocked in your skill tree. In your Opinion. What’s the height of stupidity? Anakin how tall are you? destruction: one hundred! burglar an Oak Hill Community couple discovered a thief in their home Saturday after a man told a joke and heard her laugh upstairs. Sneak: ZERO! This is hilarious I played elderscrolls blaze looked at the video and Todd Howard is standing right behind me. I had no flippin idea sneak 100 Todd Howard that sneaky son of a snake I love these. Boy, 10, steals parents car to visit grandparents 68 miles away. Then tells police he is a dwarf Who has forgotten his license sneak hundred speech hundred? illusion one 100 my god some people just have Maximized it all nice earmuffs Potter. Did your mom make them for you? Destruction 100 he doesn’t have a mom. His mom is dead Hey wanna flip if you want a floor buy one, but if you want a Kuenn earn her. How much for you then? Oh Wow when Skyrim hundred tablets have lasted longer than anything else and nobody says anything Sneak 100 meme review ten, babe! Nah, nine. I’m sorry That’s it for this week’s meme review. Hope you guys had fun and if you did Clap your hands and I’ll see you guys next week, buh Tuber simulator. It’s now so relevant that it’s got a brand new mini game cranium drop the crane and get fresh items only available in the washing machine like game and you say there’s more of course, there is new knowledge perks new quests and new pics links and guys like

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  1. That's what i did on a chat on someone's livestream. So many people were spoiling endgame so i just threw everything i knew about the movie in the chat and ruined all the spoilers. also i havent seen it yet. so it was things like Black widow marries the hulk at the end and there was a love triangle with the eagle-optic guy.

  2. why have you shouted so much man. Are u fucking insane pauper. you try to show your self as a elite person.

  3. in skyrim as young children me and my step siblings stole horsein white run go to mountain and jump of and watch the dead body fall down the cliff i had such dark humor

  4. an avengers endgame spoiler: Thanos has sex with all the male characters in the movie, iron man flexes with lil tay, Thanos grows hair, Notch(creator of minecraft)hosts meme review, and the movie includes a meme. one of these spoilers is actually true, I'd keep you guessing until you watch the avengers endgame movie

  5. Iron man died at the end and the whole movie is about time travel and also at the end captain America goes back to his time

  6. endgame spoiler: Mickey Mouse comes from the sky and punches thanos and grabs Thors stormbreaker and slice his hand and decapited thanos

  7. Ironman: come over
    Bucky: can't I'm under house arrest for double homicide
    Ironman: my parents arnt home
    Bucky: bout that

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