How to Add Realistic Body Tattoo in Photoshop

How to Add Realistic Body Tattoo in Photoshop

How to create super realistic body tattoo
in photoshop welcome to psdesire photoshop & photography
Youtube Channel. in this video i will show you how to apply
big tattoos on body and make it super cool and realistic here is sample images i choosen for this tutorial.
short t shirt models and tattoo design first we create a displacement map, and then
apply distort filter to make the perspective look correctly.
so tatttoos looks realistically placed on body. duplicate background image layer Blur the layer using Filter>Blur>Gaussian
Blur and set a suitable radius. I’ve set 9.6 for this, but the value depends
on the size of the photo and the details. Somewhere between 5 and 20 works very well. This now looks like an unusable photo, but
when you save it as a PSD file it can be used by the displace filter to map out the contours
for your new layer. Save the file File>Save (Ctrl S) making sure the format selected is Photoshop .psd and
name it displace map. now we can delete this layer, we don’t use
it any more. now place tattoo. Use the move tool to position
it over the body and change blending to linear burn reduce opacity to 80% to match and balance
tattoo with skin colors Now it’s time to apply the displace filter.
It’s a good idea to magnify the photo so you can see what effect the displace has. Go to Filter>Distort>Displace and a dialogue
box appears. In here set the Horizontal scale to between 10 and 10, again depending on the
size of your photo. The higher the number the greater the distortion. When you click okay you will be asked to find
a displacement map and select displace map .psd image you made earlier. now i will apply inverted layer mask [hold
ALT or option and click on mask icon] i use magic wand tool for edge selection and
paint with hard white brush on black mask to reveal the tattoo i just paint using hard brush, try hold shift
and click it will make straight line, it helps to brush at edges easily similarly i will do same procedure for sleeves
as well naming layers for easy access, you can go
back and try different adjustments later. simply repeat the previous steps, change tattoo
blending to linear burn, reduce opacity, apply displace filter and add mask. Finally do same for other sleeve also if you want change the position the tattoo
we can easily do it by moving the layer. unlink layer and mask, take move tool and
change position grouping all layers and name it tattoo here is before & after tattoo applied. here is another tattoo before and after photograph.
we created using same technique. open image, make displacement map, add tattoo
design, change blend to linear burn, reduce opacity, apply displace filter and add mask.
that’s it Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed this
tutorial please subscribe, post a comment, click thumbs
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next tutorial.

33 thoughts on “How to Add Realistic Body Tattoo in Photoshop

  1. Me suscribo amigo buen tutorial de lejos el mejor tutorial que vi en cuanto a tatuajes se refiere. Un problema que tuve es al descargar el archivo winrar que dejas en tu pagina web, no se descarga completo y no me deja descargar la plantilla para implementarla a una foto de mi gusto, si me podrias ayudar con esto te lo agradeceria mucho. Saludos.

  2. When I try to download the file from the website it does not download completely and I can not have the tattoo template. Help

  3. it's veryyyyyyyyyy great..thanks so much…but Can I ask you a favor?? I want another tattoo images only known sites or pages with no images tattoo

  4. Hi I really loved this tutorial but I am struggling with the second to last part when it comes to shading the tattoo on to the body making it realistic. Mine doesn't seem to be working any other alternative ways that you know of, for me to operate the finishing touches of adding the tattoo on to the thigh via Photoshop.

  5. Hate to say it but not realistic. Literally all you have to do is drop the opacity down between 80-90% on the tattoos and boom real. Tattoos fade this looks like sharpie.

  6. Dude when i paint on background it doesn’t reveal tattoos I changed the color to white but it still doesn’t work can ya help plzzz

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