How This Popular K-Beauty Product Is Made | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

How This Popular K-Beauty Product Is Made | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

I feel like we’re making flubber. Did you watch that movie? No. Hey guys, it’s Mi-Anne. And I am in South Korea. I am here in the outskirts of Seoul at the
Glow recipe factory where I’m going to meet co-founder Sarah Lee and she’s gonna teach me how to make their popular Watermelon Sleeping Glow Mask. This is Sarah Lee, my guide for the day. She met her co-founder Christine Chang while
they were both working at L’Oreal in South Korea. Years later they moved to the states and had
the idea for the first iteration of Glow Recipe, an online shop where U.S. consumers can get
the best K-beauty products. Three years into the business, the brand launched
its own line of products and now it’s one of the most popular lines at Sephora. I am here at the factories. Let’s go! Hi guys. I’m Sarah and I’m so excited, Mi-Anne, that
you’re here all the way in Korea with me at the factory of our O.G. Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask. Step one. Cutting and seeding the watermelons. The cutting process was not as easy as it
would seem. Sarah and I struggled a lot. Let me try it. Mi-Anne, you are better than me at this. Good job. We suck at this. We really suck. Look at this. That’s good! Yeah! So the next step is using your chopsticks
right there. You can use them to pick these seeds out, so
that when these go into the next step which is preservation, it’s a pristine state. How are you doing over there? Oh it’s coming! Mmmmm That is good! So good. This is a tedious process. I know. You are a pro. So we’ve done all the chopping. And the next step is to actually go to this
special room where this is all preserved for over a month. Step two: preserving the watermelon
pieces. Woah! I’m really excited about this huge bag
filled with watermelon pieces floating in this secret liquid. Removing bacteria, keeping the formulation
pristine, but also stable, and then ready for it to be mixed with other ingredients. Every day, the team actually stirs this to
make sure that there’s even distribution of the liquid and all the water around that’s
on the top layer are actually going back down, vice versa. So you’re just taking what’s in the bottom,
placing that on top. And this is done every single day. Every single day. For at least a month. And you know from the color when it’s a little
opaque that it’s ready for it to be formulated. Want to try it? Yes. I feel like I’m like fishing. Woah, got too much! It’s so much heavier than I anticipated. That makes sense because it’s like so dense
and full of water. Once this is all done and the preservation
is complete, it’s ready to be mixed with other ingredients for that perfect blend. So let’s go to our labs to start mixing. 30 days later, after the preservation process
is complete, it’s time to mix the actual formula. We have this beautiful base right here. It smells really good. Watermelon as you know is amazing for soothing
and hydrating your skin, so we added additional ingredients to get that extra moisture, exfoliation,
and all these beautiful skincare benefits. The first one is Hyaluronic acid. We all know that this is super hydrating for
the skin. I’m sure you love this ingredient. So good. Can I pour it in? Yeah. Okay, next is glycerin. It helps to increase the skin’s moisture retention. 10mL. Another really important ingredient is AHA. AHA helps to exfoliate and also hydrate
at the same time. Add a couple of drops. This is actually a really special ingredient. It’s a seaweed extract. It’s really, really packed with nutrients. It’s amazing for nourishing the skin but also
adding extra moisture. Love that. You can see that the texture is very viscous
and has that elasticity. It’s a really cool innovative blend because
typically exfoliation and hydration weren’t really living together in one blend. So we were able to just add the perfect percentage
of each ingredient for that. Cool, so this is the mask. Unmixed. Woah, you can see where all the viscous fluid… like it’s really heavy. So it went right through the watermelon. Do you want to give it a nice stir? Yes. Perfect. You see you kind of through the texture right? It smells so good. Don’t eat it. This is step 4 which is filling. And this is taking place at our factory. So there’s a few steps within filling. The first is to clean the jars. And then with those clean jars, we’re actually going to fill that real formula. I’m so excited. This is the part that I am most psyched
about. Gonna be really fun. And this honestly was the most exciting part. Oh okay. Seeing it all come together in the beautiful
packaging. Dammit. I turned it off. We need to wipe this. This one is messed up. She is laughing at me. It’s so much faster, it looks so much easier. This is a lot harder than it looks. If you mess it up, you mess the entire line
up, and you have to start all over. As you can see I had some difficulties. This is step 5 which is the final stage of
the entire journey. And it is packaging! What I’m going to do is close the lid of the
jar and then pass it over to you and then you can help with the carton. Once the jars I filled they go down the conveyor
belt and time to slap them into these boxes and send them on their way. So this is the finished product. Yay. I can’t believe I made this! We made it from scratch. Literally for a watermelon fruit, into preservation,
to formula, to like mixing it, to making it this. I can’t believe I have this at home and I
know exactly what goes into it now. Thank you so much, Sarah. Thanks for coming all the way from New York. Thanks so much for watching guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29 and
click here to watch another video. Bye.

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  2. I wanna work in the lab 😭😭 it looks interesting mixing all those ingredients and actually see the end product

  3. Hyaluronic acid is used during sexual reproduction by sperm to break down the outer layer of a female egg 🙊 do ya research kids and know what's being put into our beauty products 👀🤭

  4. Can I just eat watermelon? I don't want a beauty product make of it. Eat watermelon and I think, its same. Eat watermelon!!

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  6. It is nice to see the process, thank you for sharing. But I have a question, why in the preservation tanks the watermelon where all perfect balls?

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    I love K beauty products, it has helped me to improve my skin texture a lot, now everyone admires my skin hehehe. But i have problem with aha toner from Corsx, it caused some break out on my skin so I'm afraid this watermelon thing could be ok or not. I have dry sensitive skin!!!

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  15. What people in the comments section, complaining about the price, should understand is :
    1. This stuff is manufactured and bottled in a 1st world country, where both capital and operational expenses are significantly higher than 3rd world countries (salaries, rent , utilities etc)
    2. The price per item also incorporates a fee for R&D for future products, that is standard in any business

    Everyone wants cheap stuff but then they complain about the existence of sweatshops .
    Next time you buy a highlighter, be it cheap or expensive, with Mica in it, remember there are 10y old kids mining that stuff in terrible conditions in India.
    Make up you mind people.

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